Marc Outlandish

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This Ugo Osmunds story is about a very famous actor named Marc Outlandish. He had everything... but figure that responsibility was missing in his life.. Because his father who was also a famous actor like he was.... wanted him to be a better man.

Submitted: October 06, 2009

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Submitted: October 06, 2009



6:00 AM in the morning, Thinking of what I’m going to wear to work today:

"What about this suit? Yes! perfect. Anyway umm! what car am I using today? Alright the Bugatti, It should be able to get to Paris fast enough. Lets go.

Oh! I forgot to tell you my name. Pardon my rudeness, My name is Marc Outlandish. I’m an actor. A famous actor.

I live in Marseille here in France. One word you can describe me with is "fancy. It’s not like a made up word- It’s because of my lifestyle.

O! I'd lie about my name. My name is not really Marc Outlandish, My name is Mathew Honeybun. I know it’s funny.

It’s a name that my father Luis Honeybun gave to me. He was a famous actor as well. My father’s real name is not Luis Honeybun, but it was just his screen name during the time he was acting.

Then he thought it would be funny enough to give me a last name called "Honeybun. Even though, I was made fun of in school, occasionally for having such a funny last name.

I was still wise enough to change it now that I'm famous. So please in the term of respect, call me Marc Outlandish.

In Paris:

“Marc you are late again and the producer looks upset about this lateness of yours.”

“I'm sorry I came late, I was thinking the car would get me here fast enough.”

That was my assistant Shelby. I came late on the set.

“Hey! Marc, I really don’tappreciate you for coming to my movie sets late, all the time."

“Paul, I need a vacation.. Can I get one?”

“You know what Marc.... you got it, Go, when you get back we are going to finish this film and no more lateness. Deal?” “Deal."

Back To Marseille:

I love my life, I mean I’m very rich and I love my job, it pays my bills.

“Honey is that you.?”

“Yes it’s me”

That was the beautiful voice of my love Nikki. We're newly married, we just finished our honeymoon.

“why home so early baby?”

“I took a vacation just for you.”

I took the vacation, because I wanted to spend more time with my love. I felt like our honeymoon wasn’t enough, cause I’m in love with this woman. I will die for this woman.

I do not have a mother. She is more like a mother to me. She is my everything. You might wonder why she is all that for me, but I will tell you.

I’m not going to tell you everything about my life. I will start from when I became famous. Most people thinks that I am very full of myself and my wealth. Back then I was worst.

It all began when I changed my name to Marc Outlandish.. I had women around me. Every weekend, I sleep with about three models, at the same time.

I know, "bad behavior. Everybody knows me. Any club I came in, anywhere I go… people will be screaming my name "Outlandish! Outlandish! …

People of France loves the movies I was in. most kids thinks that I'm a god. I could have any girl I want. I was a young actor, I was wild, some people live fast life. Me I was living a faster life.

One Saturday:

I jump into my new Lamborghini, I was driving so fast .. I almost heat a dog, crossing the road but then I heat a big tree and fainted.

I woke up and found myself in a hospital. And my dad was sitting right beside me, shaking his head.

I said "Dad? He said “son you don’t have to say anything, look at you, look at your life, are you planning to waist it or make a better future for yourself?”

I said "Dad, what do you mean? He said “do you know why they call me Honeybun? when I see you and the kind of life your living. it gives me flashbacks of how I use to live”

Then I said “so why do they call you Honeybun?”

He said “son when you get out of this hospital, I want you to be thinking about getting married and becoming a responsible man.” Then he left.

After the hospital I went home. Laying on my bed, thinking about what my old man told me. I did have a feeling that he had a point.. A knock at the door. Shelby; my assistant.

Rushing down stairs to get the door, Shelby is pretty, even though she is… I try not to make her think that I do. Even though I was sleeping with her, not that I'm that mean of a person.

I just do not feel like I should let her know how pretty she is… I opened the door, She hugged and kissed me. Then She said “what’s up baby?”

I said “nothing just chilling here waiting on you to bring that ass over.” A smile on her face, in my room, ripped her cloths off and made love to her.

that’s how we usually do it. I mean there was not much differences. I do not know whether to call it love making or ordinary sex, but that’s how we always did it.

I gave her five thousand dollars and also her monthly salary. I mean for what reason would anyone ever believe that my assistant would be my employee and also my fuck buddy, If it’s not all because of the money. Not that I'm an ugly guy.. That was just how thelife was.


A year later.

I already had plans on how to build my future. In my life I had the bill of rights… Now all I needed is the bill of responsibility.

I wanted a woman that would love me not because, I’m an actor and not because I’m rich. My best friend Jorge said to me while I was out to lunch with him.

"You would never find a woman of that description in this modern age."

I said “Everything is possible my friend, the only thing that isn't t possible is bring back the dead.”

Then he said “Marc everybody knows you” I said “ You're right about that but do you want to bet me that I will not find that woman?”

He said "I bet you two million that you will not find her” Then I said “Alright I put in two million, if I find her I take your two million and also with mine and if I don’t you take my two million and also with yours.”

He agreed and gave me a month to find her and it was a rapped deal we even had witnesses from the banks we had the money in. I began the search for a woman that would love me just because of me and not of my fame and money.

I dated a girl named Brittany for a month. And all she talked about with me was how she liked my movies. Same goes with another girl named Kim Kinky.

I told my Dad what was going on, My plans. He thought it was a good idea and He said “ son you’re not serious enough look at all this girls your dating who is Kim Kinky the name doesn’t sound to me like you’re serious enough.”

Once again I thought my dad had a point. I have a bad test in women, I always fall into the wrong hands. I began to think deeply into it.

A week went by. I was on a movie set with a man from America his name is Ron. He ask me “Marc, have you ever been to America?” I said “No.”

Then He said “Wow! your English is very good” I said “Ya! that’s because I went to Oxford university in England, they do not speak French there.”

Then he laughed. He became my new friend. I invited him to my house. One Night, he came over to my house. He was as of a young man like me.

I told him my plans. He said “It is possible. There is this actress, she is really beautiful, her name is Nikki Hills she is coming to Paris in a week. ”

I got excited. I said “wow man I like that name.” Then he said “Yeah man you could play it out.... for example, instead of presenting yourself to her, you could become another person and present yourself and see what happens.”

I thought it was a good idea I told the producer of the movie she was coming to Paris to be on that I would want to be employed as a cleaner.

I also told the producer of the reasons then he agreed for me to work as a cleaner over where they were going to be shooting the movie.

On the dated week:

Ron gave me a call and told me that she has landed. She would be on set the next day. Great! On that day I dressed so abnormal, took a taxi instead of my car.

Before the director and the actors and actresses that would be on the movie, I was already there cleaning. Fifteen minutes went by .. She walked in, She was looking around the place.

I looked at her, she was so beautiful, she looks like an angel. I looked away and looked again and we had an eye contact then She said “Bonjour.”

I said “ Do you speak French?” Then she said “Oh! You speak English.” I said “Yes I do.”

Her smile was so charming. I fell in love with her smile. I mean why shouldn’t I. she is already talking with me even though I was acting like a cleaner and dressed so dirty.

She came over to where I was cleaning and started conversation with me. When we were done with the conversation, it was about time the movie set started.

She asked me for my number. I gave it to her, I packed all the cleaning trash and went home, I got to my million dollar home, laying on my king size bed, thinking….

“Why did she ask me of my number.. She has no clue of who I am. And we just met. Well I came to the conclusion that maybe that’s how American girls are.

The next minute Ron called me on the phone He said “How did it go?” I said “It looks like things are going right, she gave me her number”

Then He said “Nice just wait for her call” I said “Ok I will,” The call ended.

Two days went by

My blackberry, showed a message from her saying “meet me at the Déjà vu restaurant at 8:00 pm, so we can catch dinner together.”

I asked my Dad "What do you think about a girl like her?” He said “Son just keep your eyes open, wear out everything but your wallet.”

I got home getting ready to the restaurant. What should I wear. what car should I drive. I wore something simple not my usual. Took a taxi down to the Déjà vu restaurant.

Standing out side the restaurant suddenly a black limousine. Slowly packed behind me, I turned around “She said “hey are you ready?”

She looks just like my dream girl, she looked so glamorous. I mean she is glamorous. I said “Yes I’m ready,” that was how the relationship began..

After the dinner. I got home and dialed Jorge’s number. “Hello?” … “Yeah Jorge, get ready to pay me man because I have found her?”

He said “Yeah right… well I have to meet her,” Then I said "sure you can meet her.. When the time is right. "

The next morning:

I took off to Paris… because me and Ron was still on the same movie set. I got to Paris packed my car, was rushing because I seemed to have been always late, everytime,

At the door, I was about to open the door then somebody yelled out my name, behind me. “Marc wait up! I turned around and it was Nikki!

I was surprised, like what is she doing here. I thought me and her was not on the same movie set.

She walked up to me and said “Hmm you look good and you smell good too.. Wow you changed.”

I was speechless, Standing still, didn’t know what to say, Then Ron came out side.. He said “ Nikki what’s up, you too know each other?”

Then I said "Yeah we do.” She said “Marc you look unhappy”

I said “no not really I'm all right.” … I was worried I do not know what was going on so then I said “lets all just go inside”…

Ron said “They canceled the shooting, I have to catch a flight now back to the U.S. I'm sure Nikki is going to be here in France, for a while.”

I said "Ok then.” He left then Nikki said “Marc we should go to your house and chill.” I began to lose my confidence and a bit shaky.


As we walked to where I packed. I opened my car door... She was surprised She said “Wow is this your car 2008 Bugatti?”

I said “Yeah it’s my car, lets go to my house shall we?” We both in my car. Inside me, I was crying, I never wanted all this to play out this way and she kept looking at me while I was driving.

I wanted to say “Hey I'm not really who…” then she cuts me off “Marc, you don’t have to lie anymore… I know who you are, You're Marc Outlandish, the richest actor here in France.”

I said "Ok you got me, now what?” She said “nothing, I just don’t want you to lie to me just because you probably do not trust me”

I said “I really like you, you know?” She said “Marc, I like you too.. Trust me it is not because of who you are… I’m an actress too remember?”

Then I said ‘yes I do.” We got to my house. I opened the garage and packed the car, We were both inside the house then all of a sudden we both started kissing.

Then to my room, we got inside my room. It was not like me and my assistant Shelby. This one I really believed it was love making. The real truth came out when she said she wanted to share her secret.

She said “Marc I owe Ron a million dollars?” I said “What?” Then she said “I owe Ron a million dollars… because back in the United State.

I had a business on my neck then I had to get money from him in order to pay up the debts. I could not find a way to pay him back then he told you about me”

I was like “what are you saying?” She said “the whole thing was made up, the whole thing about us, but the day I met you, you stole my heart.. Then I fell for you, that’s why I had to tell you the truth”

I was speechless. She said ‘Marc, I really love you Marc can you help me?” Some thing then tells me inside.

“She made her way from nothing, how can you fault her from wanting something, even if she wanted to live fancy as well.”

I agreed. She gave me a Bank account to put the money in there. I did, I put in two million. One for Ron’s money one for thanking him for setting it up for me to meet my future wife, but I did that on purpose.

I wanted to know if Nikki would run after I paid up her debts. Because I was thinking the whole thing was a fraud, because Nikki already promised that she would marry me. I put her on a test…

I let her go back to the U.S. after I paid up her debts. She only spent two days and came back with all her properties. She said that she is ready to live with me and to marry me.

That was how our strong love and strong trust began. That’s why she is everything to me… She is truthful. But wait, I forgot to tell you a couple of things.

The reason why they call my Dad Honeybun was because he was never married. He had women around him. Honeybun is sometimes used to describe black men that loves white women and white women that loves to date black men or white women with really nice butt. I don’t know that’s was what my Dad said.

So then people called him Honeybun. I do not know who my real mother is… but Dad said “she is dead” but I do not believe it. How ever, I never told Nikki that I use to have sex with my assistant Shelby, because if I told her..

She might want me to dismiss Shelby… and I do not want to get the poor girl fired. So that became a secret that I never told her.

I was not truthful like she is to me, But I don’t sleep with Shelby anymore… And Oh!… I believed it when my friend Jorge said that I was never going to find a woman that would love me not because of my fame and Riches.

I just didn’t want to be like my father who wasted his life on top of women.. I had to be better because he wanted me to be better. It was one of the reasons why I chose Nikki… there could have been many women like her but me and her shared more trust between us than any other person.

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