Mr. Father.

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This is a story about a Polish man named Wit. Wit is a Polish name Meaning Life. The Best Thing A Father Can Do For His Baby Is To Love His Mother. But Mr. Wit…. The Best Thing A Father Can Do For His Children Is To Love their Mother, You can not treat a child’s mother bad and expect them to love you.

In the Late 60’s, Wit’s father Passed away.

Wit found it hard being a man of his own, because his father had always been there for him.

Wit had to find a way to survive.

In school, he met Aalina.

Aalina: A German girl very young. Seventeen years old While Wit was twenty-four.

They fell In love. It became a problem to Aalina’s rich Parents. Mr. & Mrs. David, When they figure their daughter was dating a Polish man.

They Invited him to dinner. Wit told them history about himself and also how he would like to marry Aalina.

Mr. David liked him but did not trust him because he was Polish. ( Stereotypes Between German People & Polish People Over Some Long History)

Mr. David told him how he would like for him to give his life to God.

Wit agreed. Wit lived with Aalina’s family the whole time, because he had no home.

They gave him shelter, clothed him and Furthered all his education.

Five years after Wit gave his life to God.

Him and Aalina got married and moved to Holland. And living a religious Life.

In Holland: they had two children, Miracle and Angel. Miracle was a girl and Angel was a boy. Miracle was older than Angel.

Mr. Wit went away on a business trip to England for a year.

A year later, Mr. Wit came back from England. One Morning: as he was telling Miracle and Angel, they will one day go to England to study English.

Three of his family members. Uncles, came to visit him.

Rafal, Natan and Luboslow. Before he went to conversate with them, Aalina told him not to go.

“Where were them when you didn’t have anything?" She Asked, but Wit refuse to listen to his wife and left to the sitting room to go conversate with the visitors.

Mr. Wit looked upset and ready to kick them out of his house.

“Even if you kick us out of your house, we will always be your family members and your blood.” Said Natan.

Rafal then asked him, “What are you doing with a German woman? It is a big disgrace to us.”

“You should divorce that woman before you put us more shame in the face” Said Luboslow.

Mr. Wit: kicked them out. Went back to the room, Aalina was crying because she heard everything that was said.

Wit promised her that he would never let her go.

Twenty years later, Miracle and Angel are all grown. Mr. Wit was still going on a business trip and coming back.

He was communicating with his uncles in secret. They found a Polish woman named Felcia for him to marry and divorce Aalina.

Wit told them that he doesn’t have a good enough reason to divorce Aalina.

Natan then said: “In court, just tell them that you're not the father of Miracle and Angel.. Simple!”

Wit thought about it for a minute and agreed to divorce Aalina.

In Court: he denied being the father of Miracle and Angel. He also accused Aalina of bringing many men to his house while he was on business trip in England.

The Judge understood that this man doesn't want to be with his wife Aalina anymore because the children he denied looked just like him.

Mr. David was so disappointed at Mr. Wit. After all he did for him, “this is how you paid me back for all I did for you.” said Mr. David.

Mr. Wit then moved to England with his new wife Felcia.

Two years later, he went back to his uncles telling them that he would like to take Miracle and Angel from Aalina.

His uncles thought it would be a good idea. Mr. Wit went to go visit Miracle and Angel, bringing back the promise he made to them long time ago about going to England to learn English.

He also denied ever saying that he was not their father. Angel and Miracle believed him and left with him to England.

Aalina, being a peaceful woman that she is, it was ok with her as long as they are with their father.

Felicia and Wit had a child. Miracle and Angel then figured that their father has built a family with another woman, so they moved out of the house in England.

Back in Holland. One random day, An unknown woman named Rita called Aalina on the phone.

Rita called Aalina and was begging her for forgiveness that she was married to Mr. Wit in England but didn't know that he had a wife back in Holland,

It’s was because of her Christianity when she figured that Mr. Wit had lied to her (Rita) that was when she decided to divorce him because

it’s a sin against her religion to had married a man who she did not know had a wife some were else.

( They divorced before Wit divorced Aalina)

Rita told her to please forgive her. Then Aalina hanged up the phone crying because she figured that Wit was cheating on her even before his uncles came and confused him of divorcing her.

Felcia doesn't know this… she thinks she is the second woman Wit got married to.

Aalina cried everyday, she told her children what happened and Angel was so angry about it.

All this while they thought their father was a good person… because Aalina never wanted them to think that their father was a bad man.

Do to all this things Mr. Wit did… It now made Miracle and Angel to develop so much hatred on their father.

They decided to change their names and claimed that he is not their father anymore..

Mr. Wit regretted everything he did. He wished he did live better with Aalina and not listen to his uncles who came and advised him to marry another woman.

And divorce the woman who loved him, because Felcia was more like a witch to him do to the way she treat him.

Submitted: September 26, 2009

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What an idiot! He should of stayed with his first wife now he has to face the consequences.

Sat, October 10th, 2009 2:31pm


Thanks for the comments

Fri, October 16th, 2009 1:43am

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