Nicole & Amy

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Ugo wrote his first comedy story.. very funny. A Preppy chick and a Punk Rock Chick.

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



Before you call me a cheater and also a player, let me be the first to call myself

a cheater and also a player, then you can call me.

Yes! I’m a cheater and also a player but so are millions of boys my age. maybe, maybe not… at list I'm not the only one on earth.

I’m going out with two girls that doesn’t know each other.

I met Amy when she was coming outside of a Hot Topic store in Chicago.

I met Nicole when she was coming out of a Victoria Secret store, inside the mall in Chicago.

I asked Amy “can I have your number?”

She said “yeah sure.”

I asked Nicole of her number She said “uh uh.. I don’t give strangers my number.”

I said “but I would like to see you around some times.”

She said "yeah, I work here at Victoria Secrets.”

I said “all right then cool I will see you around”…

Three days went by.. I came around and she finally gave me her number.

My name is Roma and I like girls… or let me say that I like girls. I date anything that come out of the face of earth as long as it’s pretty.

Amy says my name well.

Nicole asked me “how can your name be a city?” …

Amy thinks my name is cool.

Nicole thinks that my name is weird.

I called Amy on the phone for the first time. And we both started getting to know each other.

I called Nicole for the first time on the phone but it went into her voice mail…

Then the voice mail said to me

“Text her don’t call her!!"

I text her she replied

“Who is this?”

I text “Roma”

I sat down at home waiting for her to reply me the whole day, She never did.

A month went by… Amy became my girlfriend.

Nicole told me that she only want to be friends… I got angry and went and rented the new Lamborghini Reventon..

Packed the car in front of the mall, outside. Waiting for Nicole to get off work so I can take her home. 7 pm she came outside, Then I came out of the car.

She said “Roma, is this you?”

I said “yeah it’s me”

She said “is this your car?”

“yeah It’s my car.. get in let me take you home” ..

She got inside the car… I lets her get a feeling of the car for ten minutes then I asked her out again.

Then she finally agreed that she would be my girlfriend.

Amy likes Punk rock music and a little pop.

Nicole likes Hip hop music and pop.

Amy is a punk rock chick.

Nicole is a preppy chick.

Amy thinks that I’m a regular guy with a regular job that loves her.

Nicole thinks that I’m a really cute guy that has a very good job and drives a 2009 Lamborghini Reventon.

non of them are right when it comes to who I am but they both think they really know me.

The only thing Amy and Nicole have in common is the fact that they are both girls and pretty.

I asked Amy “what do you think about preppy chicks?”

She said “Preppy girls are bitches who thinks that everyone likes them, a preppy chick real friend is another bitchy preppy chick or wannabes..”

I laughed… I thought it made sense.

I asked Nicole of what she think about punk rock chicks.. She said “Roma, I got to get to work…

I don’t have time for that kind of questions, punk rock chicks are amateurs that needs to learn”

I don’t know which one to agree on but inside me…

I’m in love. It’s not easy being in love with two girls or thinking that you're in love.

I know it doesn’t sound right but I was on a mission possible. With me is ten thousand dollars that I shared..

As I was going out with both Amy and Nicole.

Five thousand for Amy, Incase if I needed to spend… the other five thousand is for Nicole and also incase if I needed to spend.

Amy and I likes to go to Green day’s concerts.

Nicole wants me to come to Maroon 5’s concert with her even though we both always in Las Vegas just to listen to Celine Dion sing love songs.

And have her say what we are on. Yes in love.

Amy likes to wear black cross necklaces, So do I, but me and Nicole both like Michael Jackson’s music.

Amy likes to shop at Hot Topic and Nicole likes diamond necklaces. Jacob to be "exact."

Amy and I both like black out fits. Nicole loves pink..

Amy thinks pink is girly but she loves makeup and manicures, blacks and reds are her favorite colors.

Amy sometimes cry for no reason.. She has a huge emotion problem, not really a problem, that was her lifestyle.

Nicole has no emotion problem but she sometimes cry but not as much as Amy.


Whenever we are having sex..

Amy leaves more hickeys on my neck than Nicole.

During sex it’s more like Amy was a vampire. One night, It was on between us on my bed, the lights were off and it was raining heavily as we both were having sex…

It was never love making, the windows were open, the winds were blowing heavily, I was enjoying it, She was enjoy it.. and as I was about to climax on her then she was biting my neck…

And moaning.

She said “I love you baby so much”

I said “I love you too”

In the morning, I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror. I screamed… there was blood running down from my neck…

Haaaa!! I began to feel the pain.. When we were having sex I was not feeling the pain.

“Jesus fucking Christ” I said.

She is not a vampire but very close to being one. I had to wear a turtleneck because..

if Nicole sees the big hickeys on my neck, She would then start believing that I might be cheating on her.

Me and Nicole having sex is soft-core, Me and Amy having sex is hardcore. Really hardcore..

I figured that the money I was spending on Nicole is only one thousand dollars left and the money I was spending on Amy was still remaining three thousand dollars.

Which tells me that Nicole cost more money than Amy, then I remembered that I bought Nicole a diamond ring… but Amy never want me to buy her a diamond ring.

She just loves black cross necklaces and she barely ask me for anything.

Then I found out that I was getting closer to my goals. My goals you may ask.

I’m a Sociologist. And about to graduate in a psychology school.

I was giving a final exam of presenting a real character of two individual people with out stereotyping … and everyone have to be familiar with it.

If I give an example of it, people would understand perfectly of what I’m talking about.

Then I chose to date a Punk rock chick and a Preppy chick and understand the differences between the two. And I did!

“Preppy Chick” an urban language and it means - girls that are really hot but sadly are totally annoying and no one really like them that much.

People do pretend to like them to get closer to them. (or in their pants) The preppy chick real friend is another preppy chick or wannabe.

Preppy chicks mainly listen to mainstream pop, horrible rock, or hip hop music. Really into designer clothes.

Like "OMG! im totally going to the mall today to buy some like new clothes."

This is exactly how Nicole is and that’s why the money I was spending on her is remaining one thousand, but she is not a bad person.

Because her lifestyle is her lifestyle… I don’t believe that she is bad or good. I believed that her life is her life… the way she is, is the way she is.

“Punk Rock Chick” also an urban language and it means - A girl who is into punk rock music and generally likes to have a good time, with super hot faces, makeup, cool clothes

And also with a beautiful hair style. Sometimes with different colors, sometimes just black.

Sometimes can be the most awesome chick in the world.

She listens to good music and loves the strokes. This is exactly how Amy is..


I graduated, but I was still dating the two girls with out them knowing each other.

It began to look like I was getting too evil. Whenever I'm with Nicole I always feel like am hanging out with a girly girl and when ever I am with Amy I always feel like am hanging out with a bad ass chick..

But I never knew that I was getting closer to my worst nightmare.

One night, after me and Nicole had a huge argument about money issues.

I drove off to go spend the night with Amy. As I was driving, I noticed that a car was following me behind, but then I thought maybe it was a car that was going the same direction as me.

I reached Amy’s house, packed the car, knocked and she open the door.

“hey baby”

at the door we kissed,

I kind of... didn’t shot the door very well.. While me and Amy was making out standing close to the door.

Immediately Nicole came in and Said “Congratufuckinglations Roma! …

I was standing there confused.

Then Amy said “baby.. who is this?”

I said “she is my sister”

Nicole then said “unbefuckinglievable, me? Your sister?”

I said “Nicole! come down.”

Amy then said “hey Nicole or what ever your name is… get out of my house or I will call the police.”

Immediately after Amy was done talking. Nicole brought out a gun from the bag she had with her and shot me twice on my leg.

I fell down then she ran out. Amy called 911. The ambulance came and I was rushed to a hospital.

Now I am at the hospital with both of my legs hanging in the sky as your finishing reading this story.

The doctor said that I'm not going to be able to walk again.

there is already a wheelchair waiting for me. Amy is the one taking care of me..

The police said “Nicole is nowhere to be found” I could have never thought that Nicole would have the heart to shoot me but she did..

If you ask me, I would tell you that Amy would probably shoot me instead of Nicole.

All my life I thought I knew human being character but what I learnt is that people change…

People are never the same. Good girl can turn into being bad and bad girl can turn into being good.

I am twenty-four years old and I’m not going to be able to walk again.

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