The Actor (Chapter One)

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This love story is about a very famous actor, named Marc Outlandish. He had everything, but presumed that responsibility was missing in his life.. His father who was also a famous actor, wants him to be superior.

Ugo Osmunds, short story 2009.

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



I Love My Life.

6:00 AM in the morning, Thinking of what I’m going to wear to work today:

"What about this suit? Yes! perfect. Anyway umm! what car am I using today? Alright the Bugatti, It should be able to get to Paris fast enough. Lets go.

Oh! I forgot to tell you my name. Pardon my rudeness, My name is Marc Outlandish. I’m an actor. A famous actor.

I live in Marseille here in France. One word you can describe me with is "fancy. It’s not like a made up word- It’s because of my lifestyle.

O! I'd lie about my name. My name is not really Marc Outlandish, My name is Mathew Honeybun. I know it’s funny.

It’s a name that my father Luis Honeybun gave to me. He was a famous actor as well. My father’s real name is not Luis Honeybun, but it was just his screen name during the time he was acting.

Then he thought it would be funny enough to give me a last name called "Honeybun. Even though, I was made fun of in school, occasionally for having such a funny last name.

I was still wise enough to change it now that I'm famous. So please in the term of respect, call me Marc Outlandish.

In Paris:

“Marc you are late again and the producer looks upset about this lateness of yours.”

“I'm sorry I came late, I was thinking the car would get me here fast enough.”

That was my assistant Shelby. I came late on the set.

“Hey! Marc, I really don’tappreciate you for coming to my movie sets late, all the time."

“Paul, I need a vacation.. Can I get one?”

“You know what Marc.... you got it, Go, when you get back we are going to finish this film and no more lateness. Deal?” “Deal."

Back To Marseille:

I love my life, I mean I’m very rich and I love my job, it pays my bills.

“Honey is that you.?”

“Yes it’s me”

That was the beautiful voice of my love Nikki. We're newly married, we just finished our honeymoon.

“why home so early baby?”

“I took a vacation just for you.”

I took the vacation, because I wanted to spend more time with my love. I felt like our honeymoon wasn’t enough, cause I’m in love with this woman. I will die for this woman.

I do not have a mother. She is more like a mother to me. She is my everything. You might wonder why she is all that for me, but I will tell you.

I’m not going to tell you everything about my life. I will start from when I became famous. Most people thinks that I am very full of myself and my wealth. Back then I was worst.

It all began when I changed my name to Marc Outlandish.. I had women around me. Every weekend, I sleep with about three models, at the same time.

I know, "bad behavior. Everybody knows me. Any club I came in, anywhere I go… people will be screaming my name "Outlandish! Outlandish! …

People of France loves the movies I was in. most kids thinks that I'm a god. I could have any girl I want. I was a young actor, I was wild, some people live fast life. Me I was living a faster life.

One Saturday:

I jump into my new Lamborghini, I was driving so fast .. I almost heat a dog, crossing the road but then I hit a big tree and fainted.

I woke up and found myself in a hospital. And my dad was sitting right beside me, shaking his head.

I said "Dad? He said “son you don’t have to say anything, look at you, look at your life, are you planning to waist it or make a better future for yourself?”

I said "Dad, what do you mean? He said “do you know why they call me Honeybun? when I see you and the kind of life your living. it gives me flashbacks of how I use to live”

Then I said “so why do they call you Honeybun?”

He said “son when you get out of this hospital, I want you to be thinking about getting married and becoming a responsible man.” Then he left.

After the hospital I went home. Laying on my bed, thinking about what my old man told me. I did have a feeling that he had a point.. A knock at the door. Shelby; my assistant.

Rushing down stairs to get the door, Shelby is pretty, even though she is… I try not to make her think that I do. Even though I was sleeping with her, not that I'm that mean of a person.

I just do not feel like I should let her know how pretty she is… I opened the door, She hugged and kissed me. Then She said “what’s up baby?”

I said “nothing just chilling here waiting on you to bring that ass over.” A smile on her face, in my room, ripped her cloths off and made love to her.

that’s how we usually do it. I mean there was not much differences. I do not know whether to call it love making or ordinary sex, but that’s how we always did it.

I gave her five thousand dollars and also her monthly salary.

I mean for what reason would anyone ever believe that my assistant would be my employee and also my fuck buddy, If it’s not all because of the money.

Not that I'm an ugly guy.. That was just how the life was.

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