The Actor (Chapter Three)

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This love story is about a very famous actor, by the named: Marc Outlandish. He had everything, but presumed that responsibility was missing in his life.. His father who was also a famous actor wants him to be superior.

Ugo Osmunds, short story 2009.

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



I Love This Woman.

As we walked to where I packed.

I opened my car door... She looked surprised, She said “Wow, Is this your car... 2008 Bugatti Veyron?”

I said “Yeah it’s my car, lets go to my house, shall we?”

We were both in the car. Inside me, I was crying, I never wanted all this to play out this way. And she kept looking at me, while I was driving.

I wanted to say “Hey, I'm not really who…” then she cuts me off “Marc, you don’t have to lie anymore… I know who you are, You're Marc Outlandish, the richest actor here in France.”

I said "Ok you got me, now what?” She said “nothing, I just don’t want you to lie to me just because you probably do not trust me”

I said “I really like you, you know?” She said “Marc, I like you too.. Trust me it is not because of who you are… I’m an actress too remember?”

Then I said ‘yes I do.” We got to my house. I opened the garage and packed the car, We were both inside the house then all of a sudden we both started kissing.

Then to my room, we got inside my room. It was not like me and my assistant Shelby. This one I really believed it was love making. The real truth came out when she said she wanted to share her secret.

She said “Marc I owe Ron a million dollars?” I said “What?” Then she said “I owe Ron a million dollars… because back in the United State.

I had a business on my neck then I had to get money from him in order to pay up the debts. I could not find a way to pay him back then he told you about me”

I was like “what are you saying?” She said “the whole thing was made up, the whole thing about us, but the day I met you, you stole my heart.. Then I fell for you, that’s why I had to tell you the truth”

I was speechless. She said ‘Marc, I really love you Marc can you help me?” Some thing then tells me inside.

“She made her way from nothing, how can you fault her from wanting something, even if she wanted to live fancy as well.”

I agreed. She gave me a Bank account to put the money in there. I did, I put in two million. One for Ron’s money one for thanking him for setting it up for me to meet my future wife, but I did that on purpose.

I wanted to know if Nikki would run after I paid up her debts. Because I was thinking the whole thing was a fraud, because Nikki already promised that she would marry me. I put her on a test…

I let her go back to the U.S. after I paid up her debts. She only spent two days and came back with all her properties. She said that she is ready to live with me and to marry me.

That was how our strong love and strong trust began. That’s why she is everything to me… She is truthful. But wait, I forgot to tell you a couple of things.

The reason why they call my Dad Honeybun was because he was never married. He had women around him. Honeybun is sometimes used to describe black men that loves white women and white women that loves to date black men or white women with really nice butt. I don’t know that’s was what my Dad said.

So then people called him Honeybun. I do not know who my real mother is… but Dad said “she is dead” but I do not believe it. How ever, I never told Nikki that I use to have sex with my assistant Shelby, because if I told her..

She might want me to dismiss Shelby… and I do not want to get the poor girl fired. So that became a secret that I never told her.

I was not truthful like she is to me, But I don’t sleep with Shelby anymore… And Oh!… I believed it when my friend Jorge said that I was never going to find a woman that would love me not because of my fame and Riches.

I just didn’t want to be like my father who wasted his life on top of women.. I had to be better because he wanted me to be better. It was one of the reasons why I chose Nikki… there could have been many women like her but me and her shared more trust between us than any other person.

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