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An angel of God fell in love but it’s not of flesh and it’s not of lust.

Submitted: October 24, 2009

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Submitted: October 24, 2009



Many years ago before the beginning of time, before hell. God created three of us. I served Eternity, Gabriel served awareness and He served infinity. God gave us great powers and authority. We were created to reflect majesty and beauty. The one God created as being of the greatest light and brilliance was Lucifer, but then he became envious and jealous of God. When we bow to God he bows with us but his heart was filled with envy and hatred. The truth came out when he walked up to God’s throne, demanding for the throne of God. I was giving an other to build an army that would fight Lucifer and other angels that were behind him. I built the army and fought him and the angels behind him. We drove them out of heaven. It was a great battle but we won.

O well that was what happened more than eight hundred billion years ago. So I cry now.

When they touched her with their filthy hands, I felt the dirt. They flogged her, I felt the pain. They cuts her open, I felt the pain. They choked her, I felt the pain. They pushed her, I felt the pain. They drag her around, I felt the pain. The pains of my love. My love Christine. What did she ever do to anyone to have deserved this torture? It was me they wanted but why did they not take me? I will have to save my love. I will save my love but what if I fail? what if I can’t do this alone? this questions are running around my head without answers.

She was created, She was the most beautiful I have ever seen from God… or so I thought. She left to earth. She was born by a woman named Rose.. Few weeks after she was born. Her father Mr. Ben… life on earth was up. I caused a great accident while he was going home from work. He died instantly, with no pain. Christine turned a year old. Her mother’s life on earth was up, I made her go to sleep and never woke. People thought she was poisoned. Christine’s life on earth, I made beautiful. I did not want her to live a lustful life on earth.. I made sure her life on earth was up before she finds what the earth called Boyfriend.

Seven years ago. Christine’s time on earth was up. I had to take her life.. as the good angel of death that I am. I took her life and fell in love. “So I cry now” I’m crying because each time I move, I feel the pain, the torture which is being giving to her.. The place she is held captive in hell. Seven days ago Lucifer!!.. Lucifer, formally known as the angel of music. The one I drove out of heaven, Came at me in revenge and took my love while asleep.

So I cry now. I’m the field commander of the army in heaven. Should I take the army down to hell to fight Lucifer and the demons? What kind of love would my fellow angels think I have for Christine? They might think it’s lust. Gabriel is walking by… I must talk to Gabriel. Gabriel has good understanding.

So I cry now. “Gabriel! Gabriel!” “Michael your eyes are red.. Have you been cry?” “Gabriel? I’m broken… my love is held captive in hell!. “Michael you are not broken.. I must send messages to other angels.. We must save her from hell.”

I knew Gabriel had good understanding. I must save her.

Gabriel came back and told me that it would take seven months for the angels to be ready for the battle because the angels are in a big prayer and after the big prayer, We will all celebrate because of those on earth that gave their life to God. It is true and I can not go against the rules. So I cry now.

Christine! Christine my love do you have the strength to wait for seven months? She is far away and I have this intense pain of mind on what they are doing to my love. So I sat here with my head down in grief and sorrows. I miss her so much. I love her so much.

O I remember the time I took her life on earth. She always laid in my arms while I tell her love stories. I’ve seen God make beautiful human beings but there was something I saw on Christine. It’s not of flesh and it’s not of lust. I love her just like I love everyone else because I’m an angel.. But the love I have for Christine is special. If it’s not love then I don’t know what love is..

So I braved up. I braved up and joined my fellow angels in the prayer. Seven months came. I thanked God as me and my angels prepare for the rescue of Christine. How ever, I did not want to take all the angels down to hell and fight the demons. The power in us is greater than the power in them. I went with Azrael, Azrael who is an angel of death as well.. And we begun the journey down to hell.

As we were flying, we were tempted. Voices saying “you will never make it out alive.” another voice came and said “she is dead.. It’s a waste.” I kept my faith. Three vultures came and said “we ate her, she is really dead.” With great anger. Azrael took the lives of the three vultures.

As we entered the second heaven, The place Christine was held captive. As we were trying to break down the gates of hell, Five demons attacked us. Azrael took their lives. We broke down the gate and Azrael began to fight the demons because they were rushing on to us. As Azrael was taking their lives, I went in search of the place Christine was held captive. The place was very warm, every fifteen seconds it’s heats up. The heat was affecting me, my body was heating up and turning red.

So I braved up as I was still searching for Christine. “Michael!!” Christine shouted my name. I turned around and saw her. Lucifer was holding her and flogging her with a whip. She was screaming and crying in agony. Then I flew closer to Lucifer’s temple “Let her go now!” I said with anger. Then he laughed and said “Michael so we meet again.. I knew you would come but you will die” I said “if you don’t let her go now, I will roast you like a chicken” then he kept laughing but did not know that Azrael was behind him. He said “you had the heart to come down to hell and fight me” He was about to turn around because he notice feathers falling in front of him. It was Azrael’s feathers, immediately he turned around and Azrael pushed him and he fell the place that had more fire burning and immediately I carried Christine up because she fell and fainted.

I carried Christine and flew out of the gates of hell. I heard voices behind, Lucifer was screaming because Azrael was roasting him back in hell.

So I cry now because Christine’s body had fresh scars all over it and she was shaking. She tried to open her eyes but it closes again. She is in pain. She was weak. Finally Azrael came out and we flew off to heaven. Once again, I the archangel Michael defeated the devil and I thank God.

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