The Earth and The Neptune - Reloaded

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The Earth became one country with one president, one religion and everyone understood each other's languages. Planet earth as Africa and The Neptune as the United State. To Understand this Ugo Osmunds story you have to use your sense.

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



Normally things were not going like human being wanted on earth. Many people blamed the president and the government as usual. The government could not solve many problems as usual, people never stopped blaming them. The rich were rich and the poor were poor. This country that was the world is almost getting old, people thought they could be better because they had all it took to be a good country. This country known as earth was hard to live in. Musician singed it, Pastors Preached it, Protesters protest it, still change did not come. Many people believed that the president is only interested in oil and building roads around the world, They felt like the man they voted for betrayed them. It was not a few of the country that was complaining, it was half of the country because half of the country could not afford to send children’s to school. uneducated rates were very high. The graduates found it uneasy to get a job. This country known as earth was not helping the people in its habitat.

The Neptune were another planet that was it's own country. blue is their flag color.

Life was good at Neptune. Opportunities. At Neptune, they had what it take to be a good country. They had job opportunities for educated and uneducated people. They use dollars at Neptune's and uneducated people can make more than ten thousand dollars a year. Ten thousand dollars which was a bigger money on Earth. The Earth use Naira. Naira is money just like dollars. When many people on Earth found out how life was at Neptune they began to move up to the Neptune's because they wanted a good life, the good life.. Some of them believed that Neptune is better than earth, that's why they moved to the Neptune. In Neptune, 18 year old person got a job, a car and most of the time has already moved out of his or her parents house. On earth, I am thinking of any kind of job that will give an 18 years old person his own car and a good apartment, none. On earth, 18 years old person is still living with his or her parent and going to school. that’s if they have the money to send the person to school. The Earth is rich, people on earth believed that the corrupted government has ruined a beloved home which curses them to move.

When they got to the Neptune. It was only a few that made it... The rest didn't get a visa to the Neptune's. The ones that did not make it were left to surfer on earth... They found a way to survive by helping to build the Earth, because if they did not... nobody would do it for them. When some of the people on Neptune that came from Earth found out that the Earth was getting better. Most of them came back to help and build it while the rest refused to come and believed that the earth would never be a better place for them to live.

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