The Helper Of Many Men

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This Ugo Osmunds story was originally called "I'm Gay" A very creative short story. Jude a middle age man, A professional banker, helped a lot of people make it in life. He is well known, Some people call him a hero. Katy: Jude's childhood friend. She knows everything about Jude. Katy would not let anyone know that Jude has been Homosexual since high school. Calvin: Jude's best friend. A homophobic. Jude helped him become a successful lawyer. Calvin doesn't know that his best friend is gay. Lucy: Jude's mother, a homophobic person, she thinks Katy is Jude's future wife. Mark: The man in love with Jude, they are both in a relationship.

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



Jude and Mark are deeply in love with each other, only Katy knew about it. Mark is very unhappy. He wants him and Jude to open their relationship in public, because he's an independent gay guy. Jude's mothers approval or not.

Jude has tried as much as possible to let mark know that it might be a bad idea if they go public. And he has his reasons.

Jude's mother is African.They are in Nigeria.

Nigeria: A country in west Africa, A country that would take the act of being homosexual as a taboo, an abomination, unheard of....

Talkless about Jude's mother, knowing or hearing that her rich son is homosexual.

In the town Jude came from: People knows him as the man of the people, the most valuable man around, because he has helped many people succeed in life.

Jude is 38 years old. all his other friends are married. Everyone else is looking at him and expecting him to be married to a beauty queen soon.

A year went by, now Mark wants to leave Jude. If he doesn't agree for them to make their relationship public.

Katy also tried to let Mark understand that it might be a bad idea, because Katy is from Nigeria ... and she has an idea of what people might say about Jude.

Jude crys every night, because he loves Mark so much and wouldn't want to break up.

They both fight and argue about the issue every night for about two months, then Mark moved out.

After Mark moved out: It wasn't easy for Jude, He wanted Mark to come back. He even sent flowers, and gift cards to the door stairs at where Mark moved to.

Calvin and Mother Lucy got worried about Jude. With all his money at 39, still not married. They called a meeting with Jude, but he refused to come.

Giving excuse that he went on a date with a special woman, Which got Calvin and Mother Lucy, thinking it was a good news.

A month went by Katy got married to someone else, Which got Mother Lucy worried again. In her wildest dreams, she could never had thoughts that Jude was gay.

Mark still refuse to talk to Jude but he lets him know on a condition that they will get back together if he would tell his mother and friends such as Calvin that he is homosexual and that they love each other.

Jude called Katy and told her what Mark said. Katy asked him "Do you want to do it?"

"Yes! I don't care anymore." Katy then planed it out for him. It would be on Jude's 40th birthday which many friends of Jude. Friends like Calvin, mother Lucy and also many people Jude helped in life, will all be at the party.

Mark heard the plan, He moved back to Jude's house. And was counting down days to the party.

"Can't wait! can't wait." was what he says everyday. Jude made it a special party. He called it "My Little Secret & My 40th Birth."

It was all over the internet social networks. "come and celebrate with me. People were more interested in the little secret and wanted to come to the party.

Mother Lucy: So happy she thinks the little secret might be that Jude has found a wife to marry.

Oh! she called all her motherly friends and invited them to come and celebrate with her and her son. (Poor rich woman)

The day of the party: Jude rented a big hall in Lagos Nigeria. wine, food, DJ Playing the latest jams. People serving foods.

The party had class because Jude had class.. To the left, Oh! looking at Jude's mother and her friends all in their special traditional dresses and they were just laughing, enjoying the party.

To the right is Calvin and friends, many people came to the party.

Singing happy birthday for Jude and cutting the cake, Dance and Now the little secret. Jude will tell the little secret.

Nobody knew what it would be about or what will happen after the little secret. DJ gave the mike to Jude, because it was time for the little secret.


The little secret: The moment many people have been waiting for. People like Jude's mother was all ears. Calvin was as well and also the people that came to the party.

By Jude's left is Mark...

Then Jude stud up and said "Welcome everyone to my party, I appreciate you all for coming, we have done everything except my little secret.

My little secret is that I am gay!

The whole place became silent...........

Then Mother Lucy said "My son what is gay?".... Calvin asked "Yeah Jude what do you mean you're gay?"

Then Jude said "I am gay, I'm homosexual.... I can't help it, the man sitting by my side is the one i love and I want to marry him."

Then Mark stud up and they both holding each other's hands.


Immediately, people began to walk out the door saying things like "This is a taboo, abomination."

Mother Lucy fell and fainted.

Katy, Jude & Mark rushed her to the hospital. Calvin already left with anger, when people were living. "Shocked people."

The next day it was all over the newspaper. Many Nigerians now knew what happened.

"The Rich Gay Man" was what the newspaper called it.

The worst: Mother Lucy watched it on tv at the hospital. She cried sorrows, she died at the hospital.

Jude's father is no longer alive. He died when Jude was 13 years old.

It hurts him to know that his own mother died, because he became openly gay. Many people accused Jude of the death of mother Lucy. He could not save himself from people's accusations.

Jude got kicked out of a church he use to attend, even though he helped built the church. Many friends rejected him, Friends like Calvin.

Nobody want's to come close to him anymore except Katy and Mark. When ever Katy came visiting she always share words of wisdom with Jude.

Mark blamed himself for the whole problem. Katy also shared words of wisdom with Mark.

They had no choice cause Jude was never going to get married to a woman, because of his homosexuality. Jude couldn'tt face himself, It's not his fault that he's gay.

He couldn't believe that he was not being accepted because of the truth he told. He planed to commit suicide.

JUDE COMMIT'S SUICIDE: He wrote a letter saying...

"When i was in pains, when i was denied, when i was rejected, when i was persecuted. where were all of you? I am the man of the people, the man who put your children in school, the man that wouldn't let you sleep outside. Only three words (I am Gay) made you hate me so much, like as if I'm the one that killed Jesus. He drops the pen. He sets a rope and hanged himself.

Mark was not at home when Jude commited suicide. But he saw the letter. The letter was sent to many newscasters by Mark. After he did, he moved away. with nobody knowing his new address.

When Katy watched the newscasters read the letter on national television. she couldn't hold it, she began to cry.

When Calvin watched it, He began to cry, because he felt like he has done wrong to his best friend Jude, but it was too late.

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