The New Pharaoh and The Diva

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My Diva… I want you as a Queen.

Submitted: October 28, 2009

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Submitted: October 28, 2009



A Luxury car parked in front of a New York apartment on a sunny Friday afternoon. Inside is the new Pharaoh sitting at the back, relaxed and the driver up front. It looks like they were waiting for someone.

The Pharaoh: “O mine! This Diva is keeping me waiting. The Driver: “Diva? Was that what she said her name was?” The Pharaoh: “No. She said her name was Devon, but would like if I called her Diva. The Driver: “O I see, So where did you meet her?” The Pharaoh: “Facebook. The Driver: “ooo ha-ha wow! The Pharaoh: “What’s funny, if I may ask?’ The Driver: “don’t worry, it’s nothing important.

A knock on the window of the Luxury car. The Pharaoh, wine down the window.

The Pharaoh: “Oh it’s you. Alright get in lets go. The Diva: “aww am sorry for keeping you waiting. I was putting on my makeup, you know.. girls stuffs, I hope your not angry… or are you? You look sweet though. The pharaoh: “am not angry and thanks for the compliments, you look good your self.. driver, take us to Christian Lacroix store on 56th street. The Diva: “Lacroix! OMG! I love their shoes. They have some nice stilettos, but how did you know I like Lacroix?” The Pharaoh: “I figured, plus I’ve seen you write something about them on your status once. When we get there, you can pick whatever you prefer.”

They got to Christian Lacroix store on 56th street, got out of the car and went inside the store. The driver was waiting outside while they were inside, shopping.

The Diva: “O! I like this one and this one, and also this one. The Pharaoh: “Yeah, get them and you know we have to catch dinner at Rich City Chinese Restaurant. So we have to be a little faster.” The Diva: “Your so sweet.”

They finished shopping at Christian Lacroix, got back inside the car now heading to Rich City Chinese Restaurant. Inside the Luxury car, She was testing out the shoes… then she left her favorite one on. The driver opens the window and she had her feet outside the window… on the way to Rich City Chinese.

The Pharaoh: “I like how your sticking your feet out of the window, so they can see your stilettos.” The Diva: “you got me having a good time, I feel great.” The Pharaoh: “Wait till you see my million dollar yacht. The Diva: “you have a yacht? Wow that’s so very sexy… and rich.”

They got to the Rich City Chinese Restaurant. Went Inside to dine, the driver was always outside.

The Diva: “Why is he always outside?” The Pharaoh: “It’s his job… don’t worry he be fine. The Diva: So, I want to know… why are you spending all this money on me?’ The Pharaoh: “well we are friends and friends sometimes spend money on each other.” The Diva: “Ha-ha! I see. You came all the way from Egypt just to spend sometime with me right? When is your flight leaving?” The Pharaoh: “I came with my jet. I own two jets.” The Diva: “ha, I see so you just wanted to spoil me a little huh? I like your style?”

This is where the Pharaoh got a little upset.

The Pharaoh: “spoil you, what do you mean?” The Diva: “your spoiling me Pharaoh, you are.. for real. The store we went to… this place we are eating now. The Pharaoh: This is what you called being spoiled, this shit?… this is shit! The Diva: “Oh my God, keep your voice down. I didn’t mean to upset you my Pharaoh.” The Pharaoh: “If you call this being spoilt then what will you say when you see my kingdom back in Egypt? And you can not see my kingdom, unless you’re a queen which you are not?” The Diva: “how can you say am not a queen? I look like a queen.” The Pharaoh: “Oh no you don’t look nothing like a queen.” The Diva: “Hey! I was offended by that answer. The Pharaoh: “well it’s true. The Diva: “alright, you can finish your dinner by yourself.. I will be waiting for you in the car.

The Diva left with anger and went outside, turned around to see if The Pharaoh was coming but she saw that he just pretended and was still eating. The driver opens the door and she went inside the car crying. Back at the restaurant The Pharaoh ordered for more food. After an hour, he was done and went outside then the driver opens the door and he went inside.

The Pharaoh: “driver take us to a movie theater.” The Diva: “No! I don’t want to go anymore place, Take me home.” The Pharaoh: “you should lighting up you know.” The Diva: “you know I like you and all that but back at the restaurant, you were an ass.” The Pharaoh: “hey! I was offended by that..” The Diva: “If you did.. then we are equal.” The Pharaoh: “ok we are, now lets go to the movie theater. The Diva: “nice try.. No! driver take me home.” The Pharaoh: “please. The Diva: “you have a way of getting away with stuffs don’t you… Ok lets go to the movies..”

They got to their destination over at the movies, people that knew the Pharaoh started taking pictures of him as they were going inside the movies. After the movies they came outside in the public where a lot of people were passing by… then she began to hug the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh: “Ma, The way your hugging on me is a problem, are you trying to end up in the gossip column? The Diva: “what do you mean?” The Pharaoh: “the people might be like.. Look at this Pharaoh hugging some one that isn’t a queen.. What a low class pharaoh.” The Diva: “Oh mine.. You’re an ass, take me home.

She got upset, went inside the car. Then he went in as well.

The Pharaoh: “Devon, I need you to listen to me. The Diva: “Devon? I told you not to call me Devon, I told you to call me Diva.” The Pharaoh: “you see that’s your problem. I want you to be my queen but you have to understand the differences between a Diva and a Queen. You also have to understand that they are not the same, and even if you wanted people to call you a queen you have to understand what a queen is and how they are before you become one and called one.” The Diva: ‘so tell me, why don’t I look like a queen to you?” The Pharaoh: “you look like what I see on TV… your hair, your makeup, how you walk and dress. It’s very so un queen like.. You can’t be a queen by mouth, to me personally that’s what I think. I want you my diva, I want you as a real queen.” The Diva: “are you proposing to me?” The Pharaoh: “you can call it what ever you feel like.” The Diva: “Ok, Yes I want to be your queen… and I want to be treated as one.. The Pharaoh: “then your following me back to Africa. So we can get married in our tradition… so you can become the Pharaoh’s queen.”

Then she hugged him…. took her home. The next day they jumped inside the Pharaoh’s jet back to Egypt.

The End.

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