The Proselytizer

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Luke is a missionary pastor who love to preach the word of God. Luke has healed many sick people all over the world. not just at his church. he is twenty six years old. he was looking for a bride. And found a unique one.

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



Luke's problem about not being married yet like most of his ministers wants him to be, not because he hasn't seen any woman it's because he is looking for the one that God has blessed him with. Luke knows many women, Most of hem comes over to his house to do his laundry, cook and to clean the house they called the house of God. Most of this women are looking for husbands. Since Pastor Luke is around the age twenty six and he's a very powerful man of God. This women are so in love with him, one of them is Grace.


Grace is a singer at Luke's church and Luke loves her voice. Luke is very happy that Grace is one of the girls that comes over to do house cleaning at his house because each time they are always giving each other eye contact when ever she comes over with the girls.

SEEKING GOD’S WISDOM OVER GRACE: Luke did a five days prayer about the issues of him being obsessed with Grace. for some reasons after the five days prayer, he invited Grace to his office and told her that he had a revelation that the holy spirit ministered to him that Grace should be the one to take care of the house while him and assistant Johnson go on a missionary trip to South America. Pastor Luke is from the United States. Grace refused, but Luke told her not to reject God's command. Grace then decided to do what he said. Luke and Johnson he's assistant went on a week trip to South America to preach the word of God. the missionary was successful, many sick people got healed.

SATAN SETS A TRAP FOR PASTOR LUKE: While Luke and Johnson are getting to the end of their missionary. Johnson asked Luke if they could visit more cities in South America to preach more of the word of God. Luke had a flashback and remembered that Grace is at his house so he told Johnson that he would not be able to continue, had to fly back home to north america. He took the next flight back to the United States. he got home. Inside of his house. He started hearing the shower water ruining. He knew it was Grace taking a bath in his own house.

He waited for about ten minutes, Grace, Still not out of the shower yet. for some satanic reasons, lustful thoughts made him took his cloths and went inside the bathroom, Grace was inside the shower all naked and water running down her body. she was a little bit shocked that Pastor Luke is inside the shower with her. They both started making out and making out while pastor Luke kept telling her that he loves her... He said \"Grace i think your're the one God choose for me I love you so much\" Grace was shocked at the same time paying attention to what Luke was saying. Luke was seducing her so strongly and they both had sex inside the shower. \"I am sorry, I am sorry\" She kept saying repeatedly while pastor Luke was penetrating her in the shower. At the end Grace ran out of the shower crying. She puts on her cloths and ran home. pastor Luke came out of the shower and was wondering why she was saying I'm sorry I'm sorry while he penetrated her.

PASTOR LUKE FELL FOR THE TRAP: On Sunday Luke looked for Grace all around the church. She was not at church, He asked Jennifer, Grace's best friend, Jennifer told Luke that she will visit Grace at home and tell her that he has been looking for her.

GRACE DRANK POISON: When Jennifer got to Grace house... The door was open, she walked inside and saw Grace laying on the floor with a bottle of poison in her hands. Jennifer screamed!!!!she saw a letter that says to pastor Luke. Jennifer ran out with the letter to Pastor Luke's office. Jennifer told him that Grace died and then both of them cried . Jennifer gave Luke the letter Grace wrote for him before she drank poison. Luke kept the letter planed to read it when he gets home.


Dear Luke I do not know how to tell you this, but you came on to me so strong at your house. I could not resist the touch of my dream man. i know you must have been wondering why i was saying that i was sorry. It was because that i'm HIV/AIDS positive. I'm sorry.. hope i see you soon my love\" Immediately Luke dropped the letter and started screaming loud \"Jesus!!! Jesus!! Christ Oh my God. He Jumped out of bed took his car keys and jumped inside his car to the hospital to go see a doctor and to know if he has Aids. He got to the hospital, took a test. the doctor told him to come back the next day for the test result. The same night after he got home. He prayed all night asking God for forgiveness. In the morning he woke up prayed and took off to the hospital. he began to drive slow.....on the way. It took him four hours to get to a thirty minutes destination. finally he made it to the doctor's office. the doctor pulled out a file that has the test result and he look at Pastor Luke and Luke passed out on the ground. they rushed him to emergency. Finally he woke up.. The doctor was sitting beside him with the file and Luke asked him. \"doctor do i have it?\" The doctor said slowly \"pastor Luke i'm sorry yes you do\"

PASTOR LUKE GOT EMPLOYEED BY SATAN: For over five weeks Luke did not come out side. He told his assistant Pastor Johnson to take over the church. Luke refuses to go to his own church. He did not know to say if Grace betrayed him or if it's his own self mistake that can't be fixed. finally he cam to a conclusion that Grace betrayed him and all the ladies would surfer because of it. he planed a trip to Europe and Africa; he changed his name to Icb as in I.C.B. meaning International Chick banger. he is the only one that knows what the name means. He packed all his bags, On th way to the airport. Pastor Johnson stopped him on the way and asked him \"pastor Luke for about five weeks now i have not seen you, Whats up with you. your phone no answer nothing?\" Luke then replied him. \"Johnson lets cut the long story short. i'm travelling and you're now the owner of my church\" He drove off.

THE INTERNATIONAL CHICK BANGER: At the airport, He was sitting waiting for his flight to board. at the other side are two college girls looking like they are travelling as well. The college girls started looking at Luke and Luke looked back and they waved at him and he waved back. The next thing they were sitting beside him. they asked him of his name. he said \"Icb\"... The college girls was like \"Humm what a sexy name you got\" he asked them where they were traveling to and they said Germany. He said he was going to England. He made a joke saying \"do you want to go to the men's room and do it really quick?\" one of the girls said \"Hell yeah lets make it a night stand\" and she look at her friend and her friend agreed as well. Icb said he was joking but if they are really interested that he is up to it. and they said \"hell yeah we are Icb replied \"Ok\" He took the two girls to the men's room at the airport and had sex with both of them. the minute he was inside the airplane and him and one of the flight attendant had sex inside the flight as well.

Icb formally known as Pastor Luke started sharing the HIV virus that Grace pass on to him at the airport. In England he slept with over fifty women not minding what they look like. He knows how to get people to repent, Getting women to sleep with him it's nothing to him. In Southern part of Europe he slept with about thirty women... including random college girls. He was done with Europe, He moved down to Africa. In Africa Women said he looked like the American singer Justin Timber lake. (Some of them said he looked hotter that the story maker but i said nothing) In Morocco he slept with about twenty women. In south Africa he even slept with women that are already with the virus, he slept with over hundred women in South Africa

THE WAGIES OF SIN IS DEATH: He booked a flight back to the United State. On Sunday he attended his formal church. Pastor Johnson was happy to see him. Luke said he had a confession to make. In front of the whole church he confessed all he has been doing for the past two years. people were shocked. one of the church members ran up the stage and started choking him to death. People did not know what to do, the man choked pastor Luke to death and said \"it is finished.

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