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'There Is No Spoon' is an article about the matrix, written by Ugo Osmunds in Visual magazine June 2011 Issue.

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011





I love the movie MATRIX... I first saw it when I was just eleven years old (1999). Ever since, I’ve been watching it over and over again. As a child, I was just mesmerized by the actions and adventures but as I got older, I began to understand the stories.

There is something much deeper happening in the movie than just the fascinating acts and its sophisticated looks. In so many scenes, the movie was trying to reveal a covered truth in a positive way.

Let me not include the fact that the film was inspired by the teachings of Jordan Maxwell in his 1989 article entitled: The Matrix of Power which is another story but I won’t go there since this is mine.

Now, What About The Matrix?

“Eighty per cent of the people who saw the movie, Matrix didn't get the message. They only got the martial arts because they're in the Matrix.”

Many of us on this planet are living in the Matrix, without knowing.

The Matrix is another English word for the system. A system is everywhere, it is everything that hypnotizes you in this world or anything that you can‘t live without… Such as: Rules, Constructs, Money, Pressures, Religion, Controls, Technology, and Politics.

“The System is like a template of a website and the contents are all that I have listed above.”

YOU - as an individual is the watcher. Because you have visibilities. You can
see with your two eyes - but not with your third eyes, which everyone has - but not used by everyone.

The system controls you. It makes you feel like you can’t live without its constructs. You feel comfortable living inside this system because you noticed that others are living inside the same system as well.

This system will at first, begin the process work of manipulating a human being from when the person is just an infant. Because there is an old saying in the system that goes thus: “Catch them young and they will be yours forever.”

When there’s something that you’ve been used to from infancy, and up to now that you’re an adult, and able to read, you find it hard living without those things. So they say that, “old habits never die off.”

The system has a main goal: the main goal is to control people.
The system has invented, and built so many things that help it to reach its
main goals… such as Fear.

“FEAR is one of the main keys that the system uses to control people.”

If an individual cannot be controlled, the system cannot gain anything. It is like using individuals. If individuals cannot be used, then they become useless to the system. If one is too relevant to them, they will fight one until they use one.

“To teach or to warn an individual to fear is a treat - but when you’re in the system, you view the situation as an advice.”

“Another key the system uses is PROGRAMMING.”

This system doesn’t admire intelligent people that don’t work for its own benefits. They get in its way. It entertains unintelligent people (who think they’re intelligent) to keep them from thinking.

“An intelligent person who still believes in ridiculous ideas, and still programmed into the system doesn't have the intelligence to escape the madness, which still makes the person unintelligent.”

When you’re being programmed, you don’t think about nothing else - but what you’re being programmed by. It doesn’t have to be something beneficial - but it must be something beneficial to the system and before you know it, you become programmed into so many activities such as schooling, working, and religion. etc.

Because you would be made to understand that without taking part in these activities, you cannot get anything you want in life.

If you don’t go to school you won’t get a job, if you don’t have a job you can’t have money. If you’re not into religion, you won’t go to heaven when you die.


(This is how Morpheus explained to Neo what the System was all about when he was still learning about the system: "The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.")

Is this System a Human Being?


“You can’t just point out one individual, and lay accusations on him or her for being the system. One individual cannot build so many story buildings without any help from some kind of co-workers.”

Think of The System, as a movie that you’re watching. In the movie, you’re only loving or hating the actress or the actors for something they did or something that happened. Maybe just a scene you didn’t like or liked. Then, you criticize or credit the actor or actress - but your mind was not going after the story writer, producer, director, screenwriter, and the camera crew - the people who actually created the movie.

The reason why your mind couldn’t go to the makers of the movie is because you are in the movie, without knowing. The movie is a program. The makers are the system.

I Don’t Understand

“What most people don’t understand yet about this planet is that the real people who rule the nations of the world are not the ones on their television screens.”

This system also uses television as one of its keys to control the minds of the people. When you turn on the television, what do you see? You see programs. Then with your remote, you choose which program to watch - but to the system you’re being programmed - but you think you are just watching television.

In the programs, you have choices of contents such as: the news programs, the religious programs, and the movie programs. And maybe you choose to watch the news. You would be thinking you are watching while you are being programmed.

When the news reporter says: “There was a bomb explosion in Africa and 200 people were killed while 100 people were injured, We will not be showing you all of the contents and what just happened because we don’t want to scare you.”

It is just like saying to someone “Hey, I made an adult movie with your wife - but I won’t be showing you the video tape because I wouldn’t want to scare you.”

But that wouldn’t be the way you would view the news because you’re being programmed into fear while you are thinking that you are just watching. That is what the system does.

This reason has developed so many confusions. The people are so into the system that they believe and live in so many false situations that seem like the truth because they fit and sound well to their ears.

For example: To be successful or to succeed in anything, some are waiting for unseen beings known as gods; some are waiting for Voodoo-doctor or unseen being known as Satan, Some are waiting for dreams, while others are waiting for man. But what you don't know / what they're not telling you is that. you don't ask for permission to be successful.

No successful person has ever gotten permission from any individual in order to be successful.

The reason why most people who live in the system think the way they do is because they were all programmed without knowing.

“To the system, a human mind is like a computer technology… it can be programmed.”

The system has programmed the human mind to be in competition with one another. They’ve manipulated so many people into being so selfish in life without knowing. So they call it a doggy dog world.

When you get a nice job, you would be made to understand that if you keep doing a good job, if you keep coming to work on time, you will get better raise or even move up to another level that is higher than everyone else that you’re working with.

We put confusions and illusions on ourselves and call it a romance. We redefine the true definitions of love - but the truth is that the world is in competition with one another which isn’t love. But hatred amongst one another which is part of what the system wants.

When you go to school, you find yourself competing with fellow students because you were made to understand that if you get straight A’s and others didn’t, that basically means that you would be better off in life than they will ever be. But what you don’t know is that everything in this world is meaningless and pointless.

The religious system will advice you not to follow the people of the world because they’re all going to an ‘unseen’ place known as Hell fire. But you, you will go to another ‘unseen’ palace known as Heaven.”

The questions to ask yourself is …
“What good can heaven do you if the people you love are not there with you? What good has heaven done to you if the people you love are not there with you?”

Have you ever wondered why it becomes a sin or a blasphemy when you question anything about your religion or have some kind of a different thought about some certain things in your religion?

It is because the religious system clearly believes that a human being is like a sheep. A sheep being an animal that is mindless, an animal whose only function is to get diseases or butchered.

To the system, being a "sheep" also means that there's something/someone who's faster, stronger, smarter, wiser than you watching out for your pitiful, meaningless existence, making sure that you survive so that he or she can benefit from your life and the side effects of your life.

This is the knowledge era. This is the time when you have to accept the fact that you know nothing, in order to know something. It’s either you choose to educate yourself or find yourself into someone else’s built education.

Turn off the televisions, turn off all the systems around you, including lights. Lay yourself down on your bedroom and begin to ask yourself questions and try to join dots. Soon you will start to get the ideas of how things began, where they came from, what they’re after and where they’re going.

Try to Realize the Truth


There was this very intelligent part in the (movie) Matrix, when Neo came to
visit the Oracle for the first time. Then a boy picked up a spoon and Neo
watched the spoon bend, then the boy handed the spoon to Neo.

The boy then said “Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible.
Instead, try to realize the truth.”

NEO: “What truth?”

Boy: “There is no spoon.”

NEO: “There is no spoon?”

Boy: “Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

© Copyright 2017 Ugo. All rights reserved.

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