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Ugo Osmunds Quotes for the 2009

Submitted: November 17, 2009

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Submitted: November 17, 2009



1)\"Please, Lets Tell The Kids The Truth\"


3) \"Baby, Let me be your tall guy.\"

4)Let me be your DJ..... Let me put you in the mix..... Let me give you a title called love and make you my favorite song\"

5) \"When the heat of sexual involvement is on, It's really easy to forget what God, Dad, and Mom said. because sexual involvement might feel good or sound right.\"

6) \"I believe that Gods Listens to Praises more than prayer.. Even Human beings loves to be praised\"

7) \"If you can read this thank a teacher.

8) \"I'm not the person your parents warned you about. I'm not your Ex boyfriend.

9) \"Don't Tatoo my name. Tatoo my Logo.\"

10) \"Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit. Genius is hitting a target no one else can see. Ugo is a Genius, Anything said after that means nothing to me.\"

11) \"I'm very Soft Spoken, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is the truth.. Some times it hurts some one because truth hurt.\"

12) \"If you walk yourself into a train full of idiotic people, you will come out an idiot.\"

13) \" Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness. unclever people use the word COCKY against Clever people. Its natural human instinct. Cleverness has a lot of meaning and it also has something to do with self-confident. I'm Ugo no tint.\"

14) I survived the first Bush-I survived the second Bush. even if there is going to be a third Bush... I will still survive. I'm a surviver.

15) \"I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams.

16) \"I'm doing deals like Mr. Combs, G.B.I T-shirt I got on now, I was out in New York the other day with nobody knowing..\"

17) \"Everyone of us is a wonder. Everyone of us has a story. I grew up in a place where everybody was a storyteller.\"

18) \"There's no point in having a beautiful face, if you have an ugly soul.

19) \"Show Me Your Soul.

20) \"I got Styles & Innovations. Eligible Bachelor, Young Philosopher and Myself full time. They are trying to buy Gucci to cover up. Am trying to be more like my self Ugochi.

21) \"God Please, Make My Future Kids Love Me Just Like My Little Nephew Do.

22) \"If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher. If You Can Walk, Thank Your Mom. If You Woke Up Today, Thank Your God.

23) \"Relax your Mind, Let your conscious free, Your now rolling with the G-B-Inc B-O-Y Don't Compare Me To No Boozy Cat.

24) Michael Is not Dead, He Lives In Musicians like Usher, Omarion, Chris Brown, P-Squere, Riz, Akon,T-pain & Justin Timberlake. Many More, Nameless. This is Heart Breaking to me to know that this man that i grew up listening to his music is dead.

25) -King David in the bible will give you an offer, Do You Want to fight or do you want to make peace. ether one you choose, he is going for it. And David never looses. Stupid People makes peace after loosing.

26) Women really do rule the world.

27) 'George Bush likes to listen to Lady GaGa.

28) \"People Die Everyday - The Good News is.... A woman Just gave birth right now.

29) \"You give her money she wants love. you give her love shes back at money. I wanted to take you to my mom but am not going to anymore.

30) I wrote a new story, I just dont know what to call it yet.

31) I was on my Zune trading songs with friends, This one girl sent me the can you be my daddy song by twister and I sent her the shakira song called \"No\".

32) \"There is nothing like mid-night Quietness.

33) Crying can make physiological changes in your body & brain (for the better). Sometimes i go in my room, turn off all the lights & break down in tears. (yes i do) I will cry for about 20 mins to an hour. When am done i use ciroc & digest it. then i go to sleep, when i wake, i feel great and healthy.

34) \"They Jack my style in every resident but they will never figure me out.

35) I'm looking for the one that i will show to my mom.

36) \"Oh! you need a thug in your life. I'm very sorry to disappoint you, I'm a gentle man. I'm not a thug and I don't do the stanky leg dance. I don't have anything against people that does it. I just don't do it.

37) Everyone on earth are dangerous in their own ways, some people are dangerous killers while some are dangerously sexy.

38) \"I love people who make me laugh.

39) \"I Hate the way things are, but it made a man a man.

40) \"I think they should change the name of the tv show \"Sex In The City to Sluts In Stilettos, They should also change the name of the tv show Desperate House Wives to Ungrateful Bitches. Thats right i said it. I think it would make more sense to the viewers.

41) \"Good men are hard to find... So are good women.

42) \"I'm not a hardcore Christian, but there is something i like about Jesus, Everyone had to know who he is. even those who hated him.

43) \"I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams. Eligible bachelor, Spent my 2009 summer chilling in Rio de Janeiro. Hanging in Ferdinando's million dollar yacht, Helicopter flying around Jesus statue just for fun.

44) Love is love nothing else. Do not poison it.

45) \"Teenagers - Always too tired to hold a dishcloth, but never too tired to hold a phone. They have this desire to somehow run away. They always got this feeling that they are all grown up. The other one thinks she is Oprah Winfrey and the other one thinks he's Tony Starks.

46) \"Show me a guy named Ugo and I will show you a really cute Nigerian girl named Ugo.

47) \"I......personally.....dislike.... content. I like plain stuffs.

48) \"I can only be good to you. It is my religion....- It has no content or options.

49) Oh Mon dieu! is Oh Mi dios! is Oh My God!

50) I have a lot of nightmares and i don't like it.

51) I live in a very quiet neighborhood but there is this man that always beat he's wife. Every time, he drag her out side and yelling at each other. The next you will start hearing sounds of slaps. I sit inside i don't know what to do am like Jesus married people. This man disturbs the peace. So one day he dragged her out side and start heating her as usual. This time he did not know the police was driving by.

52) I know why cats date cats, dogs date dogs and lions date lioness. Even though they are all animals. There would be a lot of misunderstanding between a lion and a cat if they did date. The Lion might think the cat is too small and the cat might think the lion is very cocky.

53) \"If i play too much, It's a good thing.. Because when i'm sad you will know, when i'm sick you will know, when i'm worried you will know, but if i don't play and am just a quiet person. When i cheat on you.. you will not know.

54) Some times Nigerian football play like unpaid employees. Like government workers in Nigeria.

55) Glmaour Boiz Inc.

56) Be careful the kind of message you give to the public because one day your going to have children and some one might as well give them the wrong message just like you did.

57) Am only doing this for a reason. will let you know at the end.

58) Most guys disregard the rules of fit when it comes to suits.

59) If your calling a child a witch and at the same time beating the child to the point of death. your the one that's really a witch.

60) I'm a voodoo priest and today im going to show you what to do in other to be rich. If you want to be rich, First learn how to save your money.

61) I'm old enough to know that snakes loves to relax at a chilled cold area. I know not to go around there.

62) People do not have to offend you in other for you to forgive. Always forgive. It's like a relief.

63) It can only get better.

64) When you make it, how are you going to maintain it? My friends. They say when you get on top that means you have got all you need but i tell you my friends, WHEN YOU GET ON TOP. YOU BETTER KEEP CLIMBING!

65) Maturity and age doesn't come at the same time. Maturity doesn't come by nature. It's a choice, it's ether you choose to have it or you don't.

66) Tell Nigeria that i love her.

67) If there was no God.. It would have been necessary to invent one. If there was no such thing as leadership, Then the world or a country would have not been organized.

68) Everything with power would want more power. Everything with a system has got weaknesses. There is nothing like knowing everything, nobody knows everything.

69) I was watching a video on youtube about an African man with 86 wives. His religion was against it, but i was not worried about that, I was worried about the women. I mean the only reason 86 women would agree to marry one man is if they do not have brains, but how can they not have brains if they are still living creatures..

70) It's Cold, Your Inside. You can't go nowhere. Your bored. Your being screwed by school homeworks. It's not my fault but am on your side so please read my stories.

71) You use to sing Sade \"Cherish the day\" for me.. You were there when everyone said i couldn't write a short story in writing class. In high school, You use to braid my hair while i sit between your legs. I use to watch your flowers grow, now it's raining the flowers are dead.

72) We both always in Las Vegas just to listen to Celine Dion sing love songs and have her say what we are on. Yes in love. We both are not together anymore and we both miss Celine Dion singing in Las Vegas. No matter where i go i will always hear the beating of our one heart.

73) If my life is a movie, then am getting closer to my favorite scene as am watching.

74) The truth is- We all have deferent agendas but in our everyday lives we all have one agenda and that is making other people believe in something... With out Believing.. We cannot live and we can not move on. That's one of the reasons why there is something called school. You sit in class believing in something page by page.

75) The truth is- We all have deferent agendas but in our everyday lives we all have one agenda and that is making other people believe in something... With out Believing.. We cannot live and we can not move on, That's one of the reasons why there is something called Bible. Believing in something page by page.

76) Sometimes i wonder why God doesn't have any female Arch Angels, I asked St. Michaels he Said \"It is a top secret Ugo\"

77) Since i came into this world, I've never spent any minute or second trying to make people to like me, surely will not start now.. and never will i start.

78) Their are 3 types of groups of friends, The ones that hang out and talk about problems and solutions. The ones that hang out and plan what others would consider as evil. finally The ones that only hang out when there is drugs for them to do.

79) She called my celly but my baby picked the call And then She said \"you know my name And don't you pretend like you never did me before\" then she hangs up. My baby came at me with anger. \"UGO! your cheating i can't believe this\" I was shocked, i looked at the caller id - the number was strange to me. i looked again, my baby was already at the door, living crying. I SWEAR, I KNOW NOT THE CALLER. says I.

80) I'm Ugo Osmunds The Story Maker - I'm the Author, I'm the Author of my life.

81) I sent a letter to God.. and i don't know if he found the letter yet. Did any of you Angels happened to have checked his mail box to look and see if there's any letter there?

82) Most people are a fascist and the name Hitler sounds bad to them. Now How did you think Hitler began? From one silly statement to another, thats how he became powerful and did all those evil. Just cause your black does not mean you can't be a fascist. Just cause your black does not mean you can't be a racists. most people don't know this... Just the same way most people don't know that the sun is a star.

83) Most people still don't realize that selfish agenda doesn't get anyone anywhere. The world is not a better place because the world lack something called \"Meeting.\"

84) I saw a twelve year old kid stole another kids bike. hmm Thats how it's starts, from jacking a bike to jacking a brand new car.. or even robbing a bank. Most kids don't know this... just the same way most kids don't know that the original name for butterfly was flutterby.

85) There are differences between Training & Teaching. Teachers don't teach they train. The differences between the two is this. Teaching is to cause to know something and To instruct by precept, example, or experience. Training is to form by instruction, discipline, or drill and To make prepared for a test of skill. Even teachers believe that what they are doing is teaching.. I don't think so.

86) I want to get married at age 23. I want to have a bunch of Ugos running around soon.

87) In High school, There was this one boy that always cursed people he didn't like out. then we figured out... something about him, he had no clue on how to spell any of those curse words. which brought me to my fourth rule of the men laws. Which is > the man who knows not but pretends that he knows; he is a fool, so avoid him. I made that man law.

88) If you disrespect me, You will not get any reply for it... i don't want to make you famous just like i made famous, famous...

89) There's no country on earth built by men in suits.. Many people believe that a country is always built by men in suits. No, men in suit run the country.. Who is building it is You. Here is one reason not to be dis encouraged but to be responsible.

90) Any bad act Africans learned from the western world. They copy the act and use it against their own people.

91) Ladies, In other for you to get the views of Truth and Lies at the same time. You have to learn how to live on top of the word \"Believe\"... Instead of the word living on top of you.

92) New York City... Everything moves fast, little girls get pregnant and dump the baby in the trash.\" The Heartless Mother was the name of a story i wrote when i was 13 years old.. Didn't know wht i was writing about but i was on point.

93) The less you believe in... the less damage.

94) The less you know...the better... for the sake of your sanity.

95) I'v never lived with two parents in the same house.. I don't know what it feels like..

96) \"I DON'T KNOW\" can save people and set things free. Some are too big headed to say it. There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.

97) If they're all stupid then which one of them is your boy friend? If they are all cheaters then.. which one are u going to get married to? If you don't need any of them how come you have a Dad and blood brothers?

98) If I had to choose a Thief and a Lier as a friend, I would choose the thief.. Why? Because the thief is only after my money, The lier is after my reality. If i had to shoot ether of them... I would shoot the lier first.

99) If you want to lie, LIE FOR A FRIEND IN DANGER. Do not lie to take advantage of some one that isn't against you.It's more dangerous than being a thief.

100) I watch my thoughts, for they become words. I watch my words, for they become actions. I watch my actions, for they become habits. I watch my habits, for they become character. I watch my character, for it becomes my destiny.

101) It would be very correct, to know that the last story I wrote the year 2009 was called Decembers of Love. Will be posted December the first.

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