Ugo Osmunds Quotes 2010 (Deep Thoughts)

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Ugo Osmunds, The Young Author's Quotes for 2010. Deep Thoughts.

Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010



1) Men's shaving kits, wouldn't be a good business in the Middle-East.

2) Money grows on trees; Money grows on the trees of men who are unwilling to give up.

3) The most important thing is that: You have to have a vision, you need to know where you're going and then you have to have a total faith in that vision.

4) The power of nature is that it had always defeated education, the power of education is that it had always defeated illiteracy.. but there's something that has never been defeated and It is LOVE.

5) Don't "Life is too short" too much and make it much shorter.. for yourself.

6) Life is too short too much makes it much shorter for yourself.

7) When one is breathing.. There's hope. One may not like the word "hope, but it is better to hope than to despair.

8) It is better to love all and trust a few, than to trust only oneself and love only oneself. For if you do then there's no future.

9) He who goes against art is himself its slave.

10) A kiss does two things: It can tell an everlasting love story and It can ruin a life.

11) The one duty the modern fools owe to a shameful history is to repeat it.

12) If you don't love, Hate can kill you.

13) Wearing suits doesn't make you a gentleman anymore than a monkey, wearing golden earrings make him a beautiful thing.

14) It is better to have a beautiful soul than to be good, but it is better to be good than to have an ugly soul.

15) Men shouldn't befriend time, For it is quietly killing us.. legally.

16) Sometimes an unaware insult is more damaging than a deliberate jab.

17) Be a care-free, have a sexy spirit, and be responsible.

18) Without my mother, I would not be able to write.

19) When you only love people just because of the way they make you feel; Then your heart is set to be disappointed or broken in any second in anyway.

20) In order to keep love alive; When problem occurs, you don't ask who did this but you should ask, "What caused this to happen?..

21) You cannot love and expect hate back. And you cannot hate and expect love back.

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