Uncontrollable Sin

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It was a sin.. that names in the bible like.. Samson, David and Solomon all one time committed, and was forgiven by God. How ever. This story became Ugo Osmunds last story about religion.

Submitted: October 03, 2009

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Submitted: October 03, 2009



It started to rain.

The water falling down from the sky was very warm. The sun began to rise, people began to wake up looking.

At the clock: The clock says "one in the morning." Thousands of angels already surrounded the sky.

People started freaking out. And the rain was also falling harder and harder. All kinds of thunderous sounds.

Trumpet sounded and the rain stop. The weather is so warm, people shaking looking up the sky, and Jesus came out from the sky.

As soon as Jesus came out, everyone started crying. The next person that came was Lucifer. He came out in a really nice suit, looking all happy.

Demons came out with Lucifer they looked happy as well. And they were singing a song called "High Way To Hell" by A Rock & Roll band from the 70s.

People were screaming and crying, Jesus was just looking at what was going on.

(It was the end of the World)

The heaven’s gate opens, and only 50 people went inside the heaven’s gate. people haven't started entering hell fire yet, but Lucifer was waiting..

Jesus was shocked, He asked Angel Gabrielle “how come only 50 people went in?"

Gabrielle replied Jesus saying, “My Lord, The rest are Sinners” People started to scream more and more.

I looked by my left and I saw my pastor crying, I was shocked.

“Pastor! God did'n't let you in?

And he replied me "my child he did not, he did not.”

Lucifer wanted to go where Jesus was, to speak to him. The angels blocked him, and he said he wanted to tell Jesus something.

He said to Jesus, “Hell will not contain all this people, what can we do to expand hell fire so they can all fit?

Immediately Jesus Stud up from his thrown and said to him “Lucifer! I have never made plans with you, surely will I not start now."

Lucifer replied him “ what ever” Lucifer went back to the demons and was singing along to high way to hell, while Jesus was figuring out what to do with the world.

Only 50 people are in heaven. Jesus then said “ALRIGHT, EVERYONE KEEP QUIT!!!!.

Then he began to separate people with there different sins. The Murderers and the wicked got divided from everyone else.

Jesus handed the Murderers and the Wicked to Lucifer. Lucifer throws them inside hell fire and they began to burn.

Jesus separates the adulterous people from everyone else and gave the rest to Lucifer. Lucifer threw them into hell fire and they began to burn.

The adulterous people began to shake. Then Jesus said “I want you all to give me a good reason why I shouldn't give you up to Lucifer.

Many admitted that the reason why they fornicates is because it’s an uncontrollable sin.

The lustful thoughts, very uncontrollable. Then Jesus said to them “but you know it’s a sin?"

They replied “yes Lord we Know but it’s uncontrollable, please God forgive your children.. We've suffered on this earth.

Lucifer said “well he can’t forgive you sinners, its too late. Then Jesus said to him “Shut Up!

Jesus began to wash the sins of the adulterous out of them. Then he prayed for them lets them in heaven, and the heaven gate closed.

I woke:

I woke up, first I could not believe all that was a dream.

I heard the sound of thunder from the sky, I looked out my window and it was raining, I went outside and touched the rain, it was warm.

I looked up the sky, the sun began to rise up in the morning. Immediately angels started coming out from the sky.

I smiled. It's was the end of the world.

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