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A short article about how Ugo Osmunds Defines the word "Frenemy."

Submitted: April 15, 2011

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Submitted: April 15, 2011




“A fenemy is a friend who speaks loudly of your
ruins and silent of your advancements.”

“A friend you don't see when you're involved in a
scandal - but when you are standing.”

"A friend who criticize your unfailing boyfriend/girlfriend,
turn their nose up at your favorite fashion or outfits."

"A friend who makes you feel bad
A friend who wish to see you do bad."

"A best friend who becomes your secret enemy through envy."

"Friends/relationships that you’re not comfortable around
with but finds it hard to let them go because you became a
custom to their ways."

"A manipulative friend who brainwashed you into believing that
you can never find a better boyfriend/girlfriend than the ones
that broke your heart or betrayed you."

"A friend who is afraid that you might become
more successful than they will ever be in life."


"Being a frenemy is a natural human instinct
but having a frenemy is not."

"Sometimes, your frenemy doesn't know that
he or she is really acting like one."

"It is hard to tell a frenemy when you're thinking
that a friend is just looking out for your best interests."

Short Stories


A girl who isn’t fat, or skinny doesn’t want to befriend a girl
who is skinny because she doesn’t want to feel fat. So she be friend’s
A girl who is very fat, in order to feel very skinny. And the girl
who is very fat doesn’t really want to be friends with her because she
makes her feel bad about her weight.

The “not fat, not skinny girl keeps manipulating the fat girl in order to
still keep the very fat girl as friend for her own selfish comforts,
Which makes her A frenemy.


Nancy realizes that her best friend’s boy friend Rick is better than
any other average Jack that She has ever been with. So, She became
Very envious of their relationship and plan to break them by
convincing her friend Joah that her boyfriend Rick might be
cheating. Then Joah became very suspicious and doughty. Rick
was not enjoying their relationship anymore because of her
accusations that doesn’t have any proof, So, He broke up with
Her. And then Nancy said to Joah “I thought I told you that
He wasn’t faithful.” which makes her a frenemy.


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