Lost In Sea

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Lost are those in the sea, but what is their pain that they forever seek.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



 Lost In Sea

Deep within the sea, lies those lost at sea.

Their HOPE that dawdles out towards me could not be seen.


For covering their HOPE lied the black fog,

Which carried them to the bog.


Their seeping screams, that echo to the shore,

Wish for everything to return as before.


For they know their demise is soon.

Because they fear the rampaging typhoon.


The pain they’ve caused,

The pain that could not pause.


As I await their empty cries,

Their pain will never die.


For lost at sea

They’ll always be.


Where no life can help a plea,

Where the wondering screams give off their aurae.


Within the sea their bodies lie.

That hold the truth of why they died.


For within the  sea, they’ll always be.

Crying out to you and me.


Through the wind they can only speak.

Through the ocean they can only seek.


For they were lost at sea,

And will always be.


The voices that are heard in the sea,

Are their cries and their pleas.


For no mouth they have to tell their woe,

Of how they gave up HOPE, their greatest foe.


For within the sea lies their death.

Their true life and forgotten breath.


For they were lost at sea,

To find Peace, which will never be.

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