Waiting Within A Dream

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Waiting...waiting for the horror of a dream's rest.

Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



I can feel that you are near me,

But are you really there?

Can you sense that I am waiting?

Hurry, find me before I start fading.

Come and grasp my hand,

 For I am still beside you.

Let me embrace you with these chilled arms of mine.

Let me be the one to breathe life into you.

Let me be the one to see the truth,

Of your hidden lies.

And find me now waiting with you.

Look now, and don’t let me go.

Hold me within your loosening arms.

Don’t give up hope yet,

For I am still waiting.

Look at me and you’ll see,

That the mirror suddenly cracked.

Listen now to the cries of the abandoned children.

And you’ll find me

Standing over their crumpled bodies.

Peer beneath my feet,

And look at your mirrored face.

For I silently took your life away.

Give up on me now and you will see

That I cannot save you.

Look at me now and wonder.

What was the truth in my sudden embrace?

What was the pain I gave,

As I ripped off your lovely face.

What was the face you made when I took your sudden breath away?

I am still waiting.

Don’t give up.

I’m waiting.

I’m waiting for death to take me.





I’m still waiting for your embrace when I wake.

For the sudden shock jolted my brain.

For when I awoke I was scared of the pain.

The pain of me taking your life away with a single blade.

Peering into that unwoken face,

I see your silent scream,

For I killed you within a dream.

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