Taking Time

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A work in progress. A collection of quotes that in time, will help heal my soul.

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



Her eyes were as beautiful as the ocean, but the ocean is a big and easy place to get lost.


It was always you, it was always going to be you. The only person who didn't know that however, was you.


Every memory of you was being drilled into my bones and I knew then what real pain was.


When she laid with me, she always seemed tired. Maybe she was just content, looking back so was I.


Walking out of restaurants she would lay her head on my shoulder and I always wished the car was parked further away.


Sometimes when we went walking we wouldn't say a word and I think on some days we both enjoyed that.


She said, "You make me happy" I replied "You make me happy too" and we never saw eachother again.


She once said " Don't forget me" I replied " How could I? You were the only person I ever really knew."


I got lost, in more ways than one. I found you before I found myself and that was the problem.


In the morning I will wake next to you and wait for you to wake next to me.


The hardest part about trying to forget you was that I couldn't.


I remember bumping into your soul, magic hats and rabbit's feet came to mind.


I can hear you walking up to the door, I can feel you walk in the room. Now the lights have dimmed and the locks have been changed. I am alone in a room that is more hollow than I am.


Sometimes when I wake up, right before my first sip of tea. I glance over to see if you are laying next to me.


There will be days I can not remember your name. There will be days I can.


I'll say one thing, It's fall now. You always loved fall.


What feels like a lifetime ago, seems it will haunt me for the rest of mine.


All the places I looked for you, knowing you would not be there. I had to make sure.





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