It Takes Time.....Right?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Submitted: October 02, 2011



Chapter 1: Zach

I couldn't believe winter break was over! It was the most best time I've had in a while; well since i got expelled outta school anyways. It was the most stupidest reason ever! This chick was so annoying and got up all in my face and i just called her a name. She fuckin tells the principal and I get suspended for a week.And by the third day of suspension I hear that I am expelled from the school.I was so pissed its not even funny. Those years were so fun and I'll always remember them, and my homies too. I guess people could call me a trouble maker because of the constant detention slip-signing my mom had to do. But you only live once right?

So now i was enrolled in this other school that was about10 minutes away from my house. It was obviously private since my mom wanted me to be a "gentleman"; which in my book was never gonna happen.I was the player type. I had so many flings that i bet not even Brad Pitt could have beaten my high score. My best friend, Alexa, always called me a man whore. I would go for every girl that i ever thought was hot.I mean its just a guy thing; girls just dont understand.

I honeslty didnt even feel like going to school today. Its gonna be so boring and stupid just getting to know new people and shit, I'd rather stay home and sleep and play some xbox. I tried to think of some positive things to help me get through with going to school today.Only thing that came to mind was some really hot girls with nice asses and big chests! By now, I think pretty much everyone knows me as the biggest pervert ever.

Reluctantly I got outta bed and showered and dressed. Went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast and drove to school. I already knew it wasnt gonna be awkward for me to fit in with the others because i was made to get along with anyone at all. Hey, I'm perverted and a man whore, but I'm still nice to others! I parked and stopped by the main office, grabbed my schedule and tried to find my way to my homeroom. It wasnt that hard, because this school was not big at all compared to my old high school, it was at least half to three-quarters of the size of my old school.

Walking in the East Hall, towards my homeroom, I realized I was being checked out and found some pretty smokin hot girls lookin at me. Man, was i lucky! I'd have to look into them later since i had to get to my class before the bell rang. I looked at the paper once more and made sure i was going to the right room with the right teacher. My room number was 14 and my teacher my Ms. Miley. I sure hoped she was hot. I'd so love homeroom!

As soon as I walked in, everyone froze and looked at me. It was like they have never had a new student before. Weird. I smiled at everyone and went to the teacher's desk and to talk to her. She was hot! She looked nice and really beautiful and young. Guess I'd have to look into that too!

"Hello, Zachary Mavers. How are you today?" Ms. Miley asked.

"Hi Ms. Miley. I'm good how bout you?" I answered innocently.

"Great! I'm so glad- actually we're all glad to have you join us for the rest of the year and hopefully nextt year as well."

"Thanks. And only time will tell!" I said and we laughed.

"This is Zachary Mavers----"

"Actually you can just call me Zach...."

"Okay. This is Zach Mavers and he will be joining us in our school for the rest of the year and maybe so on. Please introduce yourselves and make him feel welcome."

"HI Zach, I'm Melissa and this is Zoey" a cute brunette waved and said. The Zoey chick just waved and smiled, I smiled back.

"Hey bro, I'm Danny and this is Steve." said a guy that was pretty tall and buff. A football player.

"Hey guys...." I said. And soon enough everyone introduced themselves to me and I sat down and started to talk to Danny and some of his friends. We talked about sports and girls and NFL teams and stuff like that.


Soon enough the bell rang and we all went to our first class, English, which we all had together. I had yet still to meet the rest of the juniors and was looking forward to it. Danny kept talkin bout this Fiona chick though. It sounded like they were best friends or something. The chick herself sounded pretty cool too, kinda wanted to meet her real soon.Did i mention i hate the clingy type girls and too girly girls....wait doesnt every guy?....anyways she seems laid back and shit, from what Danny said.

I know I'm a player and all but i dont know why i wanted to fly solo for a bit. Guess i was probably getting tired of it?....or maybe i needed a break?.....Ya that's probably it. Why not start now right? That is one commitment I will make and keep..

Let's see how this half of the year turns out for me.


Chapter 2: Fiona


Ugh this happened to me everyday. I always got stuck in traffic and this has got to be the worst day yet!. I've been waiting for over 45 minutes to cross this damn bridge and its some stupid accident that's keeping all these cars waiting. I'm sorry but school is more important to me right now instead of this accident. But at least i have my favorite CD to listen to!

"Lay it on me baby, lay it on me ohhh lay it on me! Lay it on me put it down on me ohhh put your hands on my body!" i was singing so loud just to annoy some people for fun. Haha.

I mean if ya got a good voice why not show it? and if you're bored why not annoy others?

I hadmy windows rolled down and my music blaring up and my hummer bouncing.....what a nice way to chill on a bridge! haha ya right!

BEEP! BEEP! "WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING FOREVER?!!!" some old guy yelled and started beeping his fucking horn. He kept beeping it and yelling for about 15 minutes before I told him to shut the fuck up and stop before i took away the few years he has left to live. I mean old people can be so damn annoying sometimes.....not my kind of annoying though.

I changed the CD to my "ALL DRAKE SONGS" one. I was obsessed with Drake! Like i wanna be Mrs.Aubrey Drake Graham so bad! All my friends already know how much I love him and they call me stalker crazy.....which i'm not shamed to admit at all. His music is just so fucking good and he looks pretty hot too. The only thing that I hate is that he "loves" Nicki Minaj! It's like "hello! did you notice someone else that is better and actually loves you back?" But I used hate Nicki Minaj, it was before i found out that she would never be with Drake because she preferred girls! I was so happy and kinda creeped out when i heard her say it on the news.

"I might be too strung out on compliments overdosed on confidence started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence..." I kept singing until finally all the cars started to move across the bridge. I was bridge-free baby!

I sped off towards my school and looked at the time. It was 8:17 right now so that meant that 1st period was just starting. I was late but not really late.

I quickly parked and ran to the main office and picked up my tardy slip and sped off to my first class which was English.

I opened the door and everybody looked at me and got quiet and then started talking again.

"Hey there's my babygirl! Come give me a kiss sexy!" called Danny. That was your typical Danny, he was a perverted pain in the ass. But then again which guy wasn't?

I stuck my tongue out at him and took a seat. Danny was and has been my best friend since we were in our moms! Ya sounds crazy but it's always been like that. We can't stay away from each other, we are like besties all the way!

"Ms. McKinley glad you could finally join us." said Mr. SImpson. He was my English teacher and my favorite teacher of all, before Ms. Miley even. He was so nice and always ready to talk and help.

"Glad to be here as well!" i chirped happily as I pulled my hair into a knot with a pencil.

"I'm sorry I didn't wake you up, I knew how tired i made you last night.." Danny whispered and smirked.

"Haha very funny. If you thought the guy you were fucking was me, then you're dead wrong" i whispered back and winked.

"Well played." was all he could say.

I noticed a new face among all my classmates. He was tall, had a pretty nice body and beautiful green eyes. Looked nice, but thenn all guys did until you got to know the real them. He saw me looking at him and smirked. I averted my eyes and blushed for being caught. Guess he might be just like any other guy.

Thought things would change, but they are still where they were. Gonna have to change them or stay with it. I prefer to change em.


Chapter 3: Zach

In the middle of class, a girl walked in and quickly sat down. She was tall, had chocolate brown eyes and hair that was really really long! Like I'm talking past her butt long! And she looked like she worked out and played sports. I think I'm gonna have to find out how she is under those clothes. Haha.

I was sitting next to Danny and he said "Hey there's my babygirl! Come give me a kiss sexy!" She just stuck out her tongue at him and sat down.

Our teacher looked at her and said "Ms. McKinley glad you could finally join us."

"Glad to be here as well!" she said and started to fix her hair.

"I'm sorry I didn't wake you up. I knew how tired I made you last night." Dannywhispered and smirked.

"Haha very funny. If you thought the guy you were fucking was me, then you're dead wrong." she whispered and winked.

"Well played" was all that came out.

"Damn Daniel! you got played!" I said and laughed.

"Haha very funny. Shut up!" he said.

I saw her looking at me and I smirked, she looked at the board. Danny told me her name was Fiona and that they had been best friends since forever now. She was a really cool laid- back girl. Interesting. Haha.


The bell rung. It was lunchtime. I had 4 periods and had 3 more to go after this. We all grabbed our lunches and went off to sit at the table. It was me, Danny, Fiona, Steve and their other friends.

We sat down and she finally introduced herself to me.

"Hey I'm Fiona and you are?" she smiled and said.

"I'm Zach. How are you?" I asked.

"I'm good thanks. And you?"

"Great" i smiled.

"Watch this! It gets her so annoyed but it looks pretty sexy!" Danny whispered to me. Steve nodded. Danny quietly and smoothly slid the pencil out of her hair while she was talking to someone. Her hair was so beautiful and I bet it was silky to touch to. Her thick waves slowly fell down her back. Pretty sexy if you ask me. Haha.

"Ugh! Danny! YOU SON OF A BITCH! You know I hate it when you do that!" she yelled.

"Didn't look like you hated it when Jesse did it to you last night" he said and we all laughed. She turned red and I saw that there were tears in her eyes and she left.

"Good job bro! Made her upset!" Steve said and Danny ran and went to go find her and told us to stay here and wait.

30 minutes passed and they still weren't back. The bell was about to ring. I told Steve I'd be right back and that I was going to go look for them.

hey if ur readin sry but i mite hve 2 change n or delete this story becuz i dont like da way it iz n i wanna make it better.....just let me kno wat u think so far...thnx....xoxo UKNOULUVME17

© Copyright 2020 uknouluvme17. All rights reserved.

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