Dreams Outshone

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Dreams come true.

For who once was the most important person in my life.

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



Dreams Outshone


In the thoughts of stormy mountains

wanders now my dreamful gaze

In the courts of shining fountains

where’s lost the word of craze


In the plains of Elysium fairest

I shall walk from day to night

From that which that thought is blurrest

to the essence of all light.


But all these sketches of perfection

cannot match my favorite dream

the incarnation of affection

that’s how perfect is I deem.


And so I wake inside the illusion

your lips close, your eyes in sleep

pure of happiness infusion

waking up’s a cliff that’s steep


As I fear the wretched hour

that I’ll have to leave this place

breathes upon me potent power

and it speeds my beatings’ pace.

Slowly wake those eyes of splendor

her lips moving to meet mine

my hand journeys on skin tender

tracing kisses on her spine.


No words truly need be spoken

she is love incarnate that low fell.

My heart lies in ashes broken

at the thought she’ll break her spell.


  Suddenly light of different color

saturates a room in gold

But I sense still a dreamy odor

as if coming from days old.


In grief for dreams that disappeared

my eyes now fear to open

But smell and touch my will hath steered

as to all it happens often.


And as I look upon her face

I see my dreams deceived me.

For in that old forgotten place

my mind had not believed me.



More perfect than I saw her there,

more potent starts the feeling.

To pull her to me I slowly dare

to passion I am kneeling.


“I love you” I whisper to her ear

“each morning you’re a dream come true.

To lose you is all I truly fear

for all that matters now is You.”

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