Worth Dying For...

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What I think a soldier's thoughts would be on the front line.

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011




Worth Dying For…



“It is worth dying for!” Screamed a man from the flanks.

What did he know? He was not standing here. He was not seeing what we saw. Already dead bodies were pilled before the battle had commenced.

What are we dying for? Freedom? We’re fighting against one leader while under the rule of another. Ironic. We’re fighting for a freedom we never actually had.

Honor? Hardly. Suicide is no proof of courage or greatness.

Why should we march? Can’t we all just decide to walk away?

This is not our war.

“Soldiers!” A roar was heard across the plain.

“I know you fear to face a force that’s two times our own. Fear is no weakness. It is only natural. But consider… consider what will happen if we flee. Aye!!! We’ll save our lives, maybe even the lives of those we love if we are quick, smart and blessed. We might even find a land where freedom and equality are given freely and taken for granted. But men… those are not our lives, those are the lives of irresponsible cowards, alive as it may be but still cowards. And I assure you lads, sons and daughters, no accusation strips off freedom and respect quicker. If you wish to live the dreams you have in times of war, do so! Leave! None will follow to stop you. But know this, in the times of peace you’ll live in, your dreams shall be haunted by days of war. This war! Peace will be a lie, an illusion. Because warriors: YOU ARE NOT COWARDS!!! YOU WERE BORN TO STAND HERE, TO FIGHT HERE, TO DIE ON THIS BATTLEFRONT WHERE RULES THE TWILIGHT OF ALL THAT’S WORTH DYING FOR!!!”

And once more my eyes, now scanned the land. There was no thought of leaving. For hopes and fears seemed made of sand in this world that in pain was grieving. I’m here to fight and so I’ll stand, no odds shall stop my marching.

As if time stood frozen, I saw all that I’d lose. The sky than sea was brighter, the clouds were soft as snow, the sun in white was stalking with worry on his brow.

Shadows could be seen descending in the clearing. Familiar did they seem? Had I ever seen them? Alike they looked I deem. But time of rest was over. Pondering was done. We’re ready for the battle and we’re afraid of none.






Indeed the time has come

to march to war united

Let the ogres sound the drum

the end has been decided.


In honor we will follow

The fight awaits in awe.

Cowardly is hollow.

No such thing as draw.




Death be welcome in our hearts

we’ll walk in halls forgotten

Our ancestors proud we played our parts

against a truth that’s rotten.


Now face us putrid foe

show your weakest feeling

Our strikes will cause you woe

your death will give us healing.


Inclined to speak we aren’t

We’re here for the fray

As to lose we weren’t

Our strength we won’t betray


So may the flow commence

of blood that’s black with hatred

The slaughter’ll be immense

Nothing ere is sacred.

© Copyright 2018 Ulfrinn. All rights reserved.

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