Leonardo, The Knight in Shining Armor

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A mere peasant falls in love with a classy girl who misunderstands him and takes him for granted, his heart doesn't move on and he tries to get her but all things end tragically for him. Medieval Ages

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Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012




This was inspired by a friend I know


There was but ye old tale of a man and his lover. The man's name was Leonardo. Leonardo was quite complicated, it took more to understand his unique personality. You'd have to know him to understand what he is like. Leonardo lived in the medieval ages. The dynamic knight in shining armor inside had much to prove to society, but for now he was but a mere peasant in Civilization.


Leonardo was in his early teens when he met a classy woman named Patsy. Leonardo, being the charming figure he was, he knew a lot of women. But he had a special attraction to Patsy because she wasn't going according to fashion, she was extraordinary. At the time before he met Patsy, he was attracted to a promiscuous girl that let him down and broke his heart. The scene attracted the young classy lady Patsy, since then they became good friends. Over time Patsy slowly showed strong signals of emotion for Leonardo that he couldn't decipher.


Patsy was his top desire in a matter of weeks. As the sand glass clock tipped over and over, Leonardo couldn't stop thinking about her. His mind ran around her, but he decided to keep it gentle, and be cold so he can draw attention from her. She thought the un present attention was signs of not caring. Being heart broken as she was, she left Leonardo and got herself another man.


While Patsy deserted Leonardo, Leonardo felt no signs of any remorse. She turned her interests to bartering goods, and turned into a wealthy classy intelligent woman. Leonardo saw how joyful she was without him. Leonardo decided he would not let this hope inside him die. he decided to become a knight and hope to win back her love. Slowly with time and training Leonardo became an honorable swordsman. Taking more and more higher honors. The whole town talked about Leonardo and his achievements. As he became famous and had a couple of wine glasses, he stopped to think about what a loss he had made, losing the love of his life. Just a couple of smiles on Patsy's face would bring joy to himself, make him see the positive side of things for a change. He was persistent he would get her back.


Over the nights he would try and send messages to her. He would approach her house at night leaving flowers near the door. He would try to talk to her outside in the market where Patsy bartered her goods. Patsy showed no signs of any affection and pretended if he didn't exist. One day when Patsy goes out with her new man Leonardo approaches them. Leonardo says "You there, halt!", Patsy tells her lover not to respond, but as her lover hears "Aren't you but a common feathered fowl", he gets startled and looks back. The man says to Leonardo "What do you want?" Leonardo then replies "You claim to love Patsy but will you be willing to fight for her?" The man replies "You want a duel? A duel there shall be." The crowd of people soon gather round as the two brave men draw their swords.


Leonardo, being the swordsman he is, thinks the other man is a joke in the battlefield. Leonardo gets arrogant and arrogant as he slowly keeps dominating the match. But then as he looks around he sees the face of Patsy and becomes distracted. She has a stern look on her face, for she is not pleased at all with Leonardo. The thoughts soon jump around Leonardo's mind he forgets he is fighting for her in a battle with sharp metal swords. All falls around as he looks back at reality and realizes the man's sword is held to Leonardo's neck. The man says "If I ever hear of you again, I will fancy your skull on my wall, and feast upon your filthy blood." Then The man removes his sword as he is crowned the victor.


Leonardo feels sad for losing the battle and leaves without looking back. At night he goes back to his cottage full of hay and slept there at night because he still wasn't wealthy and has another dream about her. The next day the power of his affection to his lover brings him motivated to bring another result, he decides to train more and more as he rides his trusty steed along the forests. And then goes back to the man he once fell victim to. "I wish to have a duel against you once more." The man smirks and chuckles and says "Well Isn't someone the court jester today, he wants to die with embarrassing fate in front of his people." Leonardo then replies "It is your head that shall be on the floor with your dignity as well." The man angrily accepts his challenge. 


As the crowd cheers on the other man, the crowd loses hope in Leonardo, but Leonardo remembers all the pain he had on the day when he lost to the other guy. His anger pushed him harder and harder. His aggression rose as swords kept conflicting each other. Then finally as he got stabbed once his adrenaline came up to the surface and brought out the animal in him. He brought up his sword and finished the man with blood stains on his armor. He had did it, he finally brought back the love of the crowd again. He looked at his once loved woman, she had a shocked, scared, and sad look on her face it wasn't a good sign. This repelled any hope of trying to get her back. 



She ignores him for the fact he assaulted her lover. He sat lonely for around half a year. But his heart wont let go of her. He became crazy, he wrote her letters, and tried to get near her. He even came uninvited to a mask party she arranged, he went and sent gifts and presents to her, but nothing worked.At this time she gets a new man. and new man she met, Benedict, in the mask party, is rich and wealthy. Patsy and Benedict fall in deep love for each other. They decide to get wed. Hearing of this news Leonardo decided to show up in the wedding. And when Patsy married Benedict he came up to her and said he wishes her the best of luck. When the wedding was over he left a letter by her door "lovers are always together."


Reading the message, Patsy decides to go to court and report Leonardo for harassing her and not letting her live without always constantly trying to get her back when she didn't want it. As they enter the court, The Judge asks them of the situation. "I speak of thee Leonardo the Knight, for constantly harassing and  quarreling with my loved ones" said Patsy. The Judge then asked Leonardo for his side of the story "Your honor, I know not much except tis not right of one, if one gives up on hope, one shall never see the good of life, One must keep moving forward and never give up on his or her goals, what one hopes to achieve one must believe in one's self, I may die today but my lessons will live on for future generation and one must know true love never dies." The Judge then asks the jury whether he is guilty or not, then the jury pleads he is guilty. With that being said he sent to be persecuted and his death was ordered by court, before he gets put under the guillotine to get his head decapitated or cut off he says "I'll see you in the next life Patsy."


After the death of Leonardo was commenced his words did really live on, the generations of people learnt from him, he may have died but he was a hero to many people. He was truly a knight of shining armor. After the death Benedict was known for cheating on her and becoming a defiler of daughters, which led to a cursed marriage between Patsy as she couldn't divorce in the old ages until her husband came out of jail when he was sentenced for 2 years. Patsy then, being the bitter person she was wished she did listen to Leonardo and love him, but it was too late for her. Leonardo was a hero to all, and Leonardo was recognized as a honorable knight and swordsman for generations and generations.



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