Noah and the Utopians Part 1

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Noah was a modern person of todays society who lived in an Ancient fantasy land called Utopia. Along the other fantasy lands there lives another fantasy country called Mustoria, which had no place to stay in so went in other territorial lands. Things don't go well with the 2 arguing and fighting, but things change as two people get together and achieve world peace, between their 2 countries, and they conquer the other countries.

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012




Noah was a modern person lying in the land of the ancient Utopia. He and his village people were living peacefully until mustorians realized that they had no place to live in at the time, so they raided Utopia and they stayed in it with the village people. The village people agreed for peace with the civilized people but then the mustorian people took advantages over the land of Utopia, broken things, killing utopians, taking much advantages over the utopian land and the utopian people. Utopians realized they could not live with the Mustorians, but the mustorians were supported by the rest of the world, except the Utopians. But what the Mustorians didn't know was that the Utopians were twice as strong as they were, and at any moment the Utopians could raid and rid of the entire mustorian population even with the other countries supporting them. The Mustorians and Utopians hated each other, but they were stuck together forced to live with each other due to political opinions.


In another part of Utopia lived a man called Chester. Chester was an average mustorian coming in from another part of the world. Mustorians were misunderstood people, hated by the rest of the world for stereotypical reasons, the Mustorians were always not welcomed wherever they went. Mustorians had no place to live, no where to go, so they ended up deciding living with the Utopians. Years of years of bloodshed, hatred, and war kept passing by. Chester and Noah hated the opposites of their race, Noah hated the Mustorians and Chester hated the Utopians. One day Noah and Chester met and became friends, Noah and Chester really grew to like each other and became the best of friends. But then because of their hatred of their opposite races, they could not be seen together in public. The Utopians and Mustorians always fought, the Utopians were wishing for a day when the other tribes come and help them rid of the Mustorians, the Mustorians felt threatened, they really liked the fact that they had finally found a place to settle in. 


One day Chester and Noah talked together, lots of ideas were passed through each other. Chester told Noah of how he had always wished to have a place in, the Mustorians had no place in the world before, Noah had wished that they wouldn't fight but rather lived in peace. One day while the two were together, they realized through history Mustorians and Utopians were once living together and the best of friends because of their characteristics, the average Scaroton people would become very jealous of them because the Mustorians and Utopians had a lot of similar good characteristics. Mustorians and Utopians were tanned, strong, and very religious. Both of them had the belief of only one deity, Both of them were living peacefully. Scarotons and the Parotens didn't like this. Parotens didn't like them so they ended up killing a lot of the Mustorians and pushed them out of the country. And before the Scarotons didn't even invite the Mustorians to their huge country, All the other tribes pushed them over to Utopia. The Mustorians think it belongs to them, while the Utopians take claim over it. Their moronic pride put war between them both, when really they should have really decided to live in peace. With the Parotens exaggerating everything spoken to the tribes, the Utopians were called Barbarians, while the Mustorians were called thieving and evil. Utopians and Mustorians didn't even get to know each other closely. 


With the Parotens exaggerating false facts about both tribes they didn't get to know the real version of each other, just hatred coming from lies of the Parotens, the Parotens were stirring up trouble for both tribes. Noah and Chester had tons of time enjoying life without this hatred, Noah and Chester became best friends and then they realized that all the lies about their tribes was false. They realized this is all a scam from the other countries. The Parotens and other tribes had them believing something they were not. One Day while Noah and Chester were hanging out they were caught by the Mustorian and Utopian people. They were then noted and called the village traitors for hanging out with the "enemy". Noah and Chester didn't like this at all, they were furious that they were banned from seeing each other and got mad and decided via communication devices of their time that they would go hang out in private, as they did this so a couple of times they were caught again. But Noah and Chester didn't like hiding, so they accepted their punishment. Noah and Chester were sent to jail. 


Jail was tough but they managed to escape their lock cells as the guards rested. Noah and Chester were determined to stop all of this nonsense happening in the land of Utopia. So Noah and Chester decided they were going to steal weapons and hire thugs for protection. As they did so, they decided to go publicly and speak to the majority of their people. "Utopians and Mustorians, may I have your attention please." said Noah. Chester then said "Over here is your average Utopian, I was once like you, so judgmental of his kind, used to think they were barbaric and horrid, but then I met Noah, and I grew to like him, and your hatred disgusts me."  Noah then continued saying "Mustorians are a people of a poor past, they have not been liked for generations, we should try and maybe get along with each other instead of believing the retarded blasphemy spoken from the words of a Parotens. "Don't you see the Parotens want us to hate each other, we're like brothers and sister to one another." said Chester, Noah then said "Because if they realize we are combined together, the strength of the Utopians, and the wealth and clever intellect of the Mustorians we could bring them down." Chester then said "Mustorians should not be the enemy of the Utopians, Parotens, Scarotons, Lithir, and the Rutords should be our enemy! " Noah then continued saying "For we combined can rule the world and we can be the strongest people on this planet with wealth, power, and the ability to not live in the corrupted society we live in." For a brief moment there was a blank moment of silence, but then one man had the confidence to start clapping for the intelligent words being said, then followed two claps, then three, then four. A couple of people started clapping, then the entire village started clapping. 


Then the old leaders of the Mustorians were impeached, new treaties were signed. They renamed Utopia to Mustoriapia, A name that fused with Mustorians and Utopians. Mustorians and Utopians had started fixing Mustoriapia, they felt happy together. Mustorian and Utopian women and men were allowed to marry and breed and have children. 


Not knowing of this, meanwhile the Parotens and Scarotons laughed in their meeting with the rest of the tribes when they realized how much fun they were having in mockery of the mustorians and utopians laughing at how the utopians and the mustorians argued over false lies being said. They didn't expect what was happening, until a few months later they decided to send spies to check over what they thought was war. The Spy who went in the country was shocked and his jaw dropped as he saw what peace there was between the two countries, even more they had joined together. The Spy ran back to report to the people, but as soon as a mustorian overheard the spy talk to the other countries, he yelled "spy, spy, there's a scaroton spy!" Then quickly the tribe captured him before he could escape. 


They interrogated the Scaroton spy until they got details of him, then as soon as they were done with him, Chester and Noah said to each other "it's time." They told the spy to tell them they were coming. The spy scared of what he had heard he ran back to Scaroton to tell them of the news. The leaders laughed at how pathetic they thought the new country was, and told a messenger to give them the message "Come to us, you pathetic fools." The entire tribe finally knew they were being played, even the very few who didn't agree with Mustoriapia now believed the truth said by Chester and Noah. Chester and Noah built up the economy, set the armies ready, trained them and got them ready. Noah prepared Utopian soldiers and the cavalry, while Chester got the bows and arrows and the catapults and the bombs ready. They told their army of 1,000,000 soldiers and their weaponry of 500,000 catapults, bowmen, and bombs to go and make war.


 No doubt the war was an easy one as the Evil Scarotons have trembled, the entire world was conquered, one by one going to each country destroying the army but not the innocent people of each country, they now owned the world. Chester and Noah went from two ordinary poor villagers to owners of the entire world, they had great money, wives, children, health, and power. They were noted heroes for making the Mustoropian people what they were into to, to the entire world. The people of Mustoriapia would educated the other races, the societies were improved, conditions of people were improved. Chester and Noah had made everyone as religious as they were, and they made the world a much better place for all people and races. 


All because Chester and Noah didn't believe the lies set by the other races, and believed and determined to make a better place for their people, Chester and Noah had done what the modern society can not do, set their pride aside, join together and get rid of all evil and bring peace to the world.

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