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About a lady and her life

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



A skinny blue haired blue eyes woman lays beside a tree you can tell shes tired her face shines off she looks 19 and looks as if she is around 110 lbs. She moves a little in her sleep she looks like shes innocent and you think you might can take her. So you move close to her ready to attack her you look around to make sure no ones watching when you turn back around shes gone a knife slides across your throat and you hear a angel's voice in you ear she talks to you and takes the knife back she moves in front of you and looks at you.She places the knife back in her holster and turns to walk away and as a fool you ask a question one many choose not to know.
You: "Who are you?"
You:" I wish to know your name.
Me:"My name is Angela.
You wonder what is her story why is she out here alone you see a wedding ring on her necklace and you think her loved one most of died she turns to walk away. You can tell theirs something about her that you want to know to know you cant help it your curiosity is killing you.
You:"So tell me whats your story?"
She stops and turns to you and walks to you. "I doubt you want to know my story.Why dont you just get out of here." The stranger still stays and looks at her and waits. "Your stubborn but ok you want to know you have your wish. My story is filled with death,blood shed,lost of love,death of children. My story is one noone wants to hear about. One most want to cover up and leave in the darkness one most wished they could act like never happen. Leave now I warn you while you still have a chance." She waits for the stranger to leave the stranger still sits there. "Ok but be warned once I start theres no leaving......."

The sky around them starts to get dark then its starts to thunder the wind picks up and then it encircles around you both you feel as if the scenery changes you see stuff you have never seen then you pass out and the story begins. You see seven kids in a home playing you see they are getting restless you wonder where the parents are you look around and then a knock is heard at the door for what you cant tell the oldest a purple blue eyed girl opens the door she looks around 12 or 13 they call her outside. She goes outside then you hear crying you go and check it out you hear them talking.
Police:"Were sorry but we think we found your parents body."
The scenery changes your at the scene were the bodies are at you see what you think are two people their skin have been ripped off of their body their skull busted in,blood everywhere and then you see bite marks on the stomach.You see their guts pulled out of their body thrown on houses blood dripping down you also see their heart gone. You see so much more that you throw up. But you weren't the only one most of the police had to leave cause they were sick also. You go back to the house you see the girl putting on a fake smile for a couple of years. One or two years past the kids smile they are still in school but the oldest had to leave school to support them all. You hear another knock at the door she opens it. At the door is the owner of the house they bought Mr.Sheepskin.He takes her outside she hands him the money for rent he shakes his head.
Mr.Sheepskin:"I dont want your money.I have to kick you all out."
Me:Why I have payed you your money every time."
He shakes his head and give them 2 weeks to be out of the house. They sell everything and leave the house she bought tents for them to live in they lived close to in the forest where she knew noone ever visited. But 2 weeks before her 15 birthday the same wolfs that killed her parents came back and vampires came with them,they killed all her siblings in front of her eyes they made her watch as they ripped their libs off,and made them scream in pain as they tortured them. The vampire of the group hung her in the tree with her baby sister. She died that day and was reborn her sister still lived. She found out Mr.Sheepskin was in on it.After her death she left her baby sister Anahi with the people who helped her sister so they can protect her she trained till she was 18. Then she entered this place she went by UltraViolet. She fell in love with the first man she saw. But his name will not be spoken.They were going to get married.But it ended badly a friend of hers caused it that way and also another friend a lady caused her death. She died a while later. She came back and here she is going by her birth name Angela Aileen. She lives for today never for tomorrow she lost her husband and now is still carrying his children shes alone death is her only soul mate and love.

The wind stop and you awake alone

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