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Her story

Submitted: February 01, 2008

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Submitted: February 01, 2008





Well she was an orphan. She had been one for a few years now. It hurts to travel the world alone. But she has no one else cause of them. Well she had a perfect most beautiful life till she was 10 that are when her parents started having trouble. Things changed for the worst for her year after year. She has 3 sister's and 2 brother's she’s the oldest o them all. Well everyone liked her cause of how she was but her life changed so she had to change. Her parents argued a lot lately they either were never there or argued all the time. Well one night her parents never came home they were killed and bodies were left on the road. She was 11 at that time so of course it was her responsibility to look after them now. This was hard for her she had to drop out of school and get a job. She did the best she could for them. At age 13 the owner of the house they stayed with put them out he knew they had nowhere to go but he still did. So they had to sell everything they owned just to have food. They only kept 3 tents they had from when their parents took them hiking and stuff that was in the good days. Well she kept them in school and fed when there were hungry. Until, one night 2 weeks before her 16th birthday as they were sleeping in the tents she heard a noise outside. Then she heard a scream she ran out of the tent to meet two eyes looking at her with a smile on there face. She kicked him in the face and tried to run to Masa. But something had her by the neck. She tried to run still to Masa but something hit her in the back. She couldn't move it was like she was paralyzed she couldn't talk only blink. She saw 4 out of the 9 grab 2 of her sisters and her 2 brothers. They let them scream for a while then one bit Masa neck and the other ones they changed into hairy beast called werewolves. They clawed them then stopped to listened to the kids cry and scream then they took them out of their misery. All she could do was let tears from her eyes as she had to watch her little sisters and brothers die in front of her. Then the one who killed Masa cam over to her he picked her up and put her on the tree stump. He told here his name was Arturio and everyone else name except the guy in the back who face she couldn't see. He told him about the gang and what each one of them was it was a mixed gang of werewolves and vampires. He was about to bite her till they heard a faint cry come from her tent. One of the werewolves went into her tent and grabbed the baby. She had forgot all about her she thought that all of them were dead. She started to cry he covered her mouth and told her not to cry. The werewolves brought the baby over to her. She kept crying he told them they weren't going to kill the baby then he whispered in here ear “but you will" she looked at him confused, then he made a weird evil face and bit her. Everything went black she saw a familiar face in the distant it was Mr. Sheepskin the owner of the house. She said his name. Arturio stopped and told her everything about how he helped and how her parents really died. And it was all thanks to Mr. Sheepskin help. She looked around everything looked like it was spinning then it stopped and she could see straight. Arturio called for a rope they tied a rope around her neck and threw it over a tree branch then tied a shorter one on her wrist and the baby’s neck. He gave her the baby and told her to hold on to her tight.  She saw the other vampire go on the other side where the rope was. He pulled on it she lifted up in the air she couldn't breathe anymore. She heard Arturio call up if you die she dies I told you, you would be the one killing her. They left she was trying her best to not drop the baby she found a way to untangle the rope around her arm but everything was going black again she tied the baby in a way that if she died the baby would still live. She woke up the baby was nowhere to be found she couldn't lift up. It was blood all over her she screamed. Someone ran to her. They told her they found her and the baby up there in the tree and didn't think that she would live through it. She found out that she carried the mark of the good powerful witches. So she trained for 17 months witch craft and went to look for the people who killed her family. She kissed the baby goodbye and promised she would be back for her. She finds out before she takes off that she is half vampire and a full born witch. OCTOBER 24:*looks around and walks down a dark path to a area in the woods*Now my story begins if you haven't heard my past it is too late now its time to tell you my future.well I was in engaged now I am no longer. My name Is UltraViolet. But i am know also as Little Minx. The man I was..Never mind thats not important. Well since that time my life has changed and you will find out how it will end. Day by day I will tell you things that happen and you will learn the way I lived and the way I die. I have no place in this world and I like it like that. Pay attention you wont want to miss anything. And this is how the story begins. I have almost died twice now. lol its funny I have tried to die three times but some things holding me connected to this world. I know what it is but still I want to leave. I have avenged my family's death but I want to leave but some things telling me my life is not over yet, that I still have something else on the world that I am suppose to do. What is it why cant I just go. My vampire side has taken over a few times before and I’m scared sometimes cause I can never remember what happen. I’m glad my witch side is stronger or I think that I wouldn't be able to control my thirst. I don’t drink blood for it gives my vampire side more strength and it weakens my witch side. OCTOBER 26: Today as I was walking by the park I met this guy, He’s amazing in so many ways but I cant picture him as anything other then a friend for my heart is still with someone else. I try to visit my family's grave every 2 months it’s hard to see there graves but I make it. I visit my baby sister every 5 months she getting older and beautiful everyday it’s amazing. I can’t wait to have kids. But if my life keeps processing like it is going then I might not see the next day. Since I have nothing to hold on to I have spiraled out of control yes I know that already. I know I’m supposed to be careful and use my brain but what for. *Looks around to see who all is around* My vampire sense are increasing along with my witch side its amazing and sometimes both sides are fighting each other to gain control its a lot of energy wasted. TODAY OCTOBER 27: I have finally decided to give up on love for it is a waste of time and energy I have went to see a witch that I meant a year ago she helped me with the spell now all it has to do is just work. OCT 31 HALLOWEEN!!!! Well to start off I heard a knock on my bedroom door in the coven. I answered it but nobody was there. But I did see a tower of 4 boxes. First one- a collection of old and rare books (magic based), second one- herbs of various kinds in vials for freshness, third one- a new outfit that says minx on it even on the designer belt, and last box- a 5 inch shard of onyx fitted into a necklace. They were beautiful gifts and I love every one of them and I know whom they came from. NOVEMBER 1: I met an awesome guy I think I like him but I will have to end it wit him for I have found something out. NOVEMBER 5: I’m back and more pissed as hell everything is going crazy I don’t know what is wrong with me. I went to see a new witch about everything that has happen she has helped me to maybe get rid of all my bad memories. Memories of: Agustus my ex and all the pain that was cause of him, and ... well thats just the important memory that need to go away. I take deep breath to keep from killing myself but someone always make it worst I feel a sharp pain going through my heart someone saying "DO IT JUST KILL YOURSELF" I try not to listen but its getting harder and harder not to. I sometimes wish the vampire killed me along with my family. I have dreams every now and again Im afraid to die but for some reason I want to. I think in hell would it be better there or here. I want to take my chances down there. I was reading and I broke out in tears and I stopped breathing. I was alive but couldn't I threw away some of my stuff cause of the memories they had but I still think about everything still. I try not to cry they say its a sign of weakness but cause of everything that has happen I kind of fell weak and useless I have tried killing but I have lost my touch. I was in suck a daze that I forgot and my vampire side took over I almost killed a little kid I could feel the pain they were going through but I couldn't kill them. NOVEMBER 5 11:48pm: I lay in my bed and try to think about everything that has happen I try to figure out if I could have avoided what has happen. I doubt I could we could have never been together. We we never in love we just thought we were. NOVEMBER 5 11:48pm: I lay in my bed and try to think about everything that has happen I try to figure out if I could have avoided what has happen. I doubt I could we could have never been together. We never in love we just thought we were. NOVEMBER 6: They wont let me out of my room until the doctor says that I’m ok. Well this is why one of the elder witches found me out in the woods. When I think about it felt like I wasn't in control of my actions at all like someone else was controlling me. Well anyways I had with me a bag containing a rope and a hunting knife. * Wipes eyes* Nothing is going right in my life I cant even kill myself now thats bad. Well my memory of that night is coming back to me more and more I now remember everything and how I did it. I tied a rope on my neck and to the tree and around the branch. I had my dad's watch on and I jumped on the highest branch that would hold. Its like I could see everything and the way it happen but I couldn't stop it. I stabbed myself in the chest I missed my heart stupid bad aim. I felt as if someone was watching me the knife dropped from my hands and I felt a presence behind me. I felt someone kiss my neck and then someone said "Jump and all your suffering will be ended and you will be at peace" He turned me around and I could see my reflection in his eyes my face was emotion less and my eyes were clear. His face gosh my mind is going blank his face appears to me as nothing I can’t remember. *Closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and rubs her throat* the doctor told me the bruise is disappearing faster then it should. Well I need to get some sleep or at least try to think about why all this happen I cant remember anything I found a vial on my dresser it say memory be gone maybe that has something to do with it. NOVEMBER 6 8:00pm:I have found out that I have lost all emotions I woke up after the elder witch put a spell on me to sleep and I wasn't sad or happy I just had a blank look on my face.

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