Life of A.A

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Submitted: February 01, 2008

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Submitted: February 01, 2008



I dont know how I came to this place that I have come to hate so much. But what am I to do its only one way out and its being killed by a vampire, werewolf, witch,demon,or slayer. But I will not give any of them that pleasure of getting rid of me. I am a difficult woman to be with and I seem to piss people off here its fun to me. You see I have a side to me that most people seem not to know about. To tell you the truth I am a nice girl. When I was little I smiled alot I danced and I had my life planned out and everything. But everything went for the worst at age 10 my parents fought alot age 13 they died and I had to raise all my sister's and brother's by myself. That was until I turned 15 when they were killed. *sighs* It sucks remembering the past but its the only way to get over it sometimes.Ohh sorry forgot.Well anyways a vampire names Arturio and his gang of bandits killed them and I found out he also had his minions kill my parents He bit my neck and hung me with my youngest baby sister.That was the first time I died but I was brought back. I have hunted him since I was 16. I am now 18. I found him a couple of weeks ago. Well..... I thought it was him really it was his twin brother I almost died but as you can see I am still alive. Sure you might not like that part but I really dont care. Two weeks ago Arturio found me he was pissed about me killing his brother. He somehow got me under some spell or something it was like I was there but I couldn't do anything but listen to him he made me hang myself in a tree. I died a second time but was saved by the elder witch who takes care of me. Well now we will let my future unfold right in front of your eyes but dont blink you might miss something.Hmmm well as the world proceeds to spin I still breath. I have started to search into things many things. I have learned many things and have gained new powers. I felt kinda funny one night dont remember when it was but I felt weird I everything went dark and all I thought about was killing someone I dont remember who it was. My teacher has taught me cult colors, satanic and occult symbols,and hymns.*everything goes dark* I feel the urge to kill like maybe thats why im here maybe to kill for the pleasure December the first I was bit I am now half demon,half witch,and half vamp not a good combination.

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