Love killer

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Submitted: February 01, 2008

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Submitted: February 01, 2008




I am the love killer, I am murdering the music we thought so special, that blazed between us, over and over. I am murdering me, where I kneeled at your kiss. I am pushing knives through the hands that created two into one. Our hands do not bleed at this, they lie still in their dishonor. I am taking the boats of our beds and swamping them, letting them cough on the sea and choke on it and go down into nothing. I am stuffing your mouth with your promises and watching you vomit them out upon my face. The Camp we directed? I have gassed the campers. Now I am alone with the dead, flying off bridges, hurling myself like a beer can into the wastebasket. I am flying like a single red rose, leaving a jet stream of solitude and yet I feel nothing, though I fly and hurl, my insides are empty and my face is as blank as a wall. Shall I call the funeral director? He could put our two bodies into one pink casket, those bodies from before, and someone might send flowers, and someone might come to mourn and it would be in the obits, and people would know that something died, is no more, speaks no more, won't even drive a car again and all of that. When a life is over, the one you were living for, where do you go? I'll work nights. I'll dance in the city. I'll wear red for a burning. I'll look at the Charles very carefully, wearing its long legs of neon. And the cars will go by. The cars will go by. And there'll be no scream from the lady in the red dress dancing on her own Ellis Island, who turns in circles, dancing alone as the cars go by.My life started off when I was in my mother's stomach. My mom and dad raned off from London and left their family's behind cause they fell in love with each other. My mom and dad moved to New York and started a life there me my sister's and my brother's went to boarding school's me and my sister's went to Emma Willard but I dont recall where my brother's went to. My life was perfect as perfect as it could get I was learning Shakespeare.I was dancing to everything I loved dancing it was my life. I was suppose to also star in a play I had to sing and dance I was so happy.I was engaged to be married when I came of age,and I was the smartest and also cutest of my school nothing could have messed it up. But I soon found out that was a lie everything changed when I was 12. Two weeks and a month before my birthday things went for the worse. We didnt have money problems we have family problems. My parents hid the truth from us when we asked they said it was nothing but when we went to sleep we could hear them arguing from in our rooms. Night after night more problems and more. I was still too young to understand any of it and I was really going to try to understand it. 2 weeks before my birthday my parents left to go somewhere they wouldn't tell me where. They didnt come home for a week they were pronounced missing. Then their bodies were found 2 days later you could barely tell it was them. Since I was the oldest I had to take care of my siblings and I succeeded in that till I was 15 we were attacked and they killed my siblings and me but I lived and so did Anahi and now death is not a option.My name is Angela Aileen. Im the oldest out of her family that I faintly remember. Im outgoing, friendly,caring,respectful,dangerous,flirty ,shy at first,loves to read and write,sings and enjoys music,enjoys making friends,emotionally closed off,willful,contrary girl,prone to be argumental and stubborn.I was recently victim of a bounty from someone she knew. Most said she was a demon child behind all the beauty plotting and waiting for it to come out. I think they were right. I am part demon,witch,and vampire. I was bit by and old love he was a vampire and demon.  Well anyway I really never wear a dress mostly it will be black. My emotions are sealed shut I cant cry. I feel nothing now I may give a fake smile all the times just to make people happy.She has a stunning fit body that makes a man go crazy her eyes can entrance you when you look at them, her hair is long it stops below her butt and its soft shine reflects off the sun.


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