Trouble or not?

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About a girl and her changing of her boyfriend for the good.

Submitted: February 01, 2008

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Submitted: February 01, 2008



Well my story takes place on June the 16th. I lived in Tyler Texas at this time. I was at this hangout place with my boyfriend and his friends. The place was called Blackout its were most kids our age hung out at. It’s located on the loop. It’s a big green and silver place and a Big sign in front of it that says “BLACKOUT” you can’t miss it.

Well we weren’t at the place for more then an hour when James and his gang of misfits arrived. My boyfriend and his friends hate them. Well I tried to convince my boyfriend Alex to leave cause I knew that both of them there would lead to trouble. It did in so many ways; James came up to Alex and got in his face. James said “ So I see the wuss posse is still here, so why don’t you all just get out of here this is my streets.” Alex looked at him and said “So you think these streets belong to you do you? Many get out of here with that stuff.” I stepped in between them and tried to get Alex to calm down. I said things like“Alex please ignore him”, and also “lets go he’s not that important to be stressing over he just acting like a child.” He didn’t listen to me he shook his head at me. Then James put his hands around my waist I jumped. I wish he didn’t do that I felt that something bad was going to happen. Alex got mad he moved me out of the way and pushed the guy and you could see in his face that he had it up with James. Alex said “So you must think I’m playing with you, you little punk what is your malfunction? Do you really want me to beat you up man don’t you ever ouch my girl again or I will kick your….” The guy interrupted him and said “ Yeah I think you are playing with me dude. You’re not going to do nothing at all. You just a little punk man and if I want to I will take your girl and make her my play toy.” That’s when Alex had got real mad he had his fist bawled and punched the James in the jaw. James almost fell over completely he barely caught his self with his right hand he had it on the ground trying to keep his balance. Alex friends came over and pulled him away I just stood there not knowing what to do, about what had just token place. I got the feeling that it all wasn’t over just yet. James friends came over and tried to help him up he pushed them off of him and kept saying over and over “ leave me alone, get away from me” I heard Alex scream my name so I went to find him. We could hear the cops coming. We heard the sirens and tires screeching then we could see their lights flickering. Everyone jumped in their cars and sped off. After we had lost the cops, Alex didn’t say anything the whole ride to my house. I got out of the car feeling bad and sad I went inside of my house then I went to bed.

It’s been about four weeks since I last spoke to him. Today is July the 16th Monday, well I went to school like I always do on Monday’s. I saw him in the hallway so I stopped him. I told him that if he didn’t want to be with me then he doesn’t have to. We talked for a while arguing back and forth then I told him to go to RG with me. I told him about my experience in RG and about how it changed my life for the good. I told him that RG meant Revival Generation it’s was a youth group for 8th- 12th graders. He kept telling me he wasn’t going but he did. He went with me on Friday he didn’t like the idea of spending his Friday at a church youth group. He told me it was boring but at the end he didn’t say anything negative about it, He wasn’t sitting down with his legs apart like when it started. He was sitting and listening to everything and he didn’t say a word I felt so happy cause I know Christ must have spoken to him. He has been going to RG with me for 4 months now I have been going for almost 2 years. He really has changed a lot in these 4 months he’s staying out of trouble he also has accepted God and let people know that he goes to Church. Things have changed in a good way for him. But today James was still mad about what had happen on June the 16th. He cam up to Alex and begin arguing with him he called him lots of names like punk, wuss, sissy and lots more. James challenged him to a fight. He wouldn’t give up he kept provoking Alex he finally gave in and agreed to fight him.Alex and me talked a day before the fight I talked to him about the fight he wouldn’t listen to me. We went to RG and they talked him out of it. He went to the fight the next night her told James he wouldn’t fight him. Then he walked away.

I felt so happy that he had changed and I could be the one who was there to help him when he needed it. Seeing him staying out of trouble made me smile I was able to be with him. He even said he happy about what happen cause if I wasn’t there to change his life he might not have been here today.

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