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The more advanced they get,the more problem they inflict.

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



The phenomenon of developing countries has now turned to a pandemic among other nations.But is their development helping the world? how is their aspect of sexuality affecting the world?their laws and decrees,their scientific knowledge.All of these would be highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Sexuality in developing countries is now immorality.Teenagers,youths and adults are now exposed to a wide range of sexual activities.For instance,one of the world's most powerful country is the real breeding ground of depravity.This is qualified by sexual acts like:''Swingers Clubs'',where many people have sex together and swapping partners frequently.''Facial sex'',where a male partner ejaculates on the females face.''snowdropping'',where a partner-male,ejaculates into the females mouth and being dripped to another person's again.''Gangbang'',where three or four people perform sex on one person...and countless others.All these are breeding depraved young ones and this is spreading through out the world.

Another factor is the laws and decrees.Their laws and decrees are one the major problem the world is facing.Through their strong battle forces,their influence in the UNO,they dominate and inflict their edicts on lesser countries.Apart from domination,they inflict their ways of life on them:both psychologically,culturally,socially and other ways.Some developing countries allow Bestiality,sex with animals,child pornography,incest,public nudity etc.And all these are slipping their way into the other countries.

Another concern is their daily growing scientific knowledge.This is the real villian.Their vast knowledge in the area of science has given birth to things like:sophisticated weapons with unpredictably destructive capabilities,media tecs like hign range internet which is fueling the power of sexual depravity as cybersex,sexting,phonesex,virtualsex etc.And countless other tecs that contribute to their insatiable greed.

For all said and done,I think there should be more done than said.Sexual immoralities,depraved laws and crazy tecs are all the products of developing countries.The world is now based on this saying:the more advanced they get,the more trouble they inflict.

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