When Walls a Brewing

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Jessica just wanted to take a shower. Really is ashame isn't it.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Jessica was tired after a long day of work and was stripping for a shower. She turned the nossle and the shower head vibrated and produced water pure like fresh rain. She stepped in and let it embrace her. She was washing her hair when she heard some thing break. She opened her eyes to see a tile broken in the bottom of the tube. She looked to were it once was to find hundreds of ants crawling along the tiny square. More and more tiles fell revealing thousands apon thousands of ants. The ants then charged at the startled woman. They charged through the water with few causalitys. The ants then proceeded to climbing her body eating her all the way. Her body was covered in a blanket of ants that were eating her like acid. Then when they finished their meal they headed down the drain in search of their next meal. As for Jessica she loss the weight she always wanted to.

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