Flying Higher than The Sky (Edited)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction
In the future, NASA becomes an enemy of earth. War rages between to worlds. Tori is in her senior year of high school when her world is sent into the air-- literally. With one simple meeting, her future of professional Sky Boarding was tossed away. She is tossed into a war she never wanted to be a part of. The loss of friends, the fear of love, and the fear of never saying earth rested on her hands. Will you join Tori on her adventure?

Note from the Author: This is a newly edited version of my novel. If you pay attention to my page you will realize that there is another book with the same title and 'draft.' Please feel free to read the previous version, but this newly edited novel will be more (but not completely) grammatically correct, less plot holes, and more interesting with character development. I really hope that you take the time to read this novel. It isn't just meant for science fiction lovers, but has something for everyone's tastes.

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Submitted: February 04, 2016

Prologue The Future     The lights in a seventh grade classroom auditorium dimmed. In... Read Chapter

Let it Rock

Submitted: February 06, 2016

Chapter 1 Let it Rock   The wind was blowing at a steady pace.  It was a day where you could go... Read Chapter