Journey (A collection in One)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Travel  |  House: Booksie Classic
I had to make a poem based off the movie One Week. It was a simple poem at first, then I added the fancy and decided there was going to be mini poems in one!

Submitted: January 03, 2011

A A A | A A A

Submitted: January 03, 2011









A journey always has a beginning


And an end

But it is not the start or finish line that matters  

It’s the events that happen along the way that actually matter












The sounds of the big city Toronto only satisfies for so long

It’s when the lights are TOOBRIGHT at night as you sleep

The hockey games that don’t seem to matter anymore

And the tower where you could seeitALL

It’s then you notice that life doesn’tseemthat fulfilling

And no matter how many people there are to fillthat emptyspace

There’s ALWAYS something missing

You can never see the stars,

And even the brightestmoon is drowned out by the blinding streetlights

But now you LEAVE the city

And follow>the journey and experience just what this earth gives




Now; asthesunsets,

You witness that not even the purest piece of GOLD can compare with how golden the sky was

The sweetest cotton candy couldn’t even compare to how fluffy the clouds were

The hills were taller than the biggest trees

And hold more information than the biggest paperclip

The roads are like dancing skaters; winding and twirling

As you are masked in itsbeauty

The number of hills and trees decrease.











You travel and you travel but the scene repeats



And over

You’re in Saskatchewan; it’s a prairie as wide and like a sea

The roads are terrible; you can feel it, the bumps and the gravel that threatens your life

The consistency of the prairies startstogetold. 

It’s all the same

Wheat, roads, and a side of wheat...maybe a combine or two

This has not much interest,so you continue on west






Oh look,

You notice a tepee as you pass through the Hat

The Canyons of Heller

You can see the mountains around Calgary

From afar they seem like greyclouds that go up and down

And they only move because you travel closer to them

As you pass through Alberta, you enter the British in the Canada






Then you know you saved the best for last

The sky is high, too highto touch

And the water in the distance that eats the clouds

You  <choose> your path for life

Following the path of hope, or through the tunnel of Hell

And when you make your decision, your journey starts to end











For your last biggest excitement you swim out far

That not even the plague could stop you

The water isn’t cold; it’s just right

Everything is long gone and you can see nothing but the clouds above you

Why was it you left in the first place?

Oh, that’s right












You think:

What would you do if you had only had the eternity to live?

But it only lasted a year

A month

One week?

You answer yourself by thinking you would strive to meet the start

Until you met the middle

And then finally

Greet  the end









Now that you have read through this once.  read from the top yet again and read the bold and fancy writing for a collection of mini poems in the stanzas

© Copyright 2020 uluvme2dou. All rights reserved.

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