Midnight's Dawn

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Midnight's Dawn is my first play written. It's about 5 young girls the mains travel or get brought into a mansion filled with vampires.

Submitted: October 19, 2008

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Submitted: October 19, 2008



By: Amanda
Alexandru- Alexandru is a 1000 year old vampire who looks of the age eighteen. He has an attitude of anger that he usually expresses on Stellion, a younger vampire in the house.
Anthony- Anthony is 1200 years old who looks twenty one.He is the natural owner of the house and tries to keep order in the house.
Marcel- Marcel tries to keep the peace in the house.He tries not needing to have the need for the blood of humans.But he is kept under eye watch from Anthony after having upset him.If he doesn’t prove he can kill a human this time, he will be driven out of the house.He is 900 years old and looks seventeen.
Adam- Adam is a calm vampire, yet has the need and thirst for blood.If he doesn’t have a human to feed on, he relies on blood pills and animals such as pigs, birds, and cats. He is 950 years old. He looks the age of nineteen.
Surge- Surge is 1100 years old.He is the servant of the house.Anthony usually calls or yells for him when he wants something done that isn’t.
Stellion-Stellion is one of the youngest in the house.He is only 500 years old which is age 11 in vampire years.Stellion is in Alexandru’s care.Stellion usually complains when something doesn’t go his way, or he needs blood.
Charity- Charity is a shy and calm girl.She would rather stop fights then start them.She is 16 years old.She can easily be frightened.
Julia- Julia is a Goth that would rather not be pestered with.She can easily be angered by anyone just by forgetting something she said. She usually likes to do what she wants and what she wants only.She never likes to be corrected.She is 16 years old.
Miranda-Miranda is a bit of a wide mouth when it comes to talking to people.But one little thing can either set her off or break her down.When she has just been proven wrong she can get mad or knows what needs to be done next afterwards.She is 17 years old.
Kelly- Kelly tries to keep the peace down between the three of them (Miranda, Kelly, Charity) She along with Charity does not like to fight, but when something deeply upsets her.She can get mad and have a temper tantrum.She is 16.
Karin- Karin tries to keep Julia’s manners in line.She also tries to stop her from starting fights or crushing little kids dreams.Karin dresses like a Goth, but never acts like one.She is 16 years old.
Sandy-Sandy is a person who is gullible.She is usually suckered into whatever Kacy says. She is 15 years old.
Maria- Maria tries to help everybody she can.She usually has to persuade Kacy to do things.Sandy is easy to convince.She is 15 years old.
Kacy- Kacy is the leader of the gang of four.She tries, or does the hardest to get what she wants.She along with the three others was trapped in the mansion for 3 months.They are trying to leave the mansion.She is 16.
Kate-Kate is the same as Maria.She tries to help in anyway she can so she can become a hero.She and Maria try to overcome Kacy’s thoughts so they will do what they want.She is 15.
Cop 1-Is a cop obviously.He or she is twenty one years old.The name is either: Drake or Sara.Depending on the gender that gets the part.
Cop 2-Is a cop.He or she is 22 years old.The name is either: David or Saity.
Living Room
June 30th
Weather- Stormy/Rainy
There is no phone service Setting of the dungeon and the living room are in the pictures, in the living room.Potted plants or other things can randomly be put anywhere to decorate the place.It is an thousand year old mansion.
It is outside in the rainy weather.A car that has broken down three girls are arguing or wondering what they should do.
Miranda-(Angrily) what’s going on?! Why won’t the car go anywhere?!
Kelly-Calm down, I’ll step out and see what’s wrong.It’s probably nothing to worry about. (Steps out into the hallway)
Charity-I’m pretty sure it’s just a flat, don’t get so worked up about it.Look, there is even a mansion we could even stay at if we can’t get out of here.I’m sure they would let us stay a night or till someone can get us. (Kelly comes back in soaked)
Kelly-(sighs) the battery’s dead.I don’t know why, but it’s dead.Anyone have their phones? Mine is dead. (Charity and Miranda try to turn on their phones)
Miranda-just perfect, mine won’t turn on!
Charity- Really? Mine won’t either!
Miranda- Just great.It’s useless, were going to die out here now.
Kelly-Oh hush now.I’m pretty sure that nice big mansion will allow us to stay the night, or phone someone to come pick us up.I’m pretty sure they’ll help us.
Miranda-But it’s wet out!
Charity-Oh come on.Would you rather stay out here in the cold, wet, and rainy weather? (Miranda shakes head)
Kelly-Then come on.I don’t want to stay out here any longer.
(The three girls grab their luggage and go through the hallway around to stage left)
Stellion- (complaining) Alex!!! I’m hungry!!!
Alexandru-Quiet you little brat!AND I SAID DON’T CALL ME ALEX!Treat your elders with respect.
Stellion-But I’m hungry!
Anthony-Now, now Stellion, don’t fret.Our food is on its way… in fact, maybe sooner then you think. (Knock at stage left)
Alexandru- What did you lour them with this time
Anthony-Oh the usual: Dead battery on car, cells don’t work.The simple stuff like that.
Stellion-Aw, why couldn’t you send the wolves out for them?
Alexandru-Because the last time we used the wolves, they ate the humans and we didn’t get anything the last time!
Anthony-(yells) Surge! (pause) SURGE!! (Surge comes running in)
Surge- Sorry Sir, I was still cleaning up from the last food we had.
Anthony-Yes, yes.Now, we have a few lovely treats waiting for us at the door.Please let them in and then prepare rooms for them.We want their last…hours to be suitable for them.
Surge-Yes Sir! (Leaves stage left and returns with the three girls, Miranda, Charity, and Kelly.The girls are carrying their luggage)
Miranda-Could you be a little quicker?It’s cold outside, don’t you know?
Kelly-There, there, these men are probably really busy, be glad were even in here… anyways, thank you for rescuing us from that awful weather.If this place wasn’t here, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t even survive.
Anthony-Not at all, we rarely have visitors, it will be our pleasure.Our servant Surge will prepare a room for you three.SURGE, please prepare a room for these kind treats…I mean ladies. (Surge leaves stage middle)
Charity-Oh no, that’s fine.We just wanted to use your phone so we can call someone to pick us up.
Stellion-(confused) Phone? What’s a phone? Alex, what’s a phone? (Alexandru covers Stellion’s mouth with his hand whispering something into his ear like “keep quiet”)
Anthony-I’m terribly sorry, our lines are down.You’ll have to wait till the storms over.In the mean time, how about you go get changed or something.I’m pretty sure you feel gross and disgusting from being out in the rain.When Surge gets back, I’ll have him take you to your rooms.
Miranda-(Bitterly) I guess there is no other choice. (Sits down by fire)
Charity-Oh, we haven’t introduced our selves yet.I’m Charity
Kelly-You can call me Kelly
Miranda-(dully) and I’m Miranda
Anthony-It’s a pleasure to meet you all.I’m Anthony, this is Stellion and Alexandru.There are a couple others around the house to that you’ll meet as well. (Surge walks in)
Surge-Your rooms are ready, please follow me. (Surge bows to the girls)
Anthony- Very good, follow with Surge and he will show you to your rooms for the night.
Girls-Thank you (Miranda will have a bit more attitude or is dull and boring.They leave stage middle)
Stellion-Get off me! (Alexandru lets go of Stellion) Oh why couldn’t we eat them now, I never even got to ask them their blood type.
Stellion-But the smell of their blood is driving me crazy.Can we hurry and drink their blood?
Anthony-Just wait a little longer.We will have our treat soon… and maybe even a few more (Anthony laughs evilly)
(Loud knocking on the door)
Surge-I’m coming, I’m coming, hold your horses, I’m coming. (Surge brings Julia and Karin in.Both of them have luggage.)
Anthony- (Anthony walks in stage right) Surge? Have our treats arrived yet? (notices girls) I mean, do we have some new visitors?
Surge-Yes sir, the food... Err I mean we do have some new visitors.
Anthony- WELL? Don’t keep them waiting, get them a room. (Surge leaves stage middle) Welcome to our lovely mansion.I’m Anthony, and who might you be?
Julia-(Sits down by the fire.She puts her feet up on the coffee table) My name’s Julia.Don’t forget it.
Karin-(walks over and pushes Julia’s feet off the table.Julia puts them back up but Karin pushes them off again.They do this a coupe times till Karin gives up.Karin then sighs) my name is Karin; it’s a pleasure to meet you.
Alexandru-(Alexandru walks in stage middle) Anthony, when can we eat the….oh….hi….I’ll uh…be …going now… to my room.
Anthony-Well, how about you show these kind ladies around then?
Julia- (Gets up) we can show our selves around.You can tell your servant that he can drop off food at our doors.
Anthony-Oh, I’m terribly sorry, but all our food is gone.I’m afraid the rats got to it, terrible thing really. (Julia sighs)
Surge-(Walks in) your rooms are ready. (Bows)
Anthony-Well please except these rooms to freshen up.You can explore as much as you want.
Julia-Don’t worry, we will. (Surge and girls leave stage right.Alexandru is also coming off at that time and Julia pushes him out of the way.) You’re in the way, watch where you’re going. (Julia leaves)
Alexandru-Who is she? And why does she have to be so rude?She almost acts like a vampire her self.
Anthony-In ways she does…but you know what they say, the darker the person the tastier their blood. (Licks lips)
Alexandru-So when do we eat?
Anthony-When the time comes, for now, will let them get comfortable.
Alexandru-Do you think they will find out our secret like the last bunch did?
Anthony-If that happens, then wee get our snacks earlier, but remember: Blood tastes better when the human is in pain or fear.
Alexandru-I know, I know.You’ve been telling me that for the last 1000 years… literally!
Anthony-And have you ever thought about it? (Silence)
Alexandru- Oh fine, whatever.(He leaves by stomping off stage in an angry manor, as he leaves he bumps into Julia again.
Julia- Seriously, pay attention to where you’re going.
Alexandru- Sorry. (Tries to bite her but is unsuccessful, Alexandru then leaves)
Anthony-Young…sorry, what’s your name again?
Julia-How old are you anyways?You are obviously pretty old to be able to forget already.
Anthony-you would never guess (laughs)
Julia- Whatev. My name’s Julia, make a mental note of that this time.(Goes to the book shelf on the left and takes out a book.Anthony walks over to Julia and snatches the book out of her hands and sets it back in the shelf)
Anthony-I’m sorry, this self is off limits…just some journals.
Julia-I see, if you’re that worried about them.Don’t keep them in such an open place.In other words, hide them somewhere better. (Walks over to the book shelf on the right) Is this shelf full of secrets to?
Anthony-sorry, it is.
Julia-You know… this house is very old…Are you as old as this house?
Anthony-I’ll try to take that as a compliment. (Pause) well not entirely, see, my grandfather owned it.After he passed away, he handed it down to me
Julia-I didn’t ask for an explanation.It seems that this mansion has been around for…1000 years at the most.
Anthony-and…uh…what gave you that assumption?
Julia-I studied these kinds of things in school.
Anthony-Oh, I see.Well you know, curiosity killed the human.(Julia turns around to face Anthony)
Julia-you do mean cat right?
Anthony-Oh right of coarse… (Pause for thinking) Well, I think I’m going to go to my study for a bit.Feel free to travel around the place.
Julia-Oh you don’t have to worry about that. (Anthony leaves stage right.After he leaves, Julia looks at all exits to see if anyone is there.She then goes back to the bookshelf on the left and takes out a book.Karin walks in stage middle)
Karin-Julia!What are you doing? (Julia puts the book back quickly and turns around)
Julia- Absolutely nothing.(Charity, Miranda, and Kelly are talking from off stage as the walk on stage middle.Everyone looks at each other.)
Julia-Ah, so there are more people in this marvelous place.
Miranda- Marvelous? Where did you live, the middle Ages?
Julia-I can only wish.
Karin-Oh Julia, don’t start a fight now.Anyways, do you live here?Or were you caught in the storm as well.
Kelly-We were.Are battery ran dead
Karin-Oh that’s too bad.Our tires were slashed…of all things.We were fortunate enough to find this place.
Charity-It was the same for us.
Kelly-It’s to bad the lines were down… this place is a little creepy.I would rather sleep in my own bed…or at least a hotel bed.Or cell phones won’t work either.
Julia-Oh what a pity! (Walks over to the fire and sits down again.She sticks her feet up on the coffee table again as well)
Karin-Julia! Be nice. (Julia roles her eyes and sighs)
Julia-Whatev, my name’s Julia if you haven’t noticed, and that’s Karin.
Miranda-What a pleasure (snotty like tone)
Kelly-Can you please not start a fight Miranda?
Miranda-I didn’t start it! She did! (Points finger at Julia)
Charity-And the world crumbles (sits down in a chair)
Julia-If I remember correctly
Miranda-Which you don’t
Julia-you started it
Miranda-did not
Julia-Did so (they continue on like this a couple times.Julia gets the last say.Marcel enters stage right)
Marcel-Is something wrong ladies? (Everyone turns to Marcel)
Julia-I don’t know, ask pig face.
Miranda-PIG FACE!!!Why I ought to—
Marcel-Now, now ladies, be calm about this.Were all one in this world?
Julia-Who said?
Julia-fine, fine
Karin-I’m sorry about that.Anyways, we never caught you names.
Miranda-I’m Miranda
Kelly-I’m Kelly, and that’s Charity
Julia- And what about you?Surely you have a name. (Points at Marcel, Marcel bows at them)
Marcel- Forgive me.I’m Marcel; it’s a pleasure to meet you all.
Kelly-what’s with all of you bowing?It’s unnatural.
Marcel- Really?Would it be more courteous to do this? (Curtseys)
Charity-I don’t think that’s what she meant.
Marcel- Really?What about this? (Marcel spins around once, curtseys once and then bows once.Karin and Julia laugh)
Kelly-No, no, definitely not… Just stick to bowing.
Marcel-Anyways, it’s a pleasure to meet you. (Stellion runs in stage middle)
Stellion-Marcel, hide me!
Marcel-Why whatever for?
Alexandru-(off stage) Stellion, Where are you.You’re going to have to take a bath at some point.
Marcel- Oh, not this again. (Stellion runs under a couch and hides under there.Alexandru walks in stage middle)
Alexandru-Marcel, have you seen Stellion run in here?
Marcel-Can’t say I have.(Stellion sneezes from underneath the couch)
Alexandru-Ha! You are in here!
Stellion-No I’m not. (Stellion gets out from underneath the couch and Alexandru chases him around the room.When Stellion runs by stage left Adam grabs his shirt.) Let me go
Adam-Have we not gone through this before?Were not letting you parade through here without bathing for a month again.We’re still disinfecting the bathroom.
Alexandru-I’ll take him from here. (Alexandru grabs Stellions ears) Come on, lets go now. (Starts to pull)
Adam-don’t loose him this time.
Alexandru-what’s that? (Accidentally let’s go of Stellion’s ear there is a pause as Stellions runs out stage middle.) Oops.
Adam-come on now, we have to go catch him… oh sorry, I forgot to introduce my self.I’m Adam. (Bows and follows Alexandru out stage middle)
Marcel- My, my, this again?
Charity-Not bathing for a month, I would die.Who does that?
Marcel-Is that such a bad thing? I bath every three months. (A long pause and everyone takes a step back) what? Was it something I said?
Julia-I think I’m going to go wander around for a bit
Karin-Me to
Marcel-Please, let me accompany you.
Karin-no, no, I think we’ll be fine. (Julia and Karin leave stage middle)
Marcel-Was it something I said?
Charity-I think I’m going to go to my room for a bit.
Kelly-I think I’ll do the same, I’m a bit tired.
Marcel-Please, let me escort you.
Charity and Kelly-No, it is fine, don’t worry about it. (One after the other, they then leave stage middle)
Miranda- do I really have a pig face?
Marcel-Of course not
Miranda- Thank goodness. (She starts to leave stage right)
Marcel-But you sure might taste like one. (Miranda peaks back in plugging her nose)
Miranda-Did you say something?
Marcel-Oh nothing, just talking to my self, don’t mind me.
In the living room
Anthony-That girl…what’s her face (pause) Julia, that’s it.I can tell she suspects something.That Goth like appearance makes her seem a bit dumb, but I mistook her, she’s smart.
Alexandru-Not to mention her big mouth, she knows how to hurt people.
Anthony-Yes, yes, I heard about that little fight she had with that Miranda girl. (Marcel walks in.He’s carrying a tray with a dish filled with red pills or blood pills.He hands two to each person in the room and one for himself)
Marcel-It was quite nasty; Miranda was called a pig face.
Adam-Now that you mention it, she reminded me of my pet pig, Porky.
Alexandru-What ever happened to that, fat, tasty, porky looking pig anyways?
Adam-I ate it of course.
Anthony-How many pets is that now you’ve ate?
Adam-Hmm, I don’t quite remember.There was so many you know. Let’s see.There was the eagle, the rabbit, and then there was the badger, the cat, deer, ad then there was a few others…oh wait.There was the parrot and then the pig.I’m looking for a Coyote now.
Anthony-Anyways, what are we to do with this…situation…and on that note: Marcel, I don’t want you to become close with any of the humans again.You almost cost us our lives because they got away.
Marcel-Sorry… here, have another blood pill (Hands two pills.Anthony takes them and pops them in his mouth)
Adam-What I wouldn’t do without these pills.The rich bloody goodness in one little candy sized treat, enough to keep you going
Alexandru-Aye!But human blood it self tastes much better.
Anthony-It always is (Marcel hands one more pill to everyone)
Everyone-Cheers (All eat or suck on candies)
Anthony-Now, who all do we want to eat?
Adam-I want Porky (all look at him) I mean Miranda.
Alexandru-I want to drink that damned loud mouth face, Julia’s blood.See how she thinks of us then.
Anthony-Here is aword of advice, Alexandru.That girl is spunky and stubborn.You may have some troubles with her.May I suggest the dungeon? You just might be able to lour her into a trap perhaps?
Alexandru-Oh I’ll show her the dungeon all right!
Anthony-Yes, yes very good.And you Marcel?
Marcel-Oh I don’t know. I barely even know any of them...well…Karin?
Anthony-By all means, go ahead.What about you Surge?
Surge-Hmm, let me see…. I think I’ll choose… Kelly.
Anthony-then that will leave me with… Charity is it?
Alexandru-What about Stellion?He’s going crazy.You can tell he wants some blood.I’m having trouble stopping him from asking their blood type, and eating them all at once.
Anthony-I suppose he does.(Karin walks in with a bath robe and a towel on her head.She has heard everything.She walks in stage middle)
Karin-I uh…um…uh thank you for the use of your shower
Anthony-Not at all…were you standing there this whole time?
Karin-No, no, no, no, no, no. (Lying) I just finished up with my shower and came so I could read a bit.(Karin looks at her hands notices she has no book)Except I seem to have forgotten my book back in my room. (Adam stands up)
Adam-Well, I’m going to go find porky
Karin-I think she’s in her room. (She clasps her hands over her mouth noticing what she had just said) I’m uh going to go get that book, ok? I … or… uh, go dry my hair… that’s it, dry my hair.(Karin starts to run off stage middle.In her attempts she trips over a chair gets up and runs out stage middle)
Alexandru-I think she heard everything
Anthony-She obviously gave it away with her stuttering and poor lying skills. Good work Adam.You pried it out of her like nothing at all.
Adam-What? Oh right…. But I really am going to go find Porky. Bye then. (Leaves stage left)
Marcel-I really don’t want to kill anyone. (Anthony try’s to answer him but Stellion comes in complaining)
Stellion-(complaining like way walking over to Alexandru) Alex, I want to eat.
Alexandru-Will you shut up already will eat when we eat.
Stellion-But I want to eat now.
Alexandru-If my mind tells me correctly… it’s your time to share the food with Stellion.
Alexandru- Oh common.Didn’t I do it last time?
Marcel-No, I shared with him last time.
Stellion-Yay! I get to eat who Alexandru’s eating.Who do I get to eat? Who do I get to eat? Huh? Huh? Huh? Alex? (Alexandru grabs Stellion’s ears and pulls them)
Alexandru-What have I told you before?DON’T CALL ME ALEX!!! (Alexandru and Stellion begin to fight on the floor a bit.)
Anthony-(Annoyed) alright, alright, enough already. Can’t you two get along for once?
Alexandru and Stellion-No!
Anthony-Oh did I hear something?I thought I heard Alexandru say he’ll share his food for the next three months.
Alexandru-What? No I didn’t…….ah I mean I said:Me and Stellion will go now, hunt down that Julia girl.Kill her you know…
Anthony-Good idea. (Alexandru gets up and drags Stellion by the foot off stage right)
Surge-(Stands up.) I think I’m going to go prepare a pot to make hot blood…. You know… good for the digestive system.(Surge exits stage middle)
Anthony-Now that were all alone, Marcel.May I say something to you?
Marcel-Go ahead
Anthony-Alright, if you say so.I’ll get right to the point then, Marcel to put it bluntly.If you were to let something slip again… well you know what will happen, don’t you?
Marcel-Yes… I know the price I would have to pay.
Anthony-But if you were to go according to the plan.I might just be able to let these past incidents… well… pass.
Marcel-I understand.
Anthony-Very good, now get on your knees
Marcel-Yes Sir. (Marcel gets in a proposing position but his head is down and one of his arms is resting on the knee standing up.)
Anthony-(Anthony bends down and picks up Marcel’s face) now look deeply into my eyes. (Pause) Listen to my every command.You will kill Karin and take her blood.You need to get rid of her.She’s the enemy.
Marcel-Yes master, I will do as you say master. (Trance like manor.Marcel then gets up and leaves stage middle.)
Anthony-Very good, very good, this shall go quite well.Hmm? My vampire senses are saying someone has escaped from the dungeon.I better go check it out. (Anthony leaves stage right laughing evilly)
Sandy-Did you hear that?
Maria-Yea sure did.
Kate-Well, what should we do then?
Kacy-Absolutely nothing, you heard what the one who just left said.They know we’ve escaped.Look were almost out of here (Points at stage left)
Maria-But we have to help them
Kacy-No we don’t.They’ll be perfectly fine
Sandy-No they won’t, there is no way they could.
Kacy-And why do we have to help them?
Maria-Because we could be hero's
Kacy-May I point out that we would be hero’s that would be dead!?
Sandy-I think I'm having seconded thoughts..... I don't want to die....Why do we have to do itwon’t we most likely end up dead?
Kacy-Face it, we can't do anything!Common, the door is right there! (points at the door again)
Kate-Well I don't know.there is so many things we could do.What if we have regrets.Maybe we could have saved them.
Kacy-They'll be fine.Do you get my point now?
Kate-Common, can’t we just at least save one of them?If we at least save one.I might be fine.
Kacy-NO, if you don’t leave, I will, by myself. (Starts to head towards the door)
Kate-Common, we can save them if it’s all of us.we can be heroes if we put our mind to it.
Maria-Common, won’t you.You’re the strongest one out of us.It will be great.We’ll all get out of here...alive.
Sandy-But what if we don’t get out.
Kacy-Then it’s not our problem.Will sacrifice them for us.
Sandy-But what did they do to deserve that?
Kacy-Nothing.they will go to heaven thinking ``Oh my, I sure feel good that we at least saved fourlittle angels from the destruction of the blood sucking thieves!"
Sandy-But what if we all don’t get out.
Kacy-We are getting out. (She starts to leave for the door again.Maria and Kate run past her in front of the door)
Maria-Please help us.you’re stronger then all of us.If you come we will surely get out of this house alive.All of us.
Kate-Please.We really need your help.
Kacy-Do you understand yet?We want to live.Alright, let me try to convince you.Maria, I’m pretty sure Jimmy wants to see you right now.We’ve been missing for so long.He may have moved on.For another girl.
Maria-Well when you put it that way, well then...
Kate-Don’t fall for it!
Kacy-And Kate, what about Tim.I heard at school there were a couple other girls wanting him when you two broke up.Maybe they think your dead.Maybe he is with another girl.You never know.
Kate-That’s not true!Tim has always loved me and will always love me.nothing will change that fact.He will not date another girl until he proves that I’m dead, which I won’t.
Kacy-If we leave.
Sandy-Come onI really want to leave.We haven’t bin fed well and I’m hungry, and I also want to see our parents.they probably really want to see us right now.We’ve been missing for so long.
Kacy-You tell them Sandy!
Sandy-Please just let us through.I’m pretty sure you can manage on your own.I mean.I really want to go home.Or we all want to go home.why can’t we forget that this whole thing ever happened.why don’t we just wait for the cops to get here?
Kate-But what if they don’t come?We would be the reasons they died.
Kacy-But there is still a chance they might live.
Maria-But it’s small. (Anthony enters stage right, Surge enters left, Adam enters middle)
Anthony-It’s small indeed.In fact very small that you’ll all get out alive.Especially when I know that four other treats know our secret.we can’t let you go parading through cities and towns telling people what were up to now can we?
Adam-sorry Anthony I let them get away.
Anthony-don’t worry about it, we’ll just have a snack I guess.
Surge-But couldn’t we lock them up again.You know, kill them there, make more delicious blood candies.
Girls-Blood candies?
Maria-That doesn’t sound so great
Kacy-You think?
Sandy-I wish we had left sooner. (Surge takes a rope and ties Sandy and Kate up)
Surge-I’ll keep these two.To make blood pudding for all of us.We’ll be feasting for days!
Anthony-Good idea. Adam and I will take these two treats and well you know what comes next.(All he girls scream)
Kate-No let go ofme, I don’t want to die.I have someone who loves me.I have to see him.
Surge-Oh, quit your whining.(Surge reaches down to finish tying up the rope.Both Sandy and Kate bite him on the hand.) OUCH! They bit me.
Anthony-Come on now pretties.It will all be over soon.you’ll get used to it....... eternal death that it.
Anthony-Who’s the better choice.Personally, none of them are like Porky, but still, I like her.but no, the other one looks good to.(thinks) Hmm, who to choose?
Kacy-Hey, look there’s a pig.... a flying pig. (points at the ceiling.Adamturns to look or is about to look while Kacy tries to escape.)
Anthony-ADAM!(Adam snaps back to attention and starts to chase Kacy through out the room.Kacy is running around trying to get away screaming.while Surge is preoccupied trying not to get bitten by Kate and Sandy, and Anthony is trying to catch Kacy,Maria hits Surge on the head he falls down. .with something nearby. (Anything) Maria starts to untie the two girls.Anthony notices and then runs after her.Maria screams and gets up at stage left.)
Anthony-Now, now, sorry we can’t let you get away from is now can we
Maria-I’m really sorry you guys.I didn’t mean for this to happen. (Maria leaves stage left.Surge finally realizes what happens.He gets up.)
Surge-Ouch, that hurt.
Anthony-Surge, get them... or her.there is one that escaped.Make sure you kill her to.
Surge-Uh right, yes master. (Runs out stage left.Kacy has been finally caught and is being dragged by the legs.)
Adam-Now, now,it won’t hurt a bit.You’ll fall asleep quite soon.It will all be over soon.
Kacy-No! let go of me.I want to live. Please can’t you let us go?We won’t tell anyone else you’re here.
Adam-Sorry, to risky.... for us that is.Our bodies are at stake you know.If we don’t have blood, well I don’t know how we would survive.
Kacy-Please.Maria is a fast runner you know.
Anthony-not for the wolves I bet.
Sandy-What wolves.
Anthony-Oh right, you don’t know.We have wolves to kill the escapers.hey know when any human leaves this house.She won’t survive for long if she manages to get past Surge. (Growling noise by stage left and a scream from Maria who comes running back in.)
Kate-Thanks for joining us Maria
Maria-Oh no problem.I’ll stay any day here, just not out there.
Kacy-what if we were to work for you. We could cook food for you.
Adam-We don’t eat food.we only eat blood candies and humans.It’s in our diet.Got a doctors note about it.got it about.... 500 years ago.
Sandy-how old are you anyways?
Anthony-you don’t need to know.Now come on ladies lets get you out of here. (Anthony drags the two off stage.Surge comes in stage let and grabs Maria. and covers her mouth.Adam continues to pull Kacy.They all leave stage right.)
The curtains open with Karin in the living room pacing around.Julia walks in.
Karin-What do I do?what do I do?
Julia-Karin?What’s wrong?you seem a bit stressed.
Karin-what do I do?what do I do?
Julia-Karin, I’m talking to you.(Karin just notices)
Karin-Oh Sorry Julia, I was just thinking.
Julia-What do you mean by: What do I do?
Karin-I don’t know..... I think we should just leave this place.... even though we would just be in the rain.A lot...
Julia-and what’s so bad about being here?
Karin-there going to kill us!
Karin-The vampires.All the men in the house are vampires.
Julia-Oh that.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that.the pa

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