I am fine..I am happy

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You when you are happy

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013




Thoughts of you once made me smile, 

Now those bring me down with  pain, 

You have took away a part of me, And now I'm not the same.


But you'll never know my sorrow, 

Because to you I will always say I am fine.


I still wait for your call, knowing that you won’t talk what I want to hear.

I still have a million things to ask, knowing your answer for those

I still wait for the day when my love would win over him , still knowing its far ahead even of your dreams.


I believe when love dies, It ceases to exist.

And the flame that used to be, ceases to persist

the flames that burn me to ashes.

One day i wish you would

Tell me you love me in my way... :-)
Hold me tight 
Whisper my name 
Break my heart 
Tear me apart


That day… I will say … I am happy…

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