What is Love?

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Just a thought in a sleepless night.

What is love?

Is it the butterflies you have in your stomach when you see someone you find attractive and different or the ease you feel in your chest to look at someone you’d bet your life on? Is it the amazing feeling you have when you make that one particular person smile or is it the smile that comes to your face when that one person is standing right in front of you? Is it the fight one takes with the other because they see the person they care about is going to hurt them self or is it the holding of both hand tightly in theirs and saying “I know you can do it”?

Is it the weight you feel on your chest when you long for for that one person you want to be with but aren’t or is the tranquility you feel at the touch of a particular skin that makes you feel like everything’s going to be alright. Is it the morning walks you take together in cool breeze or the hope that she would ask you to stay the night because you don’t want to hug a pillow to sleep again? Is it the arguments you have when you’re together or the prayers you make for the other when you’re apart?

What is love?

Submitted: October 04, 2016

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