The Black House and the Green Garden

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This is a very short ethereal children's story which I wrote for a specific purpose. I'm quite proud of it.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012




Suzy believed that she was just a normal eleven-year-old girl. She knew that she wasn’t that nice, but she wasn’t too nasty either. Some people said that she wasn’t very generous but she thought that she wasn’t that selfish either.

Suzy’s sister Jenny was six years old. Jenny often felt like she was a useless little girl. Jenny just wanted company but she always felt alone, even with her sister. This was because Suzy wasn’t that nice and she wasn’t very generous.

One day, Suzy and Jenny’s mother gave them one thousand won to buy some candy and share. Suzy snatched the money rudely from her mother’s hand and ran to the shop. Jenny followed her.

At the shop Suzy decided to buy gobstoppers. She didn’t ask Jenny what she wanted. She slammed her mother’s money on the counter and grabbed the candy. “There are five gobstoppers!” said Suzy proudly, as if she had found treasure.

Outside the shop Suzy opened the bag of candy. “If I eat five and give you none then that would be too selfish. On the other hand, if I eat three and give you two then that would be too generous,” said Suzy. Then, suddenly, Suzy had an idea. “I know! I should eat four and give you one. That will be perfect!” So, Suzy threw one gobstopper to Jenny. 

“Thank you,” said Jenny, “I only need one.”

A green haired lady was sitting on a nearby bench and listening. She walked over to the sisters. “Follow me,” said the green haired lady, smiling. Suzy was curious and so she followed the lady. Jenny was scared and so she followed Suzy.

They came to a huge, old house with a pretty, green garden. The house looked dark and scary but the garden looked colorful and welcoming. The garden was full of birds and flowers. The green haired lady looked at Suzy. “There are many valuable and expensive things in the house. Why don’t you go inside?” she said.

Suzy’s eyes lit up. “Yes, I will,’ she said.

Jenny was scared. “Can I come?” she asked.

“No! When I decide what I want, I’ll let you have something that is left. So stay here,” answered Suzy.

Inside the house, Suzy found a lot of beautiful clothes and colorful treasures. Suzy wanted everything. In the living room Suzy was surprised to find a lady looking angry. The lady had black hair and pale skin. The lady looked at Suzy with scarily lit up eyes. “What is it, child? Do you want something?” she said.

“Can I have that golden dress?” Suzy asked, pointing at a pretty dress.

“No, that is mine. I’m not that generous, ” replied the black haired lady, “but I’m not that selfish, so you can have this old grey dress.”

Meanwhile, in the garden, Jenny was talking to the green haired lady. “Who lives in that house?” said Jenny.

“That is my sister’s house. She has black hair. She lives alone and she never comes out. She says that if she comes out then people will try to steal all of her treasures. She isn’t that selfish really, she just wants to protect all of her things,” said the green haired lady.

“So where do you live?” asked Jenny.

“I live in the garden. It turned my hair green,” answered the green haired lady smiling. “ I share my home with the flowers and they give me sweet smells. I share my home with the birds and they sing me beautiful songs. I’m always happy and I’m never alone.”

Later, Suzy came out of the house. She looked sad. Ignoring the others, Suzy began to walk home. Jenny said goodbye to the green haired lady and then followed her sister.

“All I got was this old grey dress,” Suzy said angrily. She seemed about to cry but then suddenly she smiled. “At least I have my four gobstoppers!” Suzy said.

Suzy gobbled up all four of her gobstoppers at the same time. They were strawberry, lemon, orange and blueberry. Jenny ate her one gobstopper slowly. It was apple.

Suzy looked at Jenny’s mouth and saw her tongue. She laughed. “You look silly,” she said, “your tongue is green.”

Jenny looked at Suzy’s mouth. The red, yellow, orange and blue had all mixed together. Suzy’s tongue was black. I’m the green tongued girl, Jenny thought. Jenny felt very happy.


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