The Night Of Murder

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This story is about student of a hostel in Newyork city that a kid when he was a child his parents were helper of weak people, a man killed his parents so then he Revenged his parent's death.

Submitted: February 25, 2016

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Submitted: February 25, 2016




The Night Of Murder

Written by: Syed Umer Ali


In 6th march 2015, Hostel of New York. Sir John came in the class and He told to students...

Sir John: Class! Today we have a new student, she will come here and give own Introduction.

Hermione: Hello my friends! My name is Hermione, and I am new student in this School thanks!

Sir John: Hermione sit in that desk...class! Today I will teach you about the Forests of our areas... that how many kinds of forests are in our areas? Can any student tell me that how many kinds of animals are in our forest?

Alex: Sir well many kinds of animals are in our areas like: Tigers, Leopards, Jaguars and a.......

Lois: Sir flies..?

Alex: Hey Lois you keep quite...

Sir John: Alex and Lois! Don’t talk teacher is here. Ok?

Alex: But sir he started first.

Sir John: Alex doesn’t talk...

After over class the students ware in locker room, Lois and his friends ware also there. Lois made a paper ball and boated of Alex but Alex sited down and the ball putted of Hermione.

Hermione: Oh... Hey are you made???

Then Lois ruined fast out of room.

Alex: Hermione! Leave them they are made.

Hermione: Alex how long have you been learning here?

Alex: Since 2010.

Hermione: So then you know about all teachers and students...

Alex: yes.

At last Sir John called Alex, Alex came and he asked about come in to sir.

Sir John: Yes...Alex you know that Lois is not a good student, so why do you talk to him?

Alex: But sir he insult me I can't keep quite...

Sir John: I can understand you... Okay you may go.

Alex: Ok sir thank you sir.

2nd day, in assembly, Miss Amy was giving instruction to students.

David: Hi Alex why had sir called you?

Alex: Because....

Miss Amy: Alex don’t talk...

After assembly all students were going their classes.

Lois: Hi Alex don't talk....

Alex: Hi looser don’t talk about me...

Lois: Who's did you say loser?

Hermione: Hey boys why are you fighting?

Lois: Don’t you come between us...

Hermione: Alex comes here...don’t talk to them.

Alex: Looser... (Said slowly)

Students ware in class, sir had gave a work them and they were doing it.

Hermione: Alex why does Lois do like that with you?

Alex: It’s not perfect timing for talk. I will tell you in break.

Hermione: Okay.

Alex, David, and Hermione were talking in break.

Hermione: Can you tell me now?

Alex: Okay listen to me! Before my father was working with Lois's father, one day father was going somewhere

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after job, he saw that Lois's father was with Albert.

Hermione: who is Albert?

Alex: Albert is very big robber. He had come from Germany, father tried to call of 911 but he couldn't, because Lois's father broken the cell phone of father. After that I don't know that what did happen with him. And my parents are not alive now...

David: What did happen with your parents?

Alex: I don't know. But I wanna know it. When I was 5 years old my parents had died.

Hermione: Where do you leave now?

Alex: Ant Luna has. She was very loving with me, but she doesn’t now.

David: But why???

Alex: Because she has her son now. After that she admitted in this school. I wanna know that how did my parents die?

Hermione: We should know about it. And we will do it.

Alex: But how?

Hermione: We have to decide any meeting place.

David: Yes Alex Hermione is right.

Alex: Thanks friends you are my best friends. Really!

David: How about sleeping room?

Alex: But we can't meet there because Hermione can't come there.

David: yes you are right. And by the way we can’t plan without Hermione...

Hermione: What about library?

Alex: Right! You are Jennies Hermione!

Hermione: Thanks!

They were talking then Miss Amy came and she said that: All students go in their classes. Then they went in own class, in the way Lois pushed Alex and he was keep laughing and Alex sited down. When they arrived in class Miss Sofia came and she said to students that: Take out your English books, chapter number 3rd, Mr. Wesley.

Hermione: But Miss you didn't teach us 2nd chapter.

Miss Sofia: Don't say any word between me...Any student know about him? And how did he die?

Alex: Miss he was very good person, he was helper.

Miss Sofia: And how did he die?

Alex: Miss he didn't die, Albert had murder.

Miss Sofia: No Alex it was an accident.

Alex: But the writer is not saying that.

Miss Sofia: If you know so you come and teach... come on come here.

Alex: No miss.

Miss Sofia: Get out from this class and keep stand there.

Lois was laughing on Alex and miss said Sofia said to Lois that: Lois do you also wanna get out? After this period next period was free, so then Alex, David and Hermione were in library, they were talking about Alex's parents.

Hermione: First we have to know that where does Lois leave?

David: Why?

Alex: Because if we have information about Lois's father so we can know about Albert.

Hermione: Yes, and then we will find Albert.

Alex found a paper in which news about Albert, he said: Guys! Look at that.

Hermione: Hi in this paper all about Albert...writer saying that: In 2004 Albert kidnapped a little girl from China Town, in this family were three members, he murdered the parents of a that girl, then a person called to police and the police arrested him with two more kidnappers, after three years Albert broke the central jail an escaped. No one knows that where is he now.

Alex: Hermione! What is the name of this paper?

Hermione: "City News"

David: who is writer?

Hermione: There is no name of writer.

Alex: Because who will write own name in this report...

David: you are saying right...

As that time passed they keep continued finding. After two months the summer vacations started


all students were going their homes Alex and David were also going.

David: Who have willed you go?

Alex: I don’t know. :(

David: I have an idea.

Alex: What?

David: My uncle has a little home no one leave there we can live there, only we.

Alex: Wheals?

David: Me, you and Hermione.

Alex: Will your uncle give us his home?

David: Yes of course, it is blank.

Alex: Okay thanks David. But how can Hermione live there? She will go her home.

David: Yes! We have to think something.

Alex: Okay let’s go and ask from Hermione.

David: Okay let’s go.

Hermione was crying sited on bench. Alex asked to her.

Alex: Hi Hermione what’s wrong with you?

Hermione: My parents are in Canada I can't go home... :(

Alex: Don't worry Hermione, David has a trick.

Hermione: What?

Alex: David's uncle has a blank house we will leave there.

Hermione: Wow! Where is it?

David: At the front side of park.

After that they were in that home, in that home a bedroom with bathroom and a kitchen but there was too much dust. First they clean the house and then they set other things. Second day Alex was searching a book in the locker, he locked down side a paper in which written (2=1) he couldn't considered that what is the means of this. Alex tried to consider it but he couldn't. Next morning a letter came for Alex, he was reading it.

Hermione: Alex! What is in your hand?

Alex: This is letter for me.

Hermione: What is in this letter?

Alex: In this letter written is that: If you wanna know about your parents so come alone in back side of Time squire in deep forest ... letter from (2=1)

Hermione: (2=1)? What is means that?

Alex: I had seen that in a paper.

Hermione: Where was that paper?

Alex: I was searching a book, then I seen down side and there was this sign.

Hermione: Show me.

Alex: Okay come with me!

Alex shown that sign to Hermione, they couldn't considered it. So then David's uncle came Alex, David and Hermione were also there, Alex asked to him about own parents.

Alex: Uncle! Do you know about my parents?

Mr. Sirius: Sirius! My name is Sirius. Alex! Your parents were very good person, they were help of upset, doormat and injured peoples. That’s why many people were enemies of them.

Alex: Sir! Do you know that how did my parents die?

Mr. Sirius: Sorry son! I don't know. But I think Jake know about it.

David: Sir who is Jake?

Mr. Sirius: Jake was very good friend of John, I means your father Alex!

Alex: where does he leave?

Mr. Sirius: First you have to promise to me.

Hermione: How promise?

Mr. Sirius: that you will never tell it to anybody ok?

Hermione: Okay sir! But why?

Mr. Sirius: Because if anyone know about his home so he can be kill of Jake.

Alex: Ok sir we will never break own promise. Thank you sir!

Then Mr. Sirius told them Jake's home address. When they arrived there no one was there. David


pushed the door and the door opened, they entered in the home, Alex gave a vice: Hello...Is anybody here? But no one came there. They were going back that a man came and he asked to them that: Hi kids! what are you doing here? He looked at Alex and asked: Hi are you Alex?

Alex: How do you know my name?

Man: Come in kids I will tell you. I am Jake.

Alex: Sir! Do you know about my parents?

Mr. Jake: Who can forget them...? John was my best friend, he was very righteous man.

Alex: Sir! When had you seen my father last time?

Mr. Jake: In 2003, when you were 3 years old, John had given me a thing for you.

Alex: What was that?

Mr. Jake: look at that it is the badge of his team, it is your now.

Alex: Okay sir thank you, but do you know that who had died my parents?

Mr. Jake: well! I will tell you but you don't revenge of this ok?

Alex: Sorry sir! If you don't tell me so I will find out myself.

After say that they went from there.

Hermione: What will you do now?

Alex: I will find out of thug gee of my parents.

Hermione: But Alex it is danger.

Alex: Hermione! They were my parents if I don't kill him so it will not be good.

Hermione: But if they do something with you so?

Alex: Hermione they were my parent not you’re okay?(Condition: Angry)

Hermione: But I am worry about you.

Alex: If you want to come with me so you can... David! What do you say?

David: Yes Alex we are with you. But we have to make plane.

Hermione heard to Alex and she said: Okay did you complete your sentence? ... I am going. And then she went.

Alex: Okay so go from here... David! What do you say?

David: Alex! First you sit down, we will set it. Relax! We will think something.

Alex: Thanks! But will Hermione excused me?

David: Don't know. But if you keep apology to her, so it’s may be possible.

Alex: Yes you are right; she is not bad of heart. Actually it was my fault... Where is she now?

David: Well! She should be at our home.

Alex: Okay let’s go!

Alex and David arrived there, but Hermione was not there, they found at all places of home but she was nowhere. Alex seen outside of home in garden she was there.

Alex: Sorry for my mistake. Hermione! What happened?

Hermione: You don't know that what does happen if any one beating your parents in front of your eyes, and you cannot any action.

Alex: So what had happened with you? Tell me!

Hermione: You won't consider.

Alex: So give me chance for understand.

Hermione: So listen! When I was 10 years old, some kidnapers entered in our home and they apprehended my mom and murdered her in front of my eyes, and they apprehended my father and went I was very dreading so then police came and a policewoman pick up me and admitted in the hostel after some time a couple came for adopt me, last 5 years I am leaving with them.

Alex: Oh!

Hermione: That's why I don’t wanna lose my more friends.

Alex: Sorry Hermione for my mistake.

Hermione: Okay!

Alex: Thanks! I call to David.

Hermione: No! Don't tell to David any word.

Alex: But why?

Hermione: He won't consider, he is not like you, he never seen anything like us.

Alex: Yes you say right. But we need of David because he knows all areas.

Hermione: yes, so what will we do now?


Alex: We need a plane.

David came and said: Alex! Did you see Hermione somewhere? Oh you are here.

Hermione: No I am not here. :)

Alex: :)

David: So are you friends again?

Alex: We need a plane, so come in we think some thing... I will tall to Mr. Jack.

Hermione: What will you ask to them?

Alex: That where had he seen my dad last time?

Hermione: Okay. But will you go now?

Alex: I want to go now, but I can't.

David: So when will you go?

Alex: Tomorrow morning... Okay friends it’s time for sleep we are too late, we should sleep now.

Next morning the paper man came for give paper David went and he was reading, that he looked back side of paper there was news about Albert he called to Hermione and Alex they came and David shown the news. The news was that: The Albert and his partner escaped from the central jail and the police are trying to arrest them and the Officer says that they are escaped from the forest of time squire.

Hermione: Now we have to attention. Because of we leave near.

Alex: You are right Hermione, Oh God!

David: What?

Alex: We have to go fast.

Hermione: What's wrong Alex? Tell us.

Alex: Mr. Jack lives there.

David: Yes Alex we have to go now for help of him.

When they arrived his home no one was there and the door was close, Alex and David broken the door Alex seen that the Albert was beating of Mr. Jack, Hermione tried to call police but Albert’s partner came and spoliation the mobile and broken it.

Albert: Oh look at that, who has come here...

Mr. Jack: Alex! Go right now.

Albert: Alex! You have a thing its mine, so give me.

Hermione: Don't give it.

Albert: Keep quite you.

Alex: But what?

Albert: Oh Alex... You are also like your dad "Poltroon"

Alex: My father was not poltroon.

Albert: Oh my dear Alex! Give it me fast!

After some times, some sound effects came there way, they thought that was the police but the police was nowhere but Albert felt that the police are coming to arrest them, and they ran. After 2 minutes Mr. Sirius came and he asked about their safety, Mr. Jack had some hard.

Mr. Sirius: What did wrong with you?

Alex: Sir! Albert has come.

Mr. Sirius: Are you right now?

Hermione: Yes sir.

Alex: Sir! What does he want to me and how does he know about me?

Mr. Sirius: You have a key.

Alex: Did you means that badge right?

Mr. Sirius: Yes Alex, your dad was very good person, he used to help others.

Alex: Did you mean Albert is deadly of my parents.

Mr. Sirius: Yes Alex. Now he is your back.

Alex: My back, but why?

Mr. Sirius: Didn't you see that sign (2=1)?

Alex: Yes sir, I had seen that sign 2 times, but what is means of this sign?

Mr. Sirius: two died and one is left.

Alex: So you’re mean, I am that one.

Mr. Sirius: Yes. But don't worry we will think something.

Alex: Thank you sir.


Mr. Sirius: Now listen me! Don't go out from the home. Okay?

Alex: Yes sir.

Next day in the garden they were sitting, that Mr. Sirius came and he asked to Alex.

Mr. Sirius: Alex! You will stay in my home, here is too danger.

Alex: Why sir? Does Albert know that I leave here?

Mr. Sirius: Yes and that's why we want your safety.

Alex:  What do you means be we, Wholes wants my safety?

Mr. Sirius: You will consider it soon.

Alex: So, when will we go?

Mr. Sirius: Right now......So collect your thing. David and Hermione you will also go there.

David and Hermione: Okay sir.

So then they arrived at Mr. Sirius’s home. Mr. Sirius opened the main door after that they entered the home, there were many people and Sir John was also there, Alex got shocked after seeing him there.

Alex: Sir you are here...But how?

Sir John: Thanks God that you are fine.

Mr. Sirius: Alex, Hermione, David! One more person is here. Mr. Jack.

Hermione: But how?

Sir John show own badge and asked to Alex that: Do you have your own badge? Alex shown the badge and said: Yes sir.

Sir John: David, Hermione! Come here. These badges are yours.

David and Hermione took the badges. Next evening Hermione was going somewhere, a hiroof van stopped at the front of Hermione, a man came forth from the van and he kidnapped the Hermione, she try to call of one for help, but she couldn't, No one was know about Hermione. At night Hermione came back.

David: Hermione! Where were you?

Hermione: Nowhere.

Alex: Hermione tell us truth, What had happened with you? And you are looking worry.

Hermione: No...Nothing was wrong. There was too crowd in the market.

Alex: Oh Okay.

Hermione: And I am joining king-Fu class.

David: Oh nice!

After 5 to 6 days Hermione came back after take class, Alex was searching the medical book, David was also there.

Hermione: Alex! I wanna say something to you.

Alex: Yes. What do you want to say? Tell me.

Hermione: No here. You have to come with me, in alone.

Alex: But why?

Hermione: Come with me. Outside!  (They came out side)

Alex: Yes now tell me.

Hermione: I'm sorry Alex! I can't help you more.

Alex: What’s wrong?

Hermione: When I was let so actually I was not in market, a van had come and a man kidnapped me and they were wearing the black mask. They threaten me that if I tell about them so they will murder me.

Alex: Who were they Hermione?

Hermione: Sorry Alex! I can't tell you more.  (Condition: Crying)

Alex: Don't worry Hermione we will think about it.

Hermione: Alex! Don't discuss it to anyone.

Alex: Okay Hermione I won't.

Hermione: And one more thing Alex! They were saying that they put the cameras in this house.

Alex: Ooo No... Well don't worry.

Hermione: Okay.

David: Hey guys what are you doing here?

Alex: Nothing! You go, we are coming.

2nd day Hermione was going there, so David asked.

David: Where are you going?


Hermione: For taking class.

David: Oh okay!

Hermione: So, don't you know that I go there?

David: Yes, but today is Sunday.

Hermione: Yes. Okay I am too late that's why I am going now.

David: But listen me Hermione...

Alex: Let her go. David! ...... Well she is too much worry.

David: But why is that?

Alex: Don't know.

David: Why don't you discuss with me?

Alex: It doesn't any advantage.

David: I can't understand ... I don't know that what's going on between you both.

Alex: You can't understand that's why no one discusses with you.  (Condition: Shout voice)

David: I'm going.

Alex: Where?

David: Uttermost from you.

Alex: Fine!

So then David was going somewhere, in the way he looked down, there was a diary of Hermione, he went back at home for show this to Alex. He arrived at home.

David: Alex come quickly.

Alex: What's wrong? What is in your hand?

David: Look at that, is it Hermione's diary?

Alex: Yes, so what?

David: When I was in bus stop, so the diary was there.

Alex: Which stop?

David: On the last stop.

Alex: Oh God... We have to go right now, you go and inform it to Mr. Sirius and come fast.

David: Where are you going?

Alex: I will tell you in the way.

David: Okay.

David and Alex arrived there and Alex informed about it to David in the way. They were arrived in the Headquarter of Albert, they heard the shouting voice of Albert, Albert was willing be know that where is Alex. Alex and David arrived near so in the way of door Albert's partner were standing and they were talking to one another, Alex and David picked a stone and came more near so they throughway the stone on the head of they both. their blood was bleeding so David picked a knife from the pocket of both of one David was beating him so Albert came and he putted a stool and throughway at the side of David but David bury at the side of the wall, Albert called his one more friend, he was Lois's father, he came and hold Alex hands and sit him on the chair, David called police but the police couldn't come at the time of help. Sometime after Mr. Jack came and he picked the knife and removed of the Lois's dad between saying that "Leave my son". When Albert show that his all partners has died so he escaped from that place.

Mr. Jack to Alex: Alex! Are you alright?

Alex: Yes sir. But where are Hermione and David?

Mr. Jack: You go there, and I am going there. If you show someone so call me.

Alex: Okay sir!

When Alex was finding them so he showed David, he was injured, Alex went near.

David: Alex! Where is Hermione?

Alex: I don't know ... You try to stand up.

David: Alex! I can’t move, you just call the ambulance.

Alex: Okay David, you come any safe place.

David: Okay. And don’t worry about me.

So then Alex called the ambulance and went for find Hermione, at some distance Alex look a hut there was too darkness he went inside and in this hut was the smell of a dead body, no one can’t go there.  From back side Albert came again with Tom and he tried to hit him but Hermione and David came from the back side of them and hit on their head.


Hermione: They didn’t die now…. Okay let’s go from there.

Alex: Yes and thanks guys.

David: It’s Okay go now.(Condition: Between running)

Alex: But David! How are you moving? Aren’t you injured?

David: I was kidding.

Hermione: Where is Mr. Jack?

Alex: He was saying that you will see me on bus stop last time.

Hermione: So we should go there.

Alex: Yes.

When they arrived there so Mr. Jack was there, he asked to them that: Kids are you fine? Hermione gave the answer:  Yes Sir.

Mr. Jack: We have to go now, at home. Terror didn’t finish.

Alex: Does you mean that Albert can come again.

Mr. Jack: Yes and your classes will be start after this week.

They arrived their home and they were talking in their room.

David: Alex! Will you go school?

Alex: Yes.

Hermione: Boys I wanna ask something.

Alex: Yes!

Hermione: What will you tell about vacations in school?

David: Don’t know!

Hermione: And you Alex?

Alex: We have to tell a lie.

Hermione: I did never tell a lie before.

David: Are you joking …?

Hermione: Yes I am saying truth.

David: When you had told tell a lie about King-Fu classes, so what was that?

Alex: If you tell about lie, so it’s not called lie in feature.

Hermione: Yes it’s right.

After one week, in the class room Miss Amy was asking about vacations, she asked to Hermione.

Miss Amy: Hermione! Where had you gone for visit?

Hermione: Aaa…….

Alex: Miss! We had gone seaside for visit.

Miss Amy: So wholes had gone with you?

Alex: Hermione, David and me.

Miss Amy: Great!

In break Alex was going in the ground of the school.

Lois: Where had you gone Alex? … On the burial chamber of own mother. Haan?

Alex: Keep saves from me!

Lois: What will you do, Will you call the dead body of your mom?

David was looking from the down side of desk, when Lois said that sentence so he couldn’t stop and make a paper ball and beat it on the head of Lois. Lois rained.

Alex: Thanks David.

David: It’s okay man.

Hermione came and he give thanks of Alex.

At last Sir John called to Alex, David and Hermione in office, they entered the room.

Sir John: Alex, David and Hermione! First I will willing to say that you did nice work, and one more thing is that you won’t discuss about it in school. Understood?

Alex: Yes sir.

Sir John: Good!

Hermione: Sir, can Albert come in school?

Sir John: Yes if you keep outside of the school. Now you go in class teacher will be coming.

Alex: Okay sir.

© Copyright 2018 Umer Ali Syed. All rights reserved.

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