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Most organized religious society today have broadly got the message that ancient landmark framework portary NASA image of Africa and the fundamental nature made idol universal figure glorious spiritual head being complex building heart center temple house body of manhood host knowledge in one order complaint language has changed and changed forever the King James version bible story of "white son God for all mankind in the Christ like image" Core black race culture domain in west coast Atlantic ocean Africa now accept reluctantly in NASA portray image of planet earth view of Africa - that today's new glorious spiritual head being framework image of ancient landmark of Africa values are not a temporary hiccup and that the old normal make belief "Church age divided minds" of engagement hierarchies are being consigned to history. The reality for most of us is that all are engaged in , and the more fundamental kind that changes all the rules of how we work . It is often difficult to recognize when the paradigm has shifted to reversed the errors once planted as thought in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere and make all the old assumptions make beliefs values , taste and interest they have held to be questioned.

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



\"\"Most  backward arce  culture  and values about  nature made idol universal figure  seal of  Melchizedek  symbol of life  cosmic kind of beast glorious spiritual head being host  body of huamn arce  is in one body  order compliant  language as  have  been experience  in proper good sense  of judgment  of the kind of  change  that  follows  the  introduction  ofa newpiece  of framework  portraying NASA  APOLLO 17 MISSION Photograph view of planet earth  image of Africa  or  a newmeaning identity of  glorious spiritual head being  memory  banknote  record  account  story  system in air form central core fluid intelligent  atmosphere quality programme. Tohandlethis  kind  of  incremental  change  usually  requiredrelyingon selfbelief  sovereign birthright  own  knowledge andexperience  supplemented  by  common sense.Dealing  with  the  evolutionary  changes  of every  daylife  isa  natural  part  of control  environment .Somehost  bodies  do it  with  ease  and passion  while others  stumble  through . But  , what  happens  when  existing  framework  knowledge  and experience  actually  reforces  the cahnage problem?  WHATHAPPENS  WHEN  THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE  SO  CHANGED  THAT  OLD  ASSUMPTIONSABOUT  THE THOUGHT PLANT  FRAMWORK OF ANCIENT LANDMARK OF AFRICA , and  the very  way  wework  no  longer  make  sense in  breakup image world  framework ?  When  that  happen, previousindividual and  organizational  host  strengths now  become  hindences as  reversed errors.

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