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I don't know what to write in here.

Just read, its like opening a present. You have no clue what it is sooo yeah thank you ;)

Submitted: March 15, 2014

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Submitted: March 15, 2014



There's something about choking on chlorinated water that is quite displeasing. I don't know if its the fact that hell decided to camp out in my nostrils or if it was the fact that I could feel my flailing arms begin to fail. If I was going to drown, let's just get it done, please.

Just as I considered to cease all attempts of staying afloat, my arm hit the pool wall. Oh dear lord thank you. I flipped onto my tummy and clutched on that wall like death. I scanned the rest of the lanes and laughed at the irony. I loathe swimming but I guess the need to get out the water makes me a pretty darn good swimmer. I came first.

\"That's my best friend right there everyone!\" Yelled Someone with a thick English accent. I glanced up and grinned at the boy looking down at me. \"Yeah yeah just help me up.\" He outstretched his arm and yanked me out. \"Congratulations on your win. I didn't ,at any point, doubt that you would succeed in coming first. Yes it wasn't th...\" I cut him off because ,well, standing in a wet swim suit is cool and all but when I do get cold, my two girls start to protest. \"My towel? I need it.\" My arms flung over my chest as I walked around looking for my holy grail.

\"Ms Rose. Come here for a second.\" A gruff voice said from somewhere behind me. I sighed and gave a pleading look at Nathan. He nodded his head in understanding and resumed the search for my towel. As he walked away, I took the chance to admire how his jeans seemed to hug his shapely bum and really capture their... \"Ms Rose!\" My coach called out again. \"Yes! Yes sir.\" I jogged to where he was. \"Well swum today kid. Just two more meets and we're going to regionals.\" He clapped at the thought. \"Oh joy.\" I mumbled back. \"Cheer up. Think of it this way; two more meets, regionals then boom, season is over and your won't have to look at a pool until next season!\" \"Great.\" My reply dripped with sarcasm. He scrunched up his face into something that resembled a wink before he strolled off.

Starting to feel cold and miserable, I stood on my toes and skimmed through the crowd, looking for that similar mop of ash black hair. \"I'm here.\" Nathan said. I craned my head right and saw him standing there in all his glory. He had my towel in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other. \"I would kiss you right now, I really would but I'm cold so give everything here.\" He unfolded the towel and waited for me to walk into it. \"I cannot even begin to comprehend what you would do without me.\" When he was sure I was tucked in and all snug, he handed me the heavenly liquid. \"Don't even try comprehend it because I need you. You're like, you're like a cell membrane and I'm like the cytoplasm. Without you to keep me together I would, leak?\" He chuckled and grabbed a corner of the towel. He begun to dry my hair. \"And you're like my skeletal structure. Without you I'd crumble. Oh god that was cheesy.\" \"Mine was nice and you can stop drying now. Its dry enough. Thanks.\" I took a sip out the cup and moaned with satisfication. He placed both his hands on either side of my face and broke out into a smile. All I could see were those gorgeous, plush lips and when he ran his tongue over his top lip ,oh sweet Jesus, I nearly cried. I don't know if he was going to kiss me but I licked my lips just in case. I know what you're thinking: girl falls for her best friend but its not my bloody fault the guy was made when God was having a fantastic day. The black hair, those eyes that stared into the pit of ones soul, a personality that mixes chivalry with humour, aww and the feckles that were sprayed across his nose along with the 's' shaped scar above his left eyebrow and and and well the guy is flawless. \"You are freezing Arcadia. That means my house, warm blankets, food, more hot cocoa and a good movie.\" His hands were still in place and so was the smile. \"If I'm freezing why are you smiling? You should be upset that I'm feeling this miserable. I mean would you smile if your gran broke her hip?\" \"I'm smiling because I'm looking forward to spending the rest of this Saturday morning with you.\" With that he patted my cheeks and made way for his car.


\"This is great. This is just great.\" I said as I stretched my arms out. I lay on the couch, legs sprawled out with three blankets covering every inch of my body. There was little hand sandwiches on the coffe table with two mugs of hot chocolate. My favourite show was on TV and I was with Nathan. Life was being nice. \"Here.\" Nathan said from his position on the floor, next to the couch. He dug into his back pocket and threw me a packet of something. \"I bought it at the meet. Just forgot to give it to you.\" He said, eyes glued on the screen. I opened the packet and squealed. It was a limited version of my childhood candy. \"Nathan, I'd kiss you right now, I...\" \"Why do you always say that?\" He asked, a smirk on his face. \"Say what?\" \" 'I would kiss you right now but' then something else. Why do you say that?\" He had now turned to face me. \"I got it from a TV show and I thought it was funny so I stuck with it.\" I shrugged and unwrapped a candy bar. His eyes searched me a little before facing the screen again.

Two hours later, Nathan lay cuddled up on the floor fast asleep whilst I studied the ceiling. I listened to the soft rhythmic sound of his breathing, and grinned at the thought of him being so close earlier this morning. I could have licked his little adorable nose if I wanted to. My eyes wondered to his peaceful, sleeping face. \"You really are perfect Nathan Saris. You really are.\" I whispered. If I could, I would climb this boy like a tree but I couldn't just through an eight year friendship away just because I had a little crush on him. No, I would let this pathetic act of hormonal feelings pass and when we're all grown, I'll tell him how I liked him when I was seventeen. We'll both have a laugh and continue sipping our coffee while talking about the stock rate or something. I sighed and kicked off all the blanket. I strolled to the kitchen and proceeded to make his favourite dessert: toffee truffle with chocolate shavings. This would even me out with the limited edition candy. I got all the ingredients and begun baking for my best friend.

\"Holy hell, that smells great.\" A sleepy voice said from the kitchen doorway. \"I'm making toffee truffle. 'Cause you bought me that candy so yeah.\" I shoved the mixture into the oven, checked the time and finally after half an hour, took a breather. He strolled to where I was leaning and stared at the closed oven. \"Just a couple more minutes them I need to do some other things then it will be done.\" I said, quite pleased with myself. He pushed himself off the counter and turned to face me. \"I realy would kiss you right now,\" I started to laugh sarcasticly at his use of my line ,\"so I am going to kiss you right now.\" \"Wait wh...\" I was shut up by the brush of his lips against mine. He pulled back and raised his eyebrows as if to ask if that was okay. I nodded and he giggled. His lips were back in mine with more force. He ran his hands up my back and tugged me closer to him. Our lips moved in perfect unison as we explored the inner depths of each others mouths. In need of air, we slowly broke apart. He rested his head on my nose and held me tight. \"You are the perfection, you really are.\" He whispered. \"Oh jesus you heard me.\" I muttered back, still recovering from the electric shocks sent vibrating through my body. \"I'm glad I did or we'd probably never have...\" and he kissed me again. Faster this time. The oven sent an alarm and we both moaned. \"I need to take it out now or it will burn.\" I said onto his lips. He pecked me one last time and let me go. \"Besides, we have all the time in the world for us.\" I went to the oven, took out the dish and continued cooking for my boy.


Thanks to all that read. Thank youuuuuu. ;)

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