Murder in L.A.

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It has murder, nothing really that graphic though. I would also like your opinion on how I can make it better!

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



Two women are sitting on a park bench smoking cigarettes waiting for their ride to come. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Charlotte and Evette are having a conversation on France. Evette is telling Charlotte how amazing it is.

Evette: Look you don’t understand why it is so amazing I mean there’s more scenery and culture…

Charlotte: Evette I would love to go to Paris, but I don’t have the money and you know how I hate flying. Remember when are boss wanted to take us to New York.

Evette: Yeah I remember Ha-ha.

Charlotte: Don’t laugh!

They both start laughing and Evette almost chokes on her cigarette. She throws the half smoked cigarette on the ground and lights up another one.

Charlotte: How do you keep your teeth so white? You smoke like a chimney.

Evette: I have my ways.

Charlotte: what?

Evette: Ha-ha

Finally a car arrives. The two girls stand up fixing there bra and walk up to the black car. Charlotte rubs her eyes to make sure it’s their car. Evette then noticed it’s not. The man rolls down the window and smiles at the two young ladies.

Man in car: hey where are you two fine ladies doing here? Don’t you know it’s almost three in the morning?

Evette: We are waiting for someone to pick us up.

Man in car: It’s cold outside, where is your someone?

Charlotte: Look Mister we are not prostitutes.

Man in car: I know that, I’m just being nice.

Charlotte and Evette look at each other. They sort of want to go with him but if their boss finds out they would get in big trouble.

Evette: Look mister I really want you to leave. Can you? Please?

Man in car: And… what if I say no?

Charlotte and Evette are confused to the somewhat creepy guy’s response. Charlotte throws her cigarette on the floor, grabs Evette’s arm, and power walks down the sidewalk not taking her eyes off on what is in front of her.

Man in car: Hey where are you going?

Charlotte didn’t answer, nor did Evette.

Man in car: Look ladies I really didn’t mean to startle you! Please listen to me!

The man hesitates on what to do so he slowly drives down the street following Evette and Charlotte. Evette starts crying in fear.

Man in car: Where you going girls? Hey! I’m talking to you.

Evette: Shut up! Please leave us alone I’m begging you!

Charlotte: Just don’t talk to him come on let get out of here.

The girls begin running away from the man. He is now speeding up to them. They finally get to the corner and see another car coming. Charlotte rushes to the middle of the street and flags him down. The car pulls over.

Charlotte: Come on Evette let’s go.

Evette: what? No I’m not going there that’s not our car.

Charlotte: So? I don’t want to be chased by a maniac.

Evette: How do you know he is not a maniac! For all we know he is the maniac and that guy in the car is harmless.

Charlotte: Whatever if you want to stay here and get murdered by that guy over there stalking us fine! But I’m going to go with that guy and get out of here.

The Man in the other car is honking wondering what is going on and the man stalking Evette and Charlotte is telling them to come here.

Evette: I’m sorry Charlotte, but I can go with him I don’t even know that guy.

Charlotte: What! You don’t even know who that guy is either.

Evette: who said I was going with him? I’m staying here.

Charlotte: fine, whatever, get murdered I don’t care.

Evette: Same goes for you Charlotte.

Charlotte storms off very upset with Evette. She walks over to the man she pulled over and got a good look at him. She notices that he had a name tag that read Samuel.

Samuel: What’s going on? Why you stopping me.

Charlotte: umm well I was over there and a man just started talking to me saying horrible things!

Samuel: Horrible things aye? Well let’s just get a good look at this guy.

Charlotte: Oh you don’t have to do that.

Samuel: Nonsense.

Samuel gets out of his car, while the other guy remains in his. The wind is blowing hard. Evette is still standing there shocked by this whole mess.

Samuel: Hey buddy you gotta problem with these two ladies?

Man in car: No sir, no problem at all.

Samuel: This fine lady is telling me you were saying things to her?

Man in car: Saying things? They were both sitting over there on the bench so I thought I should be a kind man, and help them.

Samuel: Well I don’t want you to do nothing. She is telling me you were being horrible. So get out of her before I knock you out.

Man in car: Oh my god this is bull! Here I am trying to be a good person and now I’m being threatened by you. Go to hell ladies!

The man in car drives off in anger. Charlotte and Evette look at each other dazed about this whole incident. Samuel walks up to them.

Samuel: Well ladies he won’t be bothering anybody any more ha-ha.

Charlotte: umm thank you Samuel.

Samuel: Please, call me Sam. 

Charlotte: okay Sam.

Evette: Charlotte!

Charlotte: What Evette?

Evette: Come here.

Charlotte walks over to her, and Sam stays where he is.

Charlotte: What Evette?

Evette: I still don’t feel comfortable with him. Can we please just wait for our boss?

Charlotte: Be my guest but I’m going with him. I’m sick of waiting for his dumb butt.

Evette: But Charlotte-

Charlotte: Evette I don’t want to hear it. I’m going with him and nothing you can say will stop me, to be honest though I really want you to come with me.

Evette: Ugh…

Evette pauses.

Charlotte: well?

Evette: Fine I’ll go, but I swear to god if anything goes wrong I will never EVER forgive you.

Charlotte: Don’t worry.

Evette: Okay.

They both walk back to Sam. He meets them half way.

Samuel: It’s okay girls I ain’t gonna hurt you.

Samuel goes out in the street to get in his car. Then out of now where he sees’s bright head lights speeding down the street like a bullet. He squints his eyes to see what is going on. He gets close to his seat but he doesn’t get in. The car is coming down incredibly fast, and before anyone notices the man in that car was the man who stalked the two girls. Evette screams loudly and Samuel looks at her and looks back and sees the car an inch away from him. The man in car hits Samuel leaving his blood scraped against the car and his lifeless body smashed into the broken door. The man in car stops and gets out with a tire iron in his hand.

Man in car: Well girls. Aren’t you lucky you didn’t want to come with me, because I was gonna kill you. No joke. I was going to knock you out with this tire iron in my hand and kill you.

Evette: why?

Man in Car: why? Ha-ha honey the real question is why not? I am known as a serial killer. One thing I like to do is, well, kill people. Which is exactly what I am gonna do with you.

Charlotte: well I hope your fast runner!

Charlotte takes off running with Evette.

Man in car: Running? Who needs running?

The man holds up the tire iron and carefully aims and throws it hurling towards Evette’s back. Evette fell down and charlotte stops and notices the tire iron wedged in Evette’s back. Blood from her back and mouth are everywhere. She is holding her breath till she finally dies. Charlotte becomes hysterical and starts running again. The man gets back in his car and drives over to her.

Man in car: what are you doing?

Charlotte: Getting away from you!

Man in car: Well then let’s see who runs out of energy first! You or this car!

Charlotte: Screw you!

Man in car: That sounds fun When?

Charlotte: How about now!

Charlotte gets the lighter out of her pocket and throws it in his window. Sadly the lighter went out before it got to him.

Charlotte: oh my god NO!

Man in car: Good idea, I really liked it. However if you really want to light someone on fire try doing this.

Charlotte is making circles up and down the street and the man throws a bottle of liquor at her head. The man gets out of his car with the lighter in his hand.

Man in car: See now if you want someone to catch on fire. You need something to light it up with right? Of course, so let me show you. See this bottle of Brandy? Here let get that.

The man picks the Brandy up and pours it all over Charlotte. Then he lights up the lighter and throws it on Charlotte. She began to scream while her seared skin is turning black. She gets up and runs up and down the street.

Man in car: Oh can it, no one’s going to hear you.

The man puts Charlotte out and stuffs her in the car panicking because he can see another car coming his way. He lights up a cigarette to make him look more casual. He sees the guy on the car, who was a somewhat large fellow with dark skin and sunglasses. He turns in the area where the two girls were. He decides to get back in his car to see what’s going on. He can hear the other guy yelling things saying like he is there boss or something.

Boss: Hey girls where are you! You better not be hiding. Jesus Christ Charlotte and Evette get your butts over her! Ugh I’m gonna kill you two!

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Murder in L.A.

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