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Giving information of a Hero thats starring in my new book called "The Guardian Angel"

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Info about The Guardian Angel Stuff you may not see in the book

Parents: Quentin Hydes and Gena Hydes

Cross's Hair: Long and Black

Guardian Suit color: dark white,shiny gray and a little bit of white

Skills: Martial arts, Glides, Wall climbing,Building, Hacking, and is strong

Suit build by: Cross,was brought in by his friend Max Milan

Vehicles:Angel Hover jet, Angel Car Cycle- half-motorcycle, half car

Suit Attachment: Angel wings-They're rocket powered, allowing him to actually fly

Sidekicks: The Iron Angel- Max Milan, Missed matcher-(Anti-Hero), and She-Angel- Asheela Peterson



The Guardian Angel Is a Man named "Cross Hydes", who has such a rough life,even as a child he has a mother who cares for him deeply and his father barely pays attention to him, Cross was raised in a crime city known as "Naroon City"with a father named "Quentin Hydes", a man and owner of famous company called "Special Assistants For Everyone" other known as S.A.F.E.


As a Kid, Cross dreamed of building a city where everyone would be safe, He always tried to tell his father about his idea but his father would just look at it as nonsense.


According to the City, Cross was known as the "American Angel" as a kid, at least everyone in the city would call him, they'd say he's a lucky boy to have a father like Quentin Hydes.


When Cross turned 16, he ran away after attacking his father because of how his father was acting to him, during the run away Cross ran into a guy named"George Cunningham" a leader of group of trained assassins called "The Dragons of the pyramid". Cross was taken there and taught how to fight and became one of them, he felt like that was his home. Cross fell in love with a girl there named Asheela, she told him her childhood story and why she became an assassin,she believed in heroes like Cross once did.6 months of the police investigation for Cross's disappearance and Cross was known dead, Cross knew he should have just gone back to his mother and father but he felt maybe it'll be better life for them thinking he was dead.When Cross turned 20,he watched the news and found out his mother was murdered by a guy named "Flinch Diesel" and he decided to quit the league without telling George and return back to his father only to get revenge for his mother's death.

Cross isn't a people person, he really doesn't talk while in the Guardian suit unless he has something that need's to be said.

Cross Guardian angel suit has the "Ankh" symbol on it because it was Cross's symbol back in the"Dragons of the Pyramid".


The Guardian Angel suit has built in strength (plus cross strength put together,he can lift a car, the heavier the object is that TheGuardian is holding,his built in strength will start to lower from 100% to whatever. Crossis also a genius and a martial artist,his suit allows him to climb anything like buildings for example, his cape allows him to glide when he's high up, also his wrist shoot out long unbreakable wires that he call's "the grab and hold"that grab and quickly pulls him away,and the rest is the computer in his helmet and gadgets and his fist (he's a hard puncher with that built-in strength).


Cross built 9 Guardian Angel suits as a spare for the main one he wear's, but all of the mare different, they look exactly the same but different, they have different gadgets, Cross felt if he carried them all in one suit it'll make him run slower.


The Guardian Angel's Villains: G.H.O.S.T.- The Man who has never been caught by a cop/ The man with a million faces, He's one of the Guardian's worst enemies,He's never been arrested, no cop has ever caught him, the ones who get so close, die, He also loves disguising himself, he's like a smooth crazy criminal, he robbed 13 banks and still got away.He's not in it for the money, he's just good with business... it's like he wasn't even there.

The Nightmare-He's known as Naroon's worst nightmare, He's intelligent, he's the strongest villain the Guardian has ever fought, he wear's a machine on his upper body that make's him punch harder and faster, the machine also inject's a drug inside of him allowing him to not feel any pain in the upper body area. The machine he wear's increases his stamina,so he's never tired to fight, The nightmare also wear's steel gloves so he doesn't damage his hands and a steel helmet to protect his skull, The nightmare is supposed to be The guardian's most fierce villain, he isn't one of his enemies with super powers but the machine make's him a threat. The nightmare can rip someone's head off with one hand, he actually defeated the guardian in a fist fight, unlike others, The Nightmare was known for killing The Guardian.

BoneBash-" BoneBash" is what he call's himself in his suit or armor but his real name is Beavis Bay.

Sonya X- Not evil, just want's to kill the guardian,shes a martial artist like him, she want's to murder him because she believe's he killed her young brother, she's a cop like her brother until he was murdered by Todd Simons.

George Cunningham

The Dragons of the pyramid

prototype- He was once human but now made by The Dragons of the pyramid, he wants to die but hes forced to destroy Cross.

Kill Zone- Todd Simons, A famous cop who once was partner's with Sonya, he loved her, he tried taking down G.H.O.S.T. and ended up disappearing, was being brain washed into believing G.H.O.S.T. was doing good

Devastate- Another villain with super powers, He's a Big furry werewolf like monster who is related to dogs, he experimented on himself only to heal his cancer, which creating a monster.

Tank- A criminal who made a suit similar to the Guardian's, he's not like The nightmare who is representing a new and meaner version of his dead father, he made the suit to destroy The nightmare for ruining his company, but instead, he used it to try to destroy The Guardian Angel.

Drago- Drago was once a guy named Darius, he was Cross friend when Cross was still an assassin, they were both assassins, they were going to assassinate the mayor together but Cross left a week before the assassination plan, when Cross became The Guardian Angel, Darius was told his next target was Cross, Darius was experimented on using this unusual reptile DNA, he became a dragon, he breathe's fire and can fly and his skin is also strong, it protect's him from bullets, he's The Guardian's best super villain and most fierce.

Lost Hopes and Dreams- The league of villains teaming up to destroy the Guardian, The Nightmare,G.H.O.S.T., and Tank, they create an army of 3.

Book coming soon, be sure to read it and comment if it's good and should continue making more.

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