Twisted Falls

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a short story about different kids... they have twisted personalities that are yet to be discovered. this one is called Karen its a cliff ender

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



chapter 1: ''karen''.

It was 12am and i cant sleep, i keep waking up to the thought of bieng murderd. In my dream my friend ''matthew'' chases me around, with a chainsaw.
But it wasent a normal chainsaw... it was a chainsaw made outta the bones of dead corps and right when im about to get killed i wake up.
Well thats an active imagination karen, as your therapist i advise you to stay away from scary movies.
I knoded and agreed, even though i have never seen a movie where this happens. As i walk out to leave my therapist says '' write all your dreams in
your diary and bring it to me.'' I said ok even though on the inside i was explouding, you just cant tell a girl to let them read a diary, But non the less
i did as she said.... Here is my entry

9/7/75karen wells.

i woke up to the sound of heavy breathing, again im running away from matthew. He is screaming ''you should of never said no to me.'' I ran screaming
''Im sorry i said no dont kill me'' He laughed and he disapears. Whats wierd is that he never asked me out, he has been my friend since the 4th grade.
imagine were both now in highschool!.

I couple years has passed since the dreams i had, only to my surprise i lost contact with matthew long ago. My dreams came back but they were of romantic interests,
with again ... mattew. A few weeks passed and i vist my therapist to talk about it, we talked and all.. and she asked me to bring my diary from when i was
in 9th grade. I havent touched it since. I read all the dreams to ''diane'' my therapist. She said it could of been through traumatic events in my child hood.
I agreed, i didnt really pay mind to it. i went home and i started thinking how it would feel to kill. It has a certin thrill.. controling peoples life.. when they
died. I stoped myself Quick!  these wernt proper thoughts.. especially since i was an active church member.
The next morning i woke up and went to church, there was a special church sercvice with a new father. His name is matthew and he seems awfully familier.
The service ends, and i see father matthew aproch me, and he says ''Karen its been ages since i seend you'' it send me chills down my spine. He decided to
plan a day for ''coffee'' i agreed.

Its tuesday and its time for my coffee day, I saw him on the brand new fancy coffee place across the street from my therapist office. So i come to the coffee shop
and the waitress adresses me '' welcome to the coffee pioneer table for 1'' i quickly respond no im here waiting for matthew, '' matthew? no one named matthew
has reseverd a table.'' I could of sworn i saw him but i guess he stood me up, its the first time i took interest in matthew since highshool, Knowing him
he left because he got impatient. Sunday comes along and i go for my weekly church service, father Matthew was not giving the service. A couple of months later
i go to church, and i see matthew giving the service im surprised that he was giving the service, but the church is empty.. this is not normal. Well the service conti-
nues and he aproches me, and saids ''why did you skip our little date?'' Im surprised because HE was the one who skipped it, i answerd You skipped the date father matt
'' I came to the place and got impatient''. How did i know that i said in my head, I giggled and said typical matthew. He laughed and said ''good bye the service is
done.'' I said good bye and left to my weekly therapist visit. Dianne said '' You havent come in months! what happend''. i said i was busy... she didnt buy it.
We talked and talked, and then the subject of matthew came again, i was surprised because she came out of no where with it. I talked how he skipped our date
and when i said the word date she interupted me. ''Date!? i thought you did not like him!'' i answerd I dont have an interest in him! i just wanted to connect
again. I left with the most suddlest good bye... i went home and got a call from matthew, i eagerly picked up, and said how did you get my number, he gladly
answerd '' You are a church member i looked through your files and found it. I was surprised because i did not even know i had a file. I laughed and said good night
and i went to bed. I had the reacurring thought of killing.. it wasent pleasent i prayed and prayed.. the thought got stronger and stronger. Controling people..
having them between life and death.. giving them hopes as i met them... slowly to kill them as time advances.. i fell asleep with those thoughts.. it went on in
my dream, exept i was the one bieng chased again! after all these years the dream came back... i woke up at 5am, i could of sworn i heard the door but my house
is empty.. i look in the closet and saw father matthew... I freaked but as i spoke to him he starred.. i said '' WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!'' He just starred and
dissapeard.. I had to be dreaming.. then i heard the door knock it was father mattew, i said how did you find my house! i didnt even tell nobody..
he laughed and said ''oh please thats non sense, i know were everybody lives, i have all the records of the people in our lil town of twisted hills''. His
happy attidude from before changed slightly. He left, and i feel his presence... suddenly i feel faint and dizzy, the thoughts of killing came again..
I now have a burning passion to destroy him...

Sunday comes and i decided to skip church and stay home, its 2pm and i hear my door, i go answer and its father matthew, i cant even say no one is home, because
you could hear me say ''Oh great matthew again.'' i open and say ''oh hi matthew''. he looks upset and says '' you did not come to service again'' i say i know
he asked ''why'' i decided to stay home i wasnt feeling to good... in my town missing church is frowned upon so i had to lie, He said '' do not miss church again
'' i said ''i won'' he is starting to bother me, i wanna get out of here fast.'' I call my aunt and say can i come visit you and possibly stay.. she saif ''YES
 i havent had a visitor since your uncle left me.'' i said i come next sunday and she said '' Ok i love you'' i said i love you too. sunday comes and right before
i get out the door, I see father matthew and he said ''where are you going'' i said somewhere. he insisted to know, i lied again.. i said '' to visit my boyfriend
he lives in the next town up.'' He blatently interupted me saying '' oh no your not leaving this town'' i left him with the word in his mouth and locked my door
and left. He fallows me to the town limits and as i leave the town he said, ''town meeting tomorrow dont miss it'' i said ''i wont'' i went over to my aunts house
and slept. I had the dreams again.. i knew this was going to happen, i felt it.. i wanted to kill and it was matthew.

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