Bottle of pain...

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just a way to work out of my addiction....

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




You did me wrong, bottle

I need to be strong

Was I, who chased you?

That bitter taste into my veins  

These feelings can't last

my whole life long

Can they?

Someday I'll be free

Free of you, what you have made of me

I cannot forever dwell

In this hideous place, this personal hell

Where i have landed

with no light in sight.

I shouldn't seek salvation 

from the bottle of pain

It's poison that runs through my veins

Makes it feel as things will be ok, 

Until the next morning

when your strength has run away

The next bottle on the shelf

keeps calling my name.

Drink this, and you will be ok

After the pain that you caused

Someday I will be free

I won't be a slave to my feelings

that hold me in place

Can't be stuck in this rabbit hole

I'm trying to make my way out

In need to see the light

Knowing that even without you,

it will be alright.

End this fight, this plight

Without you...

Gotta jet, then things will be alright

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