The "I love you"

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You love me, you love me not...the use of the "i love you" without the feel of love :)

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




I have a hard time remembering ever

What was it?

"I love you" 

What you said?

Now, It's all so clear

Inside my head

My heart has been dragged over broken glass 

Too many times before

I guess this is just

One more....

One more....

There was a time you cared

Happy to see me, the smile, the wink

The rush into my arms, the kiss

I know....

But that seems like it was so

Long ago

My heart has been dragged over broken glass

Times and times before

This is just one more...

All I want is just a lack of pain

To feel whole again

My heart has been hurt

Times before

I know this is just one more

At this point there's no more

that I can do

I'm nothing but a bleeding heart

With or without you

Because of love, in the name of love

That we've all heard before

My heart has been hurt again

And many times more

I know....

I know....

There will be more

I sometimes wonder

Why you do what you do

Or, there is nothing to lose?

You choose what you choose

And I suppose 

No, there's nothing I can do

Because I love you...

I know..

There is nothing you can do

Or so you say

How can I endure this just once more

Maybe i'm getting better everyday

What don't kill you, makes you stronger

One, can only hope

That your carelessness will end

Well, maybe one day

The "I love you"

Will mean just that....

When you choose to do, or

When you choose to say

"I love you"

And mean it all the way.

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