A Dangerous Reflection

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Well, my creative writing teacher asked the class to explore the darker side of human nature, so...here's my view.

Submitted: July 06, 2008

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Submitted: July 06, 2008



I was walking on my merry way
When I met my other self one day.
I heard my other self say
All the things I never said, but wanted to say.
My other self said so many things,
That wild laughter forth from me did ring.
It was so candid, so funny and gay
All the morbid, funny things I heard my other self say.
My wondrous little other me
Let me see many wondrous things.
We looked in the mirror, side by side
And my other me showed me all the little things I hide.
My other me showed me my tears and my anger,
All the little feelings I try so hard to strangle.
She showed me all the little words I try not to say
The little cruel things I try not to do every day…
Mirror, mirror in our shaking hands,
Who is the fairest in the land?
Not us, not us, that’s what everybody says,
Not me or the other me dancing in my head.
There goes that laughter, I’m doing it again,
And my other me is laughing, too, like a good, old friend.
The other me I met one day
Has really been with me all the way-
Always there, in the back of my head,

My other me will be there until we’re both dead.

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