A War Within Me Rages

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Well, this poem was another product of my creative writing class, an answer to my friend Candace's poem "fight." It is also a part of my Seven Deadly Sins series, the representation of Wrath.

Submitted: July 04, 2008

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Submitted: July 04, 2008



Behind the placid glitter of my icy smile,
A haunting midnight animal lives, hungry and wild.
I try to fight the hatred boiling through my being,
While tantalizing pictures tease me, of frightened people fleeing.
Growling with my scarlet thoughts I beg you not to stay,
But the blazing beast inside of me says don’t let them walk away.
Ripping and tearing,
I find myself swearing,
At the emerald-eyed wolf in the mirror.
Rituals have protected you, but this animal inside of me grows clearer.
Thunder and lightning begin music holy,
Preparing for the dark dance between the sides of my soul.
Manipulation twisted me,
Now this fierce beast desires to be free.
Why should I care?
What hope is there?
I could empty my mind,
And start shredding your lives.
I could watch you bleeding,
And laugh while I’m leaving.
All consuming fire,
Drowning, blood is the beast’s one desire.
I try to choke back the blaze,
Throttling my rage.
Fighting with myself, here look into my eyes.
Every day I hold it in, I save your pathetic lives…

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