Bane of My Existence

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This is a new year's eve worst case scenario. Fictional, of course. ;)

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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Submitted: March 04, 2010



I never imagined that I'd be stuck ringing in the New Year with my worst enemy from high school. This is the worst New Year's Eve, ever! I wouldn’t put something like spiking the punch past David Bane. Yes, his last name is Bane, and he has literally been the bane of my existence ever since ninth grade. David spotted me from all the way across the bar, and started making a beeline for me. That was half an hour ago. Of course, the cardboard cutout of me holding my book in the lobby of the hotel didn’t exactly make it difficult for him to know I was here. The first thing that came out of his mouth as he sat down next to me was, “What, did they use some kind of shrinking serum on you since we graduated high school? You seem shorter.”

I remember turning to give him my most withering glare, and it had a really familiar feeling to it. “I became a writer in the hope that I could escape guys like you and comments like that. I suppose it was just a pipe dream, though. You’re like the human embodiment of Murphy’s Law. You show up at the least opportune time, and you always manage to make my day a little worse.”

I don’t really know how we got from being in the bar of my Las Vegas hotel to being trapped in some kind of maintenance closet together, but I blame David. Of course, I was being really rude to him when he opened the door and pulled me inside to try and have a calm, rational conversation with me. If he wasn’t an egocentric nuisance, we wouldn’t be in this situation at all. The door clicked locked behind us, and didn’t open from the inside. Go figure that the moron would get us stuck in a situation like this. “Bane, if you don’t get us out of here, I’m going to kill you!”

He grimaced and shoved his hands in his pockets. “The only way out I can see is through that small, dingy window and climbing out into the alley.”

We both tried the window, but it was stuck. Neither one of us could get it to budge. Apparently, this New Year’s Eve was going to be a really awful one. It was almost surreal, but I found myself breaking the glass window with a chair that only had two legs left to it. It only had one after I finished, but I really wanted to get away from David. He always made fun of me and destroyed my self confidence. I didn’t need any more help with that this year…not after the year I’ve had.

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