Child of the Old Ways

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This was a rather inspired poem that came to me in a a way. I had a dream sequence rather similar to this, and then woke up and turned it into a poem. It's an epistle style poem.

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



Fly away, child of the old ways,
On the wings of the raven.
The lord of the night, King of your dreams,
Bears you away on midnight wings.
He knows your heart is breaking,
With wise old eyes he watches your pain
Making you fall to your knees, pleading, praying.
Begging to be borne to the edge of the night,
In one pain-ending flight.
No, raven child, shadow of the old ways,
In the world of pain you must stay.
Stay and be braver, wiser,
Follow the path, sister-daughter of the moon,
Follow the broken stones to Avalon on the Summer Sea.
But I’ll hold you, all through the night
In my raven wings, The Lord of the Night,
King of your dreams.

Trust, and learn, With love and care, --The Raven

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