Epistle from One Masquerader to Another

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Well, this is the last of my true free-verse epistles. Again, it's mildly archaic.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



Your eyes, then cannot lie,
Though they hide behind your emerald-studded, peacock-feathered mask.
Your eyes, your eyes…you cannot hide your truthful eyes.
Yes, your pretty lips curve in a pretty little smile,
But it does not touch your eyes-
Those eyes that I’ve seen cry.
IK want to soothe your hurting heart,
Caress your tattered soul,
Gently hold the shredded ensign your faithful honor told.
I want to kiss your phantasmal mind.
I love completely, and I try, try…try to understand.
Do not look away, my darling masquerader;
Let me see your eyes.
Let me be a peeping Tom unto the windows of your soul.
Lock your eyes with mine, and read what you should have known long ago.
Search out my one true goal.
I want you honest eyes to smile and know
The very depths of love.
I want to be there to watch the dawn break inside your mind;
To watch your tattered soul re-sewn,
And your honor’s banner shine,
Whipping in the sky.
When your masquerade is over,
My heart’s one wish is to leave this masquerade
With a gentle kiss,

And to see your heart smile.

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