Little Secret

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Umm, I don't really know what to tell you about this one. It's just a blurb, really.

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



Little Secret
I’ll be your little secret,
I’ll be your hidden truth.
I’ll be the one who’s there for you
When you’ve nothing left to prove.
I’ll be the gentle arms that hold you
When you realize you’ve nothing left to lose.
I’ll live in your secret garden,
Your favorite little rose.
This heart of mine can’t harden,
I’ll keep all your little secrets, heaven knows.
I’ll be your calm before the storm,
I’ll be the lightning’s rage.
I’ll be the rain to wash you clean when you’re ragged and worn.
I’ll always be there in your mind, with you page by page;
I’ll be the one to mend your wounds when your whole world is torn.
I will be there in the wings when you leave the stage.
I’ll be your candle shining bright,
The focus of your dreams.
I’ll be the gentle shadow in the night
To hold your hand and gently subside your terrified screams.
I’ll be your little secret,
Your sweet and pretty little dream.
I’ll be your little secret,
The one who’s there for you when life’s ripping at the seam.
I’ll be your little secret song,
But I’ve got secrets, too.
There’s someone I’ve loved all along,
And that someone is you.

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